JetBlue Launches Basic Economy Fares

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

JetBlue has launched basic economy fares today called “Blue Basic” on select routes. The basic economy fares will be launched onto more routes soon.

That leaves Southwest as the only major US carrier not offering a basic economy fare.

With Basic Economy, you can’t change or cancel your flight, you will board last, and you can’t select free seats until 24 hours before your flight, though you can pay extra to select seats in advance. Basic economy fares will come with free carry-ons, though as you’ll board last you may be forced to gate-check your bag.

You can purchase an Even More Space seat on a basic economy ticket and if you do, you will be able to board early. If you need to cancel your basic economy flight you won’t get a refund of the flight, but you can get a refund for the Even More Space seat fee.

JetBlue is taking a surprisingly hard line on Mosaic members, that may make some reconsider requalifying for Mosaic status in the future.

Mosaic members on a basic economy fare will get to preboard and check 2 bags for free, but they will not get free advance seat assignments and they will not be able to make any changes or cancel their tickets. They will also not be able to use points for Even More Space seats and they forfeit their ability to make free same day flight changes.

It’s worth noting that while having a credit card works to board early with other airlines on basic economy fares, it does not help with JetBlue. That means you may have to check your carry-on bag. The only credit card benefit will be the free checked bag.

You won’t be able to use TrueBlue points to redeem for a basic economy seat.

JetBlue is advising families to avoid selecting a basic fare if they want to sit together. Airlines typically do try to seat people together if they are on the same record locator, though it’s not always possible. The US DoT advises filing a complaint with them if your family is unable to sit together.

JetBlue does offer pre-boarding for passengers traveling with children in carseats or stroller.

Here is a comparison of the fares JetBlue will offer as of today:

Will you purchase a JetBlue basic economy ticket or will you upgrade to a non-basic fare?

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We all knew this was coming. But what a shame. Wherever you turn, you see basic Economy fares. What makes it really infuriating is when you could pay $1,800 for a transatlantic basic Economy fare without seat selection or checked baggage. They should limit basic Economy to fares $500 and below. Once prices climb beyond that point because of last minute or whatever.


They’re an airline run by low lives. Completely “raided.” Their service has diminished tremendously over the past few years. Their JFK terminal will turn into another hotel. After all, TWA can use some competition.


So supposedly this is beneficial for us consumers … but there’s no way to tell what the fare would have been had there not been the concept of basic economy – since we are trusting the airline that the standard low fares would have been the low fare had there been no basic economy.

Which is just nonsense


My humble guess- In mid- late 2020, Basic Economy won’t include a carry-on for free.
In 2021, free snacks and beverages will be eliminated (expect for long haul flights and their anticipated JFK-London flights).
2022- no free snacks or beverages on any flights.


Interestingly, Delta is actually back to offering meals on transcontinental flights.

Seems like there is value in giving consumers a better experience.


2023 – no seat

Michael m

They also removed free same day change for mosaic for all except blue extra. Now it costs $75 to change between sister cities


Just basic. The others still allow mosaic to have free same day changes. Not sure where you read this


Since Jetblue is looking to become like Spirit, Allegiant, and Frontier (small eventual steps at a time)— I’d like to see those later 3 bare-bones airlines introduce a “Basic Economy” model, and I’d wonder what that would be like? —-No free bathrooms? Bleacher-like seating, extra fee for cushion padding?


The phrase goes. “If you can’t beat ’em, “meet” ’em… but ye – otherwise great post!


um… no…
Google “if you can’t beat em” and “Join em is the first option…


Wow, this is pretty poor treatment of mosaic members.


The US DoT advises filing a complaint with them if your family is unable to sit together.

is this true even if their policy on basic is not to guarantee seat assignments. Can the DOT overrule this policy?


I assume that you can still board early if you have kids under 2, even if you have basic economy tickets. Is that the case?

Shaul Morrison

Re: DoT, I don’t think they do anything to airlines or require any compensation if family seating is not provided, especially on basic economy.

jack anderson

Well, they also added “Blue Extra” as a way to make things more complicated 😉

CLE Rocks

I’m waiting for airlines to make priority deboarding a thing!

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

They have that. Planes naturally deplane passangers front to back.


Businesses – “HERE YOU GO!”


Still prefer Jetblue since their seat pitch is much better than the big carriers.
But they’re slowing moving closer and closer to the big carriers.
The annoying thing about basic economy is how different airlines have different pricing for upgrading to regular economy on different routes, which makes comparing prices really hard. Which is what they were trying to achieve in the first place.


Agree with all that. I’ve been Mosaic for a few years and will stick with JetBlue.

And yes, comparing prices has become very annoying. I haven’t figured out how to avoid basic economy on itasoftware and wind up doing a lot more clicking on individual airline websites.


Are the blue extra fares able to secure a refund without paying a cancellation fee if you book with points? According to their website they would be no cancellation fee. Am I reading this correctly?


the JFK – FLL route still only shows Blue and Blue Extra. When you say Changes & Cancellations are allowed for Blue Extra is that for free?

Also How does the price point for change fees work if paying with points.


Who is Cactus Rabbi?


I don’t get why airlines are doing this in such a way as to punish elite more than their non-loyal passengers. Very annoying.

Hi there

You will have the ability to choose your seats within 24 hours of the flight and they will attempt to block of seats for families when possible within 24 hours as well.