JetBlue Adds Miami, Key West, Cabo, And More New Destinations!

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JetBlue is expanding their route map once again, as shifting travel patterns due to COVID-19 create new opportunities for airlines.

New cities served by JetBlue include:

  • Miami-Los Angeles, twice daily featuring MINT service starting 2/11
  • Miami-JFK, 4 times daily starting 2/11
  • Miami-Newark, 4 times daily starting 2/11
  • Miami-Boston, 4 times daily starting 2/11
  • Key West-JFK, 4 times weekly starting 2/11
  • Key West-Boston, 4 times weekly starting 2/11
  • Guatemala City-JFK daily starting 4/15
  • Cabo-JFK daily starting 6/17
  • Cabo-Los Angeles daily starting 6/17

Also being added are flights between JFK-Bogota, Newark-Atlanta, Newark-Raleigh/Durham, Raleigh/Durham-Austin, Raleigh/Durham-Jacksonville, Raleigh/Durham-Las Vegas, Raleigh/Durham-San Francisco, Raleigh/Durham-Orlando, Raleigh/Durham-Tampa, San Francisco-Austin, Cancun-Austin, Cancun-Nashville, Cancun-Las Vegas, Cancun-Sacramento, and Los Angeles-Jacksonville.

Which of these new routes are you most excited for?

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25 Comments On "JetBlue Adds Miami, Key West, Cabo, And More New Destinations!"

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FLL to BWI is much needed


Jfk-Mia is HUGE


Why? MIA is a nightmare compared to FLL unless you need it for int’l connections.


For someone going to Miami Beach, if you have no luggage and are not renting a car, MIA is a pleasure. I do it all the time. Off the plane in an Uber and in Miami Beach in no time.

I-95 from FLL is a disaster.


As someone who goes to South Florida monthly, the longer drive from FLL takes less time ( extenuating traffic situations notwithstanding) then walking through MIA for 15 minutes and only then get to the monorail. The MIA walk is even worse than JFK’s T4- which is horrendous. MIA has great INTL connections, but is an otherwise terrible airport.




JFK-Miami, Cabo, Key West, and Bogota are all really exciting!




JFK to Guyana is what piques my interest the most


JFK to Key West is really great! Though I’m not a fan of their E190’s 🙁


E190 is probably the most comfortable aircraft for economy seating. Maybe you’re confusing with CRJ’s.


I also find the E-190s comfortable but dated. They’re being replaced by A220s with 2-3 seating. (Actually an almost perfect fit for the way JetBlue has increased destinations and decreased frequency during the pandemic.)




When we gonna see more direct flights from nyc to skb not on shabbos


What is going on with the partnership with AA? No news on this after the initial announcement.


Make sense.
Business travel is dead , while leisure travel is on the rise.
These are all ” leisure – focused ” destinations.

Voice of Reason

When do these go on sale? As of now MIA doesn’t come up as an option.


EWR-MIA is the most exciting!!!

Deal Guy

Would love to see Phl Mia as well


AA has a few of them daily.


You listed that Jet blue will go from Mia to JFK. What about going from JFK to Mia? You didn’t list that.