Today Only! Donate $5 To Austin Children’s Shelter And Get A $10 American Express Statement Credit!


Update: This is also confirmed to work for a $5 donation to the Jewish Federation of Austin!

Step 1: Sync your American Express card with Twitter as described in this post.
Step 2: Tweet #AmexAustin10
Step 3: Check for confirmation that you are registered by clicking on @connect. (This can take a minute or so)
Step 3: Make a $5 donation (which is the minimum donation amount) to Austin Children’s Shelter.
Step 4: Shortly thereafter you will get an email confirming your $10 statement credit which should post within a week.

You’ll make a $5 profit by making a $5 donation on 03/13 only.

You can link more cards by opening more Twitter accounts.

Also don’t forget to get your free $10 Best Buy gift card as well, you can even order the $10 gift card online!

The annual fee on your Starwood Consumer and Starwood Business cards will be paid off in no time by just partaking in a few of AMEX’s awesome promotions!

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Can I do this multiple times with multiple AMEX cards? If so, do I need multiple Twitter accounts as well?


You would need multiple twitter account to register multiple cards or additional user cards.


it seems that the offer isnt specifecly for the charity rather anything in Austin Texas


That’s correct. But this a nice way of donating $5 and making $5 in the process.


Just donated. Thanks for the heads up. Making money and donating to kids, can’t beat that.


can i use a citi amex?


additionals count?




@sprint: try registering and see if it lets you


What about the Jewish Federation of Austin?


Thanks gave to the Jewish Federation of Austin and it worked.


@Matt: RIGHT ON!!!!!! 🙂


What about
Should work?


If you try it let us know if you get an email confirmation.


Cc donations are through PayPal. Any ideas as to whether that should affect it? Presumably amex would recognize it as PayPal not as Austin?


I gave $5 to Austin Childrens Center and got an email confirmation from them. Am I supposed to get something from Amex about it or will it just show up on my statement?



Did you confirm in @connect that you were registered for the Austin promo before making the donation?
If you did you should be fine.


Just donated here:
to Chabad @ the University of Texas and got confirmation email from Amex within 2 min.



+ no $5.00 min


Just donated here:
to Chabad @ the University of Texas and got confirmation email from Amex within 2 min.



True there’s no min. But I figure it’s a cause that justifies at the very least going halves with them with on the $10 from Amex – particularly considering that they’re paying Amex processing fees.


Citi Amex confirmed!!
Got a confirmation email from Amex for $10 credit for Citi Amex.

Alison Cassorla

I work at the Jewish Federation of Greater Austin and I am the one that processed all of these wonderful donations. Thank you for your generosity to the Austin Jewish Community! PS: We did not know about this promotion before this morning. We will be sure to let the Austin Jewish Community know about Dan’s Deals.

Julie Burch

Thank you all for donating to Austin Children’s Shelter. We weren’t aware of this promotion either but were absolutely delighted to see them coming in fast and furious! The donations you all made help us provide 24-hr care, services and programs for abused and neglected children and youth. Thank you!!!


@Alison Cassorla:
@Julie Burch:

I’m glad that my readers contributed to your causes and that it worked out in such a win-win fashion.

Thanks for the promotion American Express!