Up For Grabs: Panoramic View Suite At The Encore Resort By Wynn In Las Vegas!


Update: It’s gone!

This is for tonight only, first-come, first served!

Just be the first to send me an email and the $400/night room (along with a $60 breakfast credit and a $90 lunch credit) is yours for tonight!

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Dan night in Vegas still available? chaimn@gmail.com


where is this resort?

joshua fromowitz

im in las vegas…. and id love this please if its still available…

M Hoffman

Dan-As per your advice, we booked this deal at the Wynn and Encore (back to back) for the end of April Please let us know if it went smoothly and if you have any advice for us. I didn’t realize it came with the resort credits. I know that breakfast shouldn’t be a problem with the credit. How did lunch work out?

Love the Wynn

to M Hoffman, you asked for advice. My husband I just stayed there for a week. It is a gorgeous resort, nothing not to love about it. One thing I would recommend is renting a car. Firstly all parking at hotels is free, they do not charge for parking bc they want u to come to their casino’s. So you will not have a parking fee at the hotel or if u take ur car to any other hotel 99% sure, but the Wynn is forsure free.We didn’t rent a car which was a huge mistake bc if you need to go get dinner, a cab costs u so much. So we ended up getting our food delivered which was cheaper but if you rent a car it would be even cheaper than that. I know the pizza store charged 15 delivery fee to the Wynn Hotel. But we basically ate pizza for a week bc a cab to the other restaurant would have been 25-40 each way, depending on which restaurant we wanted. Also make sure to bring sneakers, you will be doing a ton of walking more than you realize. One more piece of advice if you are planning on seeing any shows, in our opinion, Blue Man Group was horrible and do not waste your money seeing it. Any of the Cirque De Soleil’s are worth the money to see, they are amazing.

About buying tickets right across from the Wynn hotel is a the Fashion Mall and outside of the Fashion Mall is a little store where you can go out in the morning and go buy tickets to shows over there. They are cheaper than buying them online at full price. And if you buy tickets once you can go back the next time to the VIP line where you will not wait online for your tickets at all, maybe one or two ppl will be in front of you. But the first time around you may wait inline 10-20 minutes depending on how busy they are.

Also the Wynn charges for internet, no wi-fi, i think they charged aprx. $20 for 24 hours. If you have any more questions please post it and I will try to respond. But I can’t warn you enuf times to rent a car unless its like an outrageous amount but up to 30 a day is probaly worth it bc a cab to go get ur food is going to cost that much. Also don’t j-walk the cops will pull u over and give u a ticket. Have a great time!!!


is there anything you can do with the 60 dollars food voucher or the lunch (being that the food is not kosher)

love the wynn

I guess you can get free drinks at the bar. I don’t know probably not but I dont know. I didnt go to they Wynn on this deal, so I didnt get those vouchers or anything. There are 2 kosher coffee beans next door, one at the Palazzo and one at the Venetian. Which is the hotel next door do the Wynn. You can get drinks and sandwiches there. Although it is quite costly, out bill was like $25 bucks for like 2 drinks and a sandwich.


looking 2 fly 2 LA next week or lag b’omer, any deals?