Up For Grabs: 2 Sets Of 2 Tickets For Tonight’s Cavs Game!

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I’ve got 2 sets of 2 tickets up for grabs for tonight’s 7pm Cavs game in Cleveland.  They are both center court, upstairs, in the 10th row.
The first 2 comments on this post get them.

Be sure to write your email in the comment email field so that I can send transfer them to you via flash seats.

You will have 10 minutes to respond to my email or else the tickets will be given to the following comment.

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33 Comments On "Up For Grabs: 2 Sets Of 2 Tickets For Tonight’s Cavs Game!"

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I wish you had tix to Knicks games.

I want them

Want tickets please


Ooh cool!



Wish I lived Cleveland…. Any prize for being first, if I don’t want the tickets?

Why not

why not?


Thank you

jonathan aaron

I wany tickets

roey malul

I want them!


hi can i get the tickets?

a rweinberg

Did I wim



Agree with Jeremy. That would be a real contest to reply first….


I’d love them!


No one reads past the first line……. so sad!

Why not

Guess congrats Gideon and Jeremy……..!!


Would love to take the kids up! Flashseats email is lefthandedmormon@yahoo.com


@Why not: I just wanted to be first, told him to pass it on to the next who actually lives nearby, Im in NJ…


The first 16 of you guys wasted an hour of my time like that, so thanks.

All 4 tickets went to commenter #17 who actually lives in
Cleveland, wanted to go, and had the decency to respond.

Next time I think I’ll just throw them away.


@Dan….I would like to exclude myself from being one of the people that wasted your time….I didn’t put my email in because I didn’t want the tickets…


Lol. Fair enough.


@Dan…just realized that my email is automatically included in the field….auto-fill…sorry about that.


On a side note…just took an amazing vacation to Israel with my wife thanks to you…Stayed three nights at the Sheraton Tel Aviv for free…upgraded to Club and Tower Rooms with Starwood Gold Level Membership (Platinum Card)….Free Delta tickets with Flying Blue….and nearly got charged for dents in rental car (but would have been safe anyway bc I booked with Chase Ink Bold..


Am i still eligible?


Wow! Surprised at the anger. Didn’t expect that from you. I guess everyone has their weak spot and sensitivities. You are doing a great service to humanity. Don’t spoil it by getting pissed, and showing it!


@wow, there was no anger i acutally like what Dan said he gave simple directions and no one followed it ,


@dan you cant throw away flashseats lol but you can let them rot


@WOW: @WOW: time is $ especially when you have a wife and kids so when you waste someones time who is giving away free stuff they have all the right to be upset


@Dan: dont throw them away it has never worked out for me hoping it will once ps tonight happen to be good game


Dan, save “WOW’s” IP address, and next time you have a giveaway, make sure he ain’t a participant.

Aryeh blum

Here for the tickets.


@Dan: sorry man, didnt realize it would be such a hassle, wont happen again….


Ur all a bunch of babies dan is doing everyone a favor and if it’s not for u don’t leave a comment tyvm love u all