My Thoughts On JetBlue’s Exciting Announcement That They Will Fly Across The Pond!

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JetBlue announced that they will fly from Boston and JFK to London, starting in 2021. 

They will fly narrow-body A321LRs with a redesigned and expanded Mint class to get there. They are trying to get slots at London Heathrow, though they may have to settle for a secondary airport like Gatwick.

There are several reasons I’m excited about this.

  1. JetBlue offers fast and free internet on their flights. Internet can be quite expensive on other international flights.
  2. JetBlue Mint business class fares should be much more reasonable than current business class fares. This should spark a fare war which will cause business class fares to plummet. JetBlue Mint service and even their kosher meals are also much better than on the major airlines.
  3. JetBlue offers one-way fares. Once upon a time one-way fares on domestic flights cost a fortune, but airlines like JetBlue forced the major airlines to match their one-way pricing. One-way fares have remained stubbornly expensive on international routes, but I’m hopeful that JetBlue will be able to force a change to how those are priced as well. That would allow a passenger to book a one-way award ticket if they only have enough miles for a one-way ticket or if they can only find award availability one-way, and then book a paid ticket for the other direction.
  4. Hybrid currencies, like AMEX and Chase points are the best way to book products like JetBlue Mint class. A Quinfecta strategy is a great way to rack up those points and redeem them at a great value. As fares on other airlines drop and as they devalue their mileage programs, it will make using hybrid currencies even more affordable for award redemptions on paid tickets.

I’ve had terrible luck with London flights.

I went with my mother to a wedding in 2003 and American lost our luggage.

In 2010 Mimi and I booked an American round-the-world award ticket and had a flight from Dallas to London in British Airways first class that was cancelled. Thankfully we were able to get re-routed on a Cathay Pacific 747 in First Class on the way to our first stop in Phuket, Thailand. Our 2010 round-the-world award ticket cost just 230K AA miles. I can’t even imagine how many miles it would require today…


In 2015 I booked 4 business class tickets to London for $446 on American. Well, you know how it ends, American cancelled the flight and left us stranded overnight. Then they refused to even give us a refund for their cancelled flight until the DoT stepped in.

Maybe I’ll try my luck on JetBlue to London next time 🙂

I’m hopeful that it works out well for them and that they keep on expanding their international offerings!

Will you fly JetBlue across the pond?

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Will they definitely have wifi on these flights?


Their satellites do not currently support non US mainland (and carribean)coverage as of now from whatbis understand.


Norwegian has one way fares and the other airlines didn’t cave…


You can fly one way from JFK and EWR to London this fall (November) for $182 one way. I saw that on United and TAP (Star Alliance). If you have Chase Reserve, that’s a cool 12,500 or so points! Yikes.


Will they keep the one-way fares like now, or differentiate between domestic and international like the other airlines?

Also, Mint is priced more reasonably than other airlines’ J, but its quality is also not exactly on the level of J.


Nice Perspective on it. Its a very early announcement and I wonder if we’ll see any response launched by the majors before jetBlue can begin service. I think getting slots at Heathrow will be tough for them. The A220 can reach LCY, but they plan to use the new A321’s. Perhaps Gatwick.


Any hope they’ll fly to Israel one day?

Arye her

I flew mint JFK-LAS in November, seat was not comfortable vs AA MIA-JFK on 767 was much more comfortable


Is JetBlue partners with any other airline?

Chuchum Ainer

Nice. But hold your horses there some variables here.
They might not offer wifi, it’ll be pretty expensive to get the infrastructure or an agreement with some provider for only a few routes.
They may not offer one ways.
Mileage on business will probably not be cheap if it’s tied to the dollar fare.

(I love jetblue. Popcorners ftw)


Dan, as a mosaic member for 4+ years with JB I am extremely excited for them to start service to Europe. I do have to note that although JetBlue’s WiFi on all domestic flights is great, it is not so on the Jetblue international flights. I have flown some routes of JetBlue to the Caribbean and South America and once the plane flies off of the east coast, the WiFi becomes “out of range” and not accessible. (This has even occurred once or twice to me while flying from NYC-FLL and the plane is flying over the Atlantic too far off of the Carolina coasts)
Jetblue will have to figure something out to fix these issues if they plan on offering free Fly-Fi on these Europe flights.


Is it worth getting the jet blue cc(for sign up bonus)


Ye I’d be v shocked


what are good mileage programs to credit paid jetblue flight besides jb? and what mileage programs offer the best redemptions on jb flights besides trublu? sq?


Also Jet Blue is a transfer partner for UR and Thank You points


I’ve heard that since Mint isn’t technically business or first that it will be taxed at a lower level, do you know if this is true? It will certainly help on pricing but would be unfair to the competition.


What makes it not technically business?


Will fly it if they have a daytime flight.


Mint Class on the overnght flight going, coach on the daytime return. Unless they are smart enough to offer daytime flights eastbound.


Love JetBlue.. Hope they expand to a lot more international places.


I flew Norwegian to Gatwick it was my best flight experience I ever had.
Great prices as well.
So I don’t think I’ll end up on JetBlue (unless their prices will compete with Norwegian)


Just out of curiosity, have you ever flown Jetblue, and if yes, how would you compare it to Jetblue?


the whole reason of why you can find cheap fares to Europe as low as 380.00 tax incl
is because of the likes of airlines of Norwegian
jet blue will just cause to continue this trend but @ the end airlines cannot last to be this low so something will have to give

Stephanie Woods

I just flew Jetblue Mint in the suite JFK to San Diego and it was amazing!! The seat even has a massage button!! The food was great and the flight attendants super friendly! It beat my AA transatlantic flight by miles. Jetblue is the by far the best American airline I’ve flown on, and I would gladly fly them to Europe. They have responsive customer service-I’ve gotten Jetblue cash bank a number of times when things went wrong and even when I technically was not entitled to it like the time a toddler kicked my extra space seat for 3 hours out a flight back from FL.