[Russia Retaliates Against The UK!] The UK Bans Aeroflot And All Russian Aircraft From UK Airspace, Will Other Countries Follow?

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Update: As expected, Russia has banned UK aircraft from their airspace. That effectively cancels BA’s London-Moscow route, and adds time to flights between the UK and Asia:

Originally posted on 2/24:

After Russia invaded Ukraine this morning, countries are rushing to implement sanctions in the hope of staving off further Russian ambitions. Those seem unlikely to deter Russia from toppling the Ukrainian government and installing their own puppet leader, but will allow the west to say that they’re doing something without triggering a world war.

The UK announced today that Aeroflot’s operating permit has been suspended and that no Russian aircraft can fly over UK airspace. That effectively cancels Aeroflot’s daily flight between Moscow and London. I’d expect Russia to retaliate against the UK.

Will the US follow the UK? It wouldn’t be unprecedented. President Reagan banned Aeroflot from the US in 1982 and closed their ticketing offices in the US the next year after the USSR downed Korean Air 007.

However Russia would be likely to retaliate and would close off their airspace to the US, which would effect many polar route flights, causing airlines to add time and stopovers to long-haul flights. Russia makes a small fortune selling overflight rights, but it wouldn’t be a surprise to see them forgo those fees to retaliate.

Personally, the Naama Issachar affair was enough to ensure that I don’t fly Aeroflot.

Do you think more countries will cut off Russian aircraft from their airspace? Will Russia do the same to countries that cut them off?

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. You can follow along the latest developments on DDF, where DansDeals site designer @Suave has been posting updates of his own escape from his adopted hometown of Odessa, Ukraine today and is asking for help bringing people to safety with his personal fund. @Suave also notes that you can donate funds to South Ukraine Emergency Fund here. There is also an emergency fund for the Kiev community here. And there is a Ukraine wide fund. Pray for peace!

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Sorry – I don’t have the same sympathy for Naama. Yes, mistreated – but her fault and her doing


Cold hearted human.

I love kleenex

I think the commenter J should go to prison to see what it’s like so he can think twice before passing judgement


I like your first paragraph summary of the situation.


If Russia retaliates, how is BA and VX going to fly to Asia?

ish chai

you ment Virgin , that’s VS


The idea here is to get Russia not to go further. Its not about turning around what’s happening in Ukraine in the short term. Very very sad and tragic.


Even today historians still argue over what Germany’s foreign policy in WW2 was. I think it’s pretty clear that the leaders then and today lost free will when it comes to such enormous world ramifications. I assume when you are saying Putin isn’t stupid enough to etc etc, you are being optimistic and maybe realistic based on the common thinking but when things get to this level nature doesn’t always run it’s course as we assume the nature is.


@ James got a point.
Dan has some history to learn
This is Putin trying to pull off an Operation Himmler move


Russia bans British airways


How about Yolofsky? That wasn’t enough?


Every single upstanding country should ban Russia from their airspace! Maybe that’ll teach them something. Just the UK is by far not going to make any dent.


what happens if they cross the air space? either party? like seriously? they are gonna get shot down?


Putin is looking less and less ‘smart’, commentators speculating he’s become insane. In other words no one down here is running the show