Would You Take A 20 Hour Nonstop Flight From NYC Or London To Australia?

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Qantas has ordered a dozen Airbus A350-1000s that will be able to fly nonstop from Sydney to JFK (9,950 miles) and London (10,573 miles). The airline hopes to start flying those routes by late 2025, followed by nonstop flights to Paris and Frankfurt on the new plane.

All of those flights would surpass the current longest flight in the world, the 18 hours and 50 minute, 9,537 mile trek from JFK to Singapore. I loved my ultra-long haul flight from Newark to Singapore. Back then it was operated on an A340-500 with all business class seating.

But while Singapore’s A350-900ULR that now operates the route only has premium economy (94 seats with a 38″ pitch) and business class (67 lie-flat seats) seating, Qantas will offer economy (140 seats with a 33″ pitch), premium economy (40 seats with a 40″ pitch), business (52 suites), and first class (6 suites) on their A350-1000.

Those are some premium legroom numbers in economy and premium economy, but flying a grueling 20 hours in them won’t be a walk in the park.


I’m excited that Qantas decided to keep their first class product, though it shrinks from 14 suites on the A380-800 to just 6 on the A350-1000. Good luck finding saver award space…

But they have done an awesome job and first class passengers will have a bed and a seat in their suite to differentiate the product from the business class suites:


The plane will also feature a wellbeing zone in the center of the plane, where people will be able to stretch and grab a drink or snack.


Would you fly on a 20 hour nonstop flight?

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HT? 🙂


Would love to. In business or first. Does the a350 have shower class?
Prob should start saving points for it. What transfers to quantas?


I probably would, but good luck dealing with Qantas when you need help. Been trying to use up my QF points from the 2020 AMEX bump and subsequent cancellation of my trip. The WhatsApp has been dead for 2 years. Expect 2-4 hour wait times every time you need help. Again we booked my daughter on a direct flight from EWR. When El Al transferred the flight to JFK it didn’t get properly ticketed. ELAL couldn’t help, multiple calls to Qantas, each 1-2 hour wait times, followed by a call back on an Australian number – which cost me $93 on T-Mobile in int’l fees. And the worst part is the Qantas reps are ALL really nice and helpful.


Same thing happened to me, I got to Newark last night for my flight and it wasn’t ticketed even Elal said it was and they gave me ticket numbers.
At first they sent me to Newark but I couldn’t get there with 3 little kids and no car seats and 7 bags with a double stroller. BH 40 min before the flight there was a no show and they had enough seats for us. And then on board the whole plan basically switched seats so we could keep our 2 and 3 yr old next to us. #ELAL

Ed Travel

Sure, no objection. I would love to take that flight. I just wish it was on the Skyteam network…


I’ve done 30 from JFK to HKG direct. but not by choice.

12+ Hour delay plus flight

in coach.


I would fly it but no way in economy

The heart wants what it wants

I flew nyc to Australia with layover in LA. I read your poll and said ‘no way’, but if I had that first class cubicle I would. I would just rather buy economy and break it up then spend on first class.


On the contrary. That is the only reason I WOULD fly 20 hours, is not to go through the connection in LA on the way back to the US. Going through customs, re-checking the bags to go to JFK, I almost missed my flight to JFK last time (pre-covid).


suggested mid-way stopover locations on way to australia?


There probably should have been a qualifier in that vote for “Sure, but only in J”

Mia Flyer

i dont get the big deal, for years everyone flew to j’burg and others for 16-17hr flights on old A340’s with no issues and now we get a new ,gorgeous plane with breathing room and everyone’s freaking out for 3 more hours . #clickbait


i would only economy if they offer sleeping pods that i can reserve for half of the flight duration (would even pay addition fee)

j e

If they have a smoking area on the plain I have no problem taking it..


I did fly 20 hours straight, NYC to Melbourne, we had a 5 min stopover in LAX. Qantas literally held the plane for us, since it was their connection that was coming late to LA…


I’d need a treadmill on that flight. And then, yes. Count me in.


Torture. Pure Torture.


Really depends on how comfortable the bed is. That would be the deal breaker for me.


With a mask ? Absolutely not

Texas Totty

Stole my thought 🙂


On an eastbound flight, one could conceivably have to daven 6 times?