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I wrote a roundup on Skybus last month when they started selling tickets starting at just $10.

Here is a neat article about them:
“The Greyhound Bus of the Skies”

Also regarding Kosher food and their policy of not allowing food on flight:

“Thank you for contacting Skybus.

In general, you may bring your own food onboard a Skybus flight if we don’t offer a suitable alternative for sale. For example, the following types of food are not offered by Skybus and may therefore be brought with you:

-Baby formula and other types of baby food

-Special food for diabetics

-Special food for those with severe food allergies

-Special food for those with dietary restrictions (Kosher, Muslim, etc.)”

HT: R.Y.B.

Finally, now that Skybus has started service, does anyone still doubt that “a la carte” airline pricing is inevitable?

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dan, take advantage. you will have shmais readers coming here today. this is how i got hooked to this site in the first place like 2 years go. also from ajet blue deal. cool


Hi. with regard to this article of yours,

is there anyway to do this with the treo 750wx?


Only the first 10 tickets for each flight are $10. All the other tickets are a lot more than that.