En-Route To The Final United 747 Flight

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I’m currently en-route from Cleveland to San Francisco where I’ll catch up with United flight number 747 which departs at 11AM from San Francisco to Honolulu. It will be the final commercial 747 flight on United.

I have lots of fond 747 memories from childhood plane spotting, to first class cabins on airlines like Korean and Lufthansa, and to the amazing 747 trip I took with Rafi last year to San Francisco.

There’s something glamorous about the 747 that no other plane possesses:


I may not have been old enough to fly the Concorde, but I wasn’t going to miss today’s celebration.

United put together this tribute video to the 747:

United promises a retro flight to Hawaii, a throwback to how flying was in the good old days of aviation when United flew the 747 to Hawaii.

Here is a 1979 documentary aboard a United 747 flight to Hawaii:


You can read more about the 747 sunsetting in this CBS article.

Want to follow along? I hope to share some videos with Facebook Live on the DansDeals Facebook Group and pictures on Instagram.

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I wonder if they’ll allow smoking on the flight. Dan, please let us know.


Please tell me you’ll be in J 🙂


That sounds like a lot of work just to go on a 747 even if its the last flight on UA. But have fun!

SoCal Dude

I understand final UAL passenger flight is SFO to HNL but haven’t read anything about the the next flight. Is it going to dead-head back to mainland empty or ???
Anyone know?


Lots of Flyertalkers are on the flight, except me.


There are other airlines;)
I flew Concorde’s BA001 LHR-JFK 12/21/01

dov bennish

kelly and honig are also going. r u gonna schmooze


Lol. You could just fly LY 001 to get a 747 kick.


I hope to be on EL-AL last 747 flight in year 2075!


Why are they discontinuing it?


Just saw you on TPG’s Facebook Live. Have fun!


Please tell me you did decide to wear the dork shirt after all 🙂

Something Fishy

He betrayed us. Neither the shirt nor the orange yarmulka.


headed to the andaz maui or just flying right back?


Hey Dan.

How’s seat 7A?



hi Dan, was just listening to HNL atc and the controller just asked the captain of this UA747 flight to do a go around by United’s request, but the pilot said “unable” and just proceeded to land:)


Where can I listen to atc?


liveatc.net you can type in almost any airport and hear all kinds of atc live


DAN, are you going to write a trip report on the last UA 747 flight?