TSA 9/11 Fee And British Airways Avios Cancellation Fees Go Up Tomorrow

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Effective for all tickets purchased 07/21 the TSA’s 9/11 fee for flights within the US48 will go up as follows:

Flight ExampleCurrent FeeNew Fee
One-way nonstop flight$2.50$5.60
One-way flight with one connection or more under 4 hours each$5$5.60
One-way flight with one connection over 4 hours$5$11.20
One-way flight with two connections over 4 hours each$5$16.80
One-way flight with three connections over 4 hours each$5$22.40
Round-trip nonstop flight$5$11.20
Round-trip flight with one connection or more under 4 hours each$10$11.20
Round-trip flight with one connection over 4 hours in each direction$10$22.40
Round-trip flight with two connections over 4 hours each in each direction$10$33.60
Round-trip flight with three connections over 4 hours each in each direction$10$44.80

-The fee goes into effect for new purchases as of 12:00am EDT on 07/21.
-Voluntary changes made on or after 07/21 will incur the new fee.
-Involuntary changes made on or after 07/21 will not incur the new fee.
-For itineraries that include a flight outside of the US48 you can use the same chart but just change the connection language to say 12 hours.
-Flight segments that depart from an airport outside of the US don’t incur a 9/11 fee, though flights that originate and connect within the US on an international itinerary do incur a 9/11 fee.
-The 9/11 fee is the only tax that applies to domestic award tickets.

-It’s worth noting that because British Airways Avios only charge a cancellation fee equal to the tax paid (when the ticket is cancelled at least 24 hours in advance of the flight) that the effective cancellation fee will go up.
While previously a one-way domestic flight had only a $2.50 cancellation fee, that will now be $5.60 and a round-trip cancellation will now cost at least $11.20 instead of $5.

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So these rules only go into effect for flights PURCHASES after 7/21 or for CANCeLATIONS after 7/21 regardless of when the flight was booked?


Why can’t the TSA just slash services instead of raising costs?


BA cancelations are just the forfeiture of taxes paid, so if you book now and cancel later you’ll just forfeit $2.50/segment.



You mean they are starting to charge us more to m*lest us and our children?


@Joe: Pensions for the gropers must be paid.


omg!!! so so crazy expensive! so dumb to get avois miles now! i might have to pay over 10 bucks for tickets!


How this fee hike got approved, I’ll never understand. Our democracy should have never allowed it, considering the sickening amount of waste that is attendant to the TSA. The whole thing needs to be privatized, just like most things in government. If it’s government, it’s wasteful. Take it to the bank.


Will the extra 3 bucks 10 cents allow TSA to buy some common sense? Or will they still be buying more fancy machines and inspecting my toe cheese while wishing the guy mumbling repetitively about allah hoo achbar a safe flight.


I’m hopeful all are being sarcastic. yes the fee went up but cancellations on any other airline would cost A LOT more.. be happy they haven’t upped the mileage needed for a trip


@Dan Are the extra fees charged when traveling across the Canadian border refunded in case of cancelation?

Deal is Dead


Oh Man!

@Deal is Dead: Is it really dead? I wanted to pay more in TSA fee. Why do I always miss the good deals Dan?


If this TSA fees. Why doesn’t it affect other airlines?


It affects every airline. But only BA allows you to cancel awards for just the taxes paid.


@Dan: Thnx. Just from the article it sounds like only BA fees going up… So for example, united flights will also b 12.5k + $5 now?


nyc-cmh kayak.com $1100 or 9k avios + $11. still a major savings


Yes, everything is going up.

Of course, Avios rock.
But it’s a little more painful to make speculative bookings now.




To make up for yesterday.


can you explain how to get a “Round-trip flight with three connections over 4 hours each in each direction” ?


Ooooh, Gonna book me a whole lot of southwest companion flights today!

Avios Booker

BA.com isn’t letting bookings right now. Keep getting an error. What’s the best way to do it by phone?


Actualy Congress is fighting back on the more than two segment part. Congress says that the DHS is interpreting the legislation wrong and max should be $5.20 (double old fee) one way. They may pass an amendment to law.



They’ve fixed it now, so it’s capped at $11.20.