JetBlue Is Increasing Their Baggage And Change Fees, Will Other Airlines Follow Their Lead?

Eric Salard [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Just a few years ago JetBlue was one of the few airlines offering free checked bags. That fee increased to $15, $20, and then $25 for the first bag and $35 for the second bag.

Ben Baldanza, former Spirit CEO, joined JetBlue’s board of directors last week, so it’s no surprise to see the airline look for more ways to hike fees.

Next week JetBlue will raise the fee for the first checked bag to $30 and the fee for a second checked bag to $40.

The fee for a third bag or for overweight or oversized bags will increase from $100 to $150. Fees for sporting equipment and pets will also go up.

Change fees for tickets of $200 or more, including Mint Class, will go up to $200.

The fees are rumored to go into effect sometime between Monday and Friday next week. In general fees only apply to new tickets, so if you buy a ticket now you should not be affected by next week’s changes.

I’d guess that American, Delta, and United will be happy to follow along with increased baggage fees. Luckily, airline credit cards cover bag fees!

JetBlue still retains the advantage for customers as they don’t have basic economy fares, offer free speedy WiFi and live TV, and offer free snacks, but we’ll see how long those perks last…

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Given that JetBlue is light-years ahead of all other carriers in terms of on-board experience in Y, I’m willing to pay the extra $5 for a bag. JetBlue is best for on board comfort/amenities.

Southwest is best for avoiding fees, and you can almost guarantee get seating together with either free family boarding, a $15 upgrade to early-bird checkin, or checking in as early as they open the check-in.

Legacy carriers markup so many of their seats as “preferred,” that oftentimes you can’t select a seat when you book without paying extra. It’s often a gamble if you’ll be seated together if you choose not to pay for a seat.

Just an Opinion

You must not fly often. First sentence is way off. It may be a matter of opinion, though talk to ANY business traveler who travels on a a weekly/monthly basis, and most will say Delta/United/AA are preferred.
Personally I’m a Delta fan, and in terms of the main cabin, which I’m usually upgraded out of for free, they come 7 times up and down the aisle with drinks and snacks on a 2 hours flight.

Then comes the alchocol on the comfort seats and first class.

I’m sure other business travelers have good things to say about United and AA.

JetBlue is good for Fort Lauderdale only – and even then I’m taking Delta


How is Jetblue lightyears ahead with on-board experience?


Most legroom, free wifi, unlimited snacks that come around.


Looking forward to Moxy Air

JetBlue CC

JetBlue CC just became more valuable


Does jet blue credit card get you past these fees?

saudi prince II

yup free checked bag


I’m waiting for coin machines on the bathroom doors.


They have that in London


Off topic question on the JetBlue topic. When you book on JetBlue direct you earn a total of 6 True blue points per dollar spent, does that pile up with the 6 points per dollar spent on JetBlue flights when using a JetBlue plus card, to a total of 12 points per dollar?


Yes, the extra 3 points for booking with JetBlue will post when the miles for your flight posts in your account. The 6x for using JetBlue credit card will accumulate and post to your JetBlue account after statement closing.


Thanks! That’s a lot of points!


I love Jetblue for the following reasons
Free wifi (15-20mb ps speeds)
Free snacks (90% of them are kosher)
easy to reach mosaic (50k spend on cc)
once you reach mosaic, flying jetblue is a no brainer


Huge agreement here. My whole family and parents go to Aruba, 2 bags each, kosher food brought. Each way we save easily $500 in bag fees, plus free changes, cancellations, etc..


Thanks for this new information.
Question for you Dan:
Can I book a flight for a relative with my JetBlue credit card (without me flying with them) so that they can waive their baggage fee?