El Al Is Sending A New Plane To Take Diverted Passengers From Goose Bay Air Force Base To Tel Aviv

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Update 3: The flight has taken off to Tel Aviv. Read about and listen to the El Al Mayday call here.

Update 2: The replacement plane has arrived into Goose Bay and will take the passengers to Tel Aviv as El Al flight 1008 at 6:10pm EST/7:10pm AST.

Mechanics were brought together with the replacement plane and will work on repairing the original plane. When it’s fixed it will return to JFK as El Al flight 1003. It will then operate as El Al flight 8 from JFK to Tel Aviv. That flight is currently delayed from 11:50pm to 12:20am, but that will be updated based on when the plane is able to depart from Goose Bay as El Al flight 1003.

El Al flight 1 from Tel Aviv to JFK, which was supposed to utilize last night’s diverted airplane, is canceled. El Al will operate special flight 1001 tomorrow from Tel Aviv to JFK at 7:25am on a 777 and El Al 7 tomorrow on a 747 at 9:40am.

Update: The replacement flight has departed JFK and will arrive into Goose Bay at 3:05pm EST/4:04pm AST. It’s currently flying at a very impressive 770MPH!

El Al flight 8 took off from JFK at 12:41am this morning after a 50 minute delay. The flight declared Mayday and diverted to Goose Bay, Canada due to a wheel well fire indication. Passengers reported loud noises in the 747’s engines as well. It landed at the far north Canadian Air Force base and Atlantic diversion airport at 3:53am EST/4:53am AST.


The plane landed safely, but the high temperature today in Goose Bay is negative 9 and the low is negative 19 degrees Fahrenheit, so passengers are staying on the plane.

Apparently the problem can’t be fixed quickly as El Al is sending a replacement 747 from JFK to Goose Bay. That plane should be taking off soon and can be tracked here.

El Al is currently estimating that the new plane will depart Goose Bay for Tel Aviv at 2:30pm EST/3:30pm AST, though that seems wildly optimistic to me. The flight from Goose Bay to Tel Aviv can be tracked here.

If anyone is on the flight or has friends or family on flight, please share updates on how it’s going in the comments!

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I know a bunch of people on that flight, they are not happy…


Well Bh they are ok and safe, that should make them happy


Easy for you to say, from the comfort of your home


Hey Shloimy, spoken like a guy whose plane has never been on fire. I took the liberty of changing your travel profile to read, “in case of mechanical failure, please continue out over the North Atlantic.” What kind of guy is so desperate to argue that he can’t agree that those passengers have a lot to be thankful for?


Shloimy – you need to rethink this.

Pilot Joe

They should VERY happy they have responsible pilots who are keeping them alive from a crazy mechanical malfunction.


Correct. There have been several accidents where the pilots were distracted by a non-serious situation and the flight ended in disaster.
BH – These pilots maintained control of the situation and the aircraft, followed proper procedures, did what they had to do, and achieved a safe outcome with ZERO injuries.
Plenty of time for eating later.
No reason for someone to be unhappy in this case.


I have family on the plane and their phones go straight to VM, anyone been able to communicate with someone on the plane?


Thanks to the power of Dansdeals and good people I got through to my family!! Tizku L’mitzvos to all involved.


My father is on the plane been sitting there almost 12 hours. They still have enough food


My brother in law on flight. Disaster. Elal only buy second hand planes. Always have issues. Fly delta/ United


they dont have second hand planes, they had these 747-400’s for 20 years when they were new and they have good maintenance teams, it happens once in a blue moon


-1 they are 2nd hand.


if thats true, which i dont think it is bc Elal had those 747-400’s since the 90’s, but so what, so is almost every other airlines planes, that means absolutely nothing, the ratio of aging for a plane to a car is 7:1, meaning you could have a 25 yr old plane that is equal to a 5 yr old car..sorry but its an ignorant comment

Pilot Joe

This plane could have bee an ex-singapore airplane.


El Al has only six 747’s and their average age is 22.5 years. That ranks 49th out of 77 airlines still flying the aircraft.

Five TownsYid

I heard from people on the flight that they have not been given food. 10+ hours no food ? !?! Why not let them off ?


I am communicating with on the plane. He said they’ve delayed being fed because the only food on the plane is breakfast. He also said they’re not getting off because with wind chill it’s like -24° and they’d have to arrange for customs and there’s nowhere to put them. Hope that helps.

Shira Marvit

Apparently it’s a military airport and outside temps are frigid- but I don’t understand why el al couldn’t send a new plane sooner


Fake news! lots of food and gracious el al staff


Odd of LY giving compensation?


My Sister in law and her mother are on the flight.


My father is on the plane and he says that spirits are surprisingly high


Numerous family members on flight – all are OK – obviously not a pleasent experience – Dan – here’s the question everyone will be asking – what is the compensation they will get – EL Al does not hold by the EU plan – but this falls under el als own plan some it will be longer than 8 hours –


Crazy. I just flew flight 008 a few weeks ago. El Al must update their fleet. I hope the passengers get significant refunds.


Hope they get compensated well for this. Thank G-D I wasn’t on that flight.

Stuck in Goose Bay

Everyone in good spirits though we’d like to get out of here already


On this flight. So far, they’ve been giving us updates regularly for the last few hours that the new plane is going to be leaving JFK ‘very soon’, but nothing yet. 9 1/2 hours after serving the last meal, they finally served some food other than crackers and drinks. People are still calm and well behaved. The plane is jam packed. Just about every seat (if not every seat) is taken.


Can I get your email so we can connect? Trying to get through to family members on board your flight. Thanks in advance!


Dan on the flight now. Never heard the pilot yell mayday but there was loud noises from the engine which then stopped and then started again. Then they announced we need to be in our seats so we can land the plane in 10 minutes.

We have been sitting here for 9 hours already. Can you opine on what if any compensation we are entitled to?


you wouldnt have heard the pilot yell mayday, it would be something that he would radio to air traffic control not to passengers


When the passengers land safely at their destination and can spend the future with their loved ones – they will have received their compensation.


My son is on the flight. I contacted the American Embassy in Canada. They are working together with Israeli and Canadian officials to come up with a solution for these passengers while they wait for the next plane. Security is the biggest concern because this airport doesn’t have the capacity to handle such a large number of passengers.


Flightradar24 is showing the departure from Goose Bay at 420pm, which makes more sense considering it isnt going to arrive there until 230pm or so


My brother in law on the flight. A disaster. Freezing cold on plane.
Elal only buy second hand planes always have issues. Fly delta/United


get your facts straight Joey, Elal doesnt but “second hand planes” that makes no sense


It is not freezing cold on the plane but nice and warm!


Some of the planes still have Singapore Airlines logos in the bathrooms.

Ruchie Me

I actually heard from someone on the plane that it’s very hot


you should learn to speak more responsibly


They said that they don’t want to let us off because 1. It is bitter cold and snowy and we would need to take steps and get to a terminal. 2. We would have to go through customs and it is not a regular airport that is equipped for that.


Amazing…. after a safe landing, all we see is how much compensation. Does anyone care that nobody got hurt? And that El-Al could not plan for this?


With old fleets. You should expect trouble. Compare El Al delayed flights vs an airline like Jet Blue. This flight originally departed around 45 minutes to an hour late. Old Fleets


Dan , is the world so small that 20 responses so farfrom your readers have family on the plane , or is dansdeals so famous that it reaches out to the entire globe?…


Enough with the compensation!! How about a thank you to EL Al for landing the plane. The plane was over the Atlantic at the time, be thankful that you are not hoping they find all the dead bodies in the ocean!!


So so true Levi! And of course thank you to Hashem for a great outcome!


And if it crashes is it Hashems fault?




Nothing happened on the plane. I’m on the plane. No one was in danger. Thank Hashem, NOT EL AL!!!! What a real shame.

Lastly El Al has a set of rules and laws they have to abide by. They should compensate for the troubles they caused their customers. Especially with the delays in getting a new plane to us.


It would be the best interest of elal to land the plane as well… Clearly, they wouldn’t want to loose out on a jet…


New plane has gone active in JFK:


No chabad down there to deliver food and blankets.


Before you bash Elal how they are handling this – see how “good” Air France did

Jacqueline Safdieh

We are all ok thank God. Stir crazy but all ok. We are near the North Pole it seems , the plane is chilly on certain areas. It could have been worse
-Jackie Safdieh


Can you please contact me via email: spam4years@gmail.com? I’m trying to contact relatives on the flight whom I’m unable to reach. Thanks!


Ok I’m a passenger on the plane, so here’s some update. We landed here about 9 hours ago. They only gave us food now for the first time. Drinks we’re served twice. The captain already made 8 announcements that the plane from JFK is about to take off to come here to pick us up. The last announcement was 10 minutes ago. Put as you can see on the flight tracker the plane is still sitting on the JFK tarmac.

If anyone knows the true legal ramifications and/or recourse for passengers please post. They refuse to let us passengers disembark the plane.

Worried daughter

My father is on the plane. Dan please advise if he can get any compensation. Thanks


The plane just left JFK according to flight aware.
It’s about a 2hr flight to yyr


Lol your fathers on the plane still on plane and all u care about is compensation. Sick




Does ElAl really have extra aircraft sitting around at JFK or did they take a plane that was assigned to another flight that will now be cancelled?


Definitely one of tonites flights scheduled aircraft, which will most probably cancel, or best case fill in with a leased/rented aircraft


I was literally thinking the same thing. They just don’t have planes sitting around doing nothing. When this happened to Air France they cancelled their YUL-CDG flight


LY1 which is the 12:55 flight tonight JFK-TLV has been canceled. That is the plane they sent to pick them up.


It is not the plane from LY1. The are on the plane for LY1.
They took the plane from tonight’s LY8, with a mechanical crew with the hopes of being able to fix the plane and have it back in JFK in time for LY8


Seems the flight to pick them up just left. Will all the El Al paid commentators please stop posting. Yes, bh they are fine but they are entailed to compensation by Israeli law. It’s a huge ordeal to go through. Why shouldn’t people ask Dan about that?


no one is paid by Elal – and see the law http://www.tourism-law.co.il/pdf/AviationServicesLawENG.pdf section 6:E:1


Mechanical failure is under it’s control. They shouldn’t be flying 20+ year old planes…


“no one is paid by Elal”
How do you know that?

Eileen sapadin

My 17 year old son is on the plane with a group of seniors from DRS on their way to the Mir and to visit Yeshivot w Rav Willig and BH BH BH BH BH is alive and warm and able to charge his phone. I was so relieved to hear the calm and bitachon in his voice as they were being served breakfast! They have been on the ground for about 8 hours. He said the embassies are trying to help with situation bc of limited personnel. Perspective and prayer please.


Maurice and rita stay safe and warm!!! We miss you!!


Anyone tracking the flight on FlightAware? Something doesnt add up there


Goose Bay is Atlantic Standard Time–one hour ahead of NY

Sam H

Looks like he’s flying at 622 kts I wish everyone flight will fly that quick.


When you fly an empty 747…

Dale M

See this article Drudge just posted. The plane in the article also took off from JFK around the same time as LY1008

F Z Blau



Thats stupid!

James J

Dan can you please remove the above “comment”? Totally inappropriate and disgusting. Thank you.

Dr. X

Lol relax. This is an online thread… not a un protest.


And we still did not disembark the plane

eric setton

Problems happen and everyone should be thankful the skilled pilots landed the plane safely !


These comments are embarrassing. Compensation? El-Al using second hand planes? I’m surprised I haven’t yet seen people calling for lawsuits against El-Al, Boeing or the manufacturer of the faulty sensor.

Complete chilul hashem from entitled Jews. Everyone is safe, but inconvenienced. Hardware failure can happy on anything, even brand new planes, and that is what seemed to happen here.


The ignorance on this thread is incredible sometimes. Enough with the old planes, second hand planes etc…. These occurrences happen all the time but unless it affects someone we know we don’t even bother to read about it. Just be happy everyone landed safely and you can all deal with “compensation” at a different time.

LY does not have spare aircraft lying around with a legal crew. The fact they got this together so quickly is quite impressive.

And next time you get on a US domestic aircraft, take a look at the age. Odds are your DL 757 is older than this LY aircraft. With more cycles no less!


Wow – elal paid comentors again….


If you look at the jetstream map, that replacement plane gets the benefit of a 200mph tailwind. But I wonder if that’s what caused problems for the first plane. Do they ever get pushed over the sound barrier?


Bob – I think you are on to something. If you look at the reply of the original flight: https://www.flightradar24.com/data/flights/ly8#101eb755
at 7:51 UTC they are going 675 knots…maybe I’m wrong but I think that’s over mach 1. And right after they hit that, that’s where to trouble starts and the drop speed and altitude immediately after. Can someone more knowledgeable about this check it out and confirm?

Dale M

The sound barrier is a relative term – as in relative to the medium you are in. Altitude plays a major role as it affects the pressure and therefore the density of the air. That said, the plane would need to be traveling at the speed of sound relative to the airstream it is in at that moment. So you need to subtract the jetstream speed. They should be traveling pretty close to the 549mph that they filed as the cruising speed. The speed relative to the ground means little for this discussion – other than it does translate into them getting there more quickly: Yay!


The grounded plane reached a ground speed of 768 mph before it declared an emergency. One online source has a pilot saying to expect a lot of turbulence when that happens.

Dr Moose

According to the link posted, looks like it actually reached a total of 772 MPH.


considering how many problems I heard elal has w/their dreamliner it doesn’t surprise me that their other planes are having problems.

Robert & Penina

Our son is on that plane. Of course the people sitting in the middle of nowhere are more,disadvavtaged then those in New York. Kudos to the crew for taking care of their passengers, to El Al for not trying to do a quick fix. Just received a video of a bunch of people singing on the plane. They are in good spirits because they know they are in good hands. Thanks Canada. And Acharon Acharon thank
G d for keeping everyone safe.
We will fly El Al again, hopefully soon.


Our daughter is also on the flight, and we share and appreciate your perspective! Besuros Tovos!


I can never imagine being on the plane with my one year old for so long…


I don’t think people should talk abou5 chillul Hashem. It was a kiddish Hashem. Very well behaved group of passengers, kids and all. No tantrums, no riots, which seems to be the norm nowadays. BH THE PILOT WAS A GOOD SHALIACH and landed the plane safely, on land. HODU LAHASHEM KI TOV!


They are fit to be tied. My niece and nephew are on that plane.


Interesting to note that the old plane is scheduled to fly back to JFK at 5:10. And the new plane is scheduled to leave to TLV at 5:15


Plane landed


it just landed in goose bay BH!!!!!!


They took women off the plane after going into labor


Any news on this passenger in labor?


What a CHILLUL HASHEM these comments cause,instead of being grateful for EL AL and it’s
competent pilots and wonderful crew in safely landing this plane and saving hundreds of lives,what are some of you busy with,”are we gonna be compensated,how much money is this gonna make us? SHAME ON YOU “fehh”


AGREED!!! like when Hashem took us out of Egypt and they complained night and day.May everyone stay safe. Hope they say HAGOMEL. Thank you EL AL, Thank you Traffic Control and most of all Thank you HASHEM.


The comments complaining and concerned about compensation, food, are a disgrace. How does anyone get through a fast-day???
A plane crashing, getting shot out of the sky, or disappearing without a trace is a tragedy – not being delayed for a few hours without food.
You should hope that your children don’t read these comments and learn from them.
Question to the complainers – do you say Birchas Hagomel if you don’t get compensation?


So nice to have a forum for concerned friends and family to get updates. A chapter of Tehillim said for a safe and quick trip to Israel couldn’t hurt the situation.


How are they going to transfer luggage from plane to plane without proper equipment and in the freezing temps?
There’s also an Aron on board


Out friend’s body is on this plane (along with her children) and people on the other side are awaiting burial times.
May GD keep everyone safe and healthy – that’s what is important!

Avi Mechanic

I’m not on the flight. But thank g-d everyone is okay. I pray you have a safe continuing flight to Israel. Hang in there!


The nifteres is the wife of Rav Berel Wein

Chuck Lowenstein

I just returned from the funeral – she was real royalty and her oldest son, and others, as well as Rabbi Wein delivered a beautiful picture of her life (and nothing was said about the flight issue).

Miriam freud

My children are on the flight, daughter Son in law and children, very very difficult, way too many hours to wait for replacement plane, why did it have to take 12 hours to be rescued??? Traumatizing


El Al lost one of our four bags on tues nights flight 14 from to tlv for a sons wedding on tuesday (the day after tommorow), after much time spent on hold listening to that stupid Hachi babayt baolam jingel we were told yesterday that it MIGHT be on this flight!
Family members flew on multiple jfk-tlv last week and on EVERY flight people were told that there suitcase was left in ny.
We had chassuna clothing for multiple members of the family in the suitcase, one daughters skirt, anothers shoes… one daughter has nothing to wear nice.
Somehow every clerk that picks up the phone (after waiting for at least 40 min each time!) says they are a supervisor with no one working on top of her (are they all the ceo?) and there is no one else working there.
What can we do? is there any law/rule that they have to compensate somehow?
Good luck to the passengers on the diverted plane on getting anything from ELAL.


I’m sure i’d rather lose my luggage then be in these people situation. I understand your dilemma but when you compare it to people being stuck in a plane for almost 24 hours no one is going to feel bad for you.


im not looking for people to feel bad for me, just for advice; and this is a high traffic somewhat related thread.


One time I was on an Alitalia flight going to Israel. My luggage was lost for my entire trip. I also called the airline countless times while on vacation for a nephews bar mitzvah. The suitcase lost was the “last minute” suitcase. It was returned to me the night before I left Israel just so I can lug it back to NY. I was compensated by the airline for items I had to buy and for the countless phone calls and a compensation fee. None of which was worth it. I spent my whole trip on the phone with the airline. So to answer your question – if you complain yes you will be compensated in some way.

Mike C

My goodness, tribal members, must so many of you always take the negative road? The pilot made a safety decision and nobody appears to be hurt. I say MazelTov and thank you to a competent pilot. Genig mit d’kvetchin, already.


CORRECTION: LY 1 tonight is not completely cancelled. It is delayed to 7:15am and renamed as LY 1001


with which AC?


The one coming from Goose Bay


Imagine how much compensation you would get if everyone were killed? Some pathetic ungrateful people out there. Try being a menace once or twice.


You’re asking a lot.
If I hear the word “compensation” one more time, I’m going to throw up.


For all the arm chair pilots…
Everyone should calm down, yes its an inconvenience, yes it’s a delay but LY is still the safest and best airline to fly on and while they operate 747-400 which is winding down it’s life…Jaffa 4x-ela was delivered to LY ON 04/27/94 So they’ve taken care of it from beginning…let’s remember that United just started using 777-300, yes new but its from EWR so if you want that route elal has newest 787… and delta utilizes a330-300 which isn’t the newest of birds either
That being said I only have 1 question… will they refuel 4x-ela for yyl- jfk flight once it’s fixed? 4x-elc from yyl-tlv should have enough fuel to make it home…


My friend the CEO of Fidelity processing is there on the plane he is saying they are having a good time singing together.


Thanks for sharing…


BH they are boarding the replacement plane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfjB8vQ9ayw


I hear they are taking off now. Safe flight everyone!!


They are on the rescue plane now


According to FlightView it hasn’t taken off yet


flight has not taken off yet- @5:50


Anyone find it weird that FlightRadar24 isn’t covering this? They are usually all over these types of things


My brother and sister in law are booked on the TA to JFK flight tonight that was delayed till 7:25 AM (and counting). They only found out about the delay this evening, having checked out of hotel. All ElAl did for them was a food voucher.
On their flight to Israel last Sunday night they were delayed from about 12;30 PM till about 5:30 AM, probably snow related.
I haven’t heard them asking for compensation. They have been greatly inconvenienced at both ends of their short trip.
Cam down!


per family on flight – still hasn’t taken off yet – @ 6:55pm


Has the flight from Labrador to TLV taken off ? Any updates


per family on plane- just finished desicing- plane started moving – 7:18 pm


Boruch Hashem they finally took off 10 minutes ago. May they travel safely and land uneventfully!


How did they transfer the luggage?


Dan :
round 2- after part of family went on last nights flight – the rest of us just found out our 008 flight scheduled for 11:50pm tonight has been changed to 5:20 am tomorrow – 1-16 , , not very convenient to say the least –