Is "A La Carte" Airline Pricing Inevitable?

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Spirit announced today that effective 06/20 there will be no more free checked luggage or even free soda on a flight. (Apparently last month’s move from 2 bags to 1 bag wasn’t enough)

I don’t think we’re far off from a time when buying a plane ticket will just be the beginning.
Sure you’ll be able to fly from lax-jfk for $200 round trip, but don’t be surprised when some of these extras don’t come included…
-Mileage fee
-Checked luggage fee
-Carry-on luggage(luggage bin fee?)
-Checking in with an agent
-Pre-reserved seat
-Exit row seat
-Aisle/Window seat
-Expedited Security/Pre-Boarding fee

Agree? Disagree? Sound off!

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10 Comments On "Is "A La Carte" Airline Pricing Inevitable?"

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Northwest already charges to reserve a window/aisle seat in some rows


Thats B.S.
I hope that never happens!!!


You can see what the Borowitz Report is already joking about on this topic:


Last time around they said they will be charging $10 for the second bag. Now (according to the news report) they will charge $5 for each bag.

Even a simple OT’nick who uses his fingers can realize that its the same price, its just a way of getting themselves to the news that they are slashing prices 40% off…

I will still continue to fly spirit. i enjoyed every flight i took with them the past year.


It will actually be $10/bag at the airport.

And if you think that they will keep the prices 40% below the competition then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…


It’s definitly inevitible


Is it necessarily a bad thing though? To a fault, I’m usually wary of business and capitalist motives (maybe it’s the underpaid rabbinical student in me?)… but with a la carte pricing for flights, maybe we’d be better off. I mean, we already have a massive disparity in ticket prices with traditional airlines. My $850 roundtrip ticket between Israel and the US to visit friends, booked either well in advance or at the very last minute because it’s cheap and I’m flexible, is heavily subsidized by my dad’s $5,000 business class ticket, purchased 2 weeks before he leaves, paid for by his company.

Maybe this type of arrangement would allow those willing to jump through a few hoops to travel much more cheaply. I’d gladly reduce my luggage to a carry-on and take whatever seat is available if it means getting back to the US twice or three times a year instead of just once.


Oh please folks,

By us, the customers approving of theairlines’ “changes” we will encourage them, by giving them permission, to rip us off. If we maintain our stamnce, that we want cheap tickets and the regular courtesy benefits.


I don’t believe that tickets are becoming cheaper because of these cut’sof service.


I agree. There is absolutly nothing except for rising gas prices (and the regular amount of inflation) that should make the airlines need to charge so much for a flight. I’ve spoken to pilots and they’ve all told me that the airline industry is finialy returning to pre-911 business, so there really is no reason except that they want to take more money where they can.
Flights will not get cheaper just because we’re loosing out on courtesies and it really doesn’t cost the airlines that much to allow things like luggage on board. Things will get more rediclulous unless the customers put and end to it.