What Happens When A Pilot Doodles While Flying?

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You have to love the marketing genius that Boeing just pulled off.

Boeing had to fly an 18 hour endurance test for the new Rolls Royce engine on the 787-8. But instead of a boring test flight they turned it into a viral event by “drawing” a 787 Dreamliner in the sky with their flight pattern.

You can view the flight on FlightAware, which is a great resource for tracking fights as well.

They even drew the Dreamliner pointing to Boeing Field, WA.

How cool is that?

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Lol, that’s what engineers do in their downtime


I’ve seen a lot of runners make GPS pictures while running, but this really takes the cake!!


I once started drawing a Magen David across the US using only commercial flights, but I got bored after the 3rd leg. Maybe I should do it again with the new DansDeals logo


Don’t planes always veer from their flight plans due to turbulence and other issues?


For turbulence they’ll usually go up or down, not change paths.


Pretty darn cool. I read someone comment somewhere else that they climbed to the 787’s service ceiling to fly over storms in Iowa that they couldn’t divert around without ruining the design.




WILD!!! How did they pull this off??? I thought flight routes have to be approved by the FAA and goes thru a whole ordeal till they could fly it.


The pilot can file whatever they want it will normally get approved unless it’s into a major airport that requires preferential routing. Even so you just need to conform to the arrival. Not the entire flight.


dan, if there is only aa aanytime available on american’s website will ba let me book that with avios?


Only if you fly in the above flight pattern


One of the coolest things I ever saw.
Thanks, Dan.


Maybe they can draw up some available award space while they’re at it. Even willing to take an 18 hr flight!




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Link in post doesn’t sow the results anymore.