JetBlue Customer Service Via SMS Is Awesome, Which Airlines Have You Texted With?

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Last week I flew to Miami for my brother Dovid’s son’s bris.

I booked a JetBlue flight and noticed that the price dropped after a few days. DansDeals readers know that you can get a refund for a price drop on select airline.

In the past I’ve had some luck getting customer service from airlines via Twitter direct message, but often times that can be quite slow and some agents can be particularly dull or unhelpful.

Case in point:





Rather than wait on hold with JetBlue, I simply sent a text message to 1-407-612-2583 and a JetBlue agent there quickly provided a credit for the price drop.

Which airlines have you texted for customer service and how was your experience?

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Best way to get in touch with American airlines?


With your hand. Slam them on the face!


I DM on Twitter with Lufthansa, Uber & Hertz many times. Excellent service

Yitz Weiss

I’ve actually had good Twitter DM’s with Southwest


i rebooked my trip with Delta via DM on twitter.


Qantas for tax refund on elal awards. Took a number of times texting them but I finally got it.


I had a flight changed for Southwest Airlines over Facebook Messenger when phone waits were really long.


A friend of mine canceled a BA award ticket operated by AA via Twitter DM when he would’ve missed the 24 hour window if he would’ve waited till the call center opened.


“customer service from airlines via Twitter direct massage,”. Direct massage! That is great customer service!
I’ve found hit or miss via Twitter for AC. Sometimes takes a day for a response – maybe weekend is slow for them.


Virgin Atlantic it very helpful via text at: 976-34


Does Delta only have Twitter [to contact them] or they have a texting and/or whatsapp as well?


yes.. @delta .. works GREAT!


What is Delta PD policy?


I sent a WhatsApp to Elal, got a replay in Hebrew that its center is only open Sunday through Thursday 830 am to 630 PM Israel time,
Tried next day got this reply :
Our digital service is currently available only in Hebrew. You may continue chatting with us in Hebrew, or call us at 03-9771111 (or *2250) for an English speaking agent,

It’s almost a week later issue still not resolved…..


JetBlue used to give credit for any price drop, without a fee. Now they charge $75, so the price has to drop more than that to be worthwhile.


@Dan #1 HUGE FAN. #2 My parents are currently delayed for a Norwegian flight out of JFK connecting from Copenhagen to Prague might be stuck for shabbos. Wud u know of any way to contact them via SMS or another way to maybe hold up the connection in Copenhagen? Thanks in advance


No airline will hold up any flight unless you’re the president or something. I was delayed a few months ago on BUD to AMS and connecting to JFK in AMS. Sent KLM a Whatsapp that the plane will be landing 20 minutes prior to the next departure and asked if it’s enough time to get to the designated gate and if not can they please wait for our plane as at least half of us were connecting to that flight. They responded that they cannot hold a flight for such a reason and if we don’t make it they will rebook us. In the end, the landing was 35 minutes prior and we all ran and made it in the nick of time.


I got an SMS from Hilton when I stayed there and I requested towels from that.


this is not an airline but Ive texted Lands End several times. very convenient!!


Why would you book a paid ticket?? Whats the catch? Amex credits?


“for my brother Dovid’s son’s bris” i like that chiyuv haben al ahav. and not chiyuv haav al haben.


can you dm via twitter on a dumb phone?


Does DD respond on twitter via direct message?:)

ahvas yis

prob like ddms comments – depends what you say and what Dan had for lunch (hint: he’s a dinner guy)


Why no screenshot of the JetBue SMS?



Hawaiian – they were ok – pretty slow response rate
Quantas – terrific!


KLM via whatsapp!


What’s their number?


You can WhatsApp with Azerbaijan Airlines at +994704374082 they very quick and proficient

Barbara Goldman

They are not responding to text messages! Very frustrating!


Can a television be checked unto JetBlue

Courtney soares

I’m currently in line at the MBJ JetBlue counter..and this REALLY suck..NONE of the workers seem to have ANY sense of urgency…about 7 to 10 counters ..but ONLY 1 or 2 workers helping customers..
..I WILL NEVER TRAVEL THIS AIRLINE EVER AGAIN…WILL ALSO be voicing my dissatisfaction on ALL ( Facebook..etc) SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS..!!..
Being in line for over an hour now..the way the line is moving..i may miss my 2:30pm departure time..SERIOUSLY