Today Only: Get Any Size Coffee For Free At Wawa Stores

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Today Only: Get Any Size Coffee For Free At Wawa Stores

No coupons needed, just go to any Wawa store today and get a free Coffee, Tea, or self-serve cappuccinos.

Find a store near you here.

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A k

Is it kosher according to most Rabbonim?


Regular unflavored coffee is kosher anywhere.


Has anyone looked at the cappucino flavor syrup box to see if it is kosher?

BTW 7/11 iced coffee from the dispenser is under the OU. I checked at multiple locations and since they all source from the same place. However if you ask the manager you can confirm for yourself


I certainly drink it without arguing, but I don’t believe a coffee dispenser and it’s final product is under the OU. As with many raw flavors and raw varieties at an uncertified Rita’s Ice, Carvel, Baskin and Robins, Starbucks have a reputable hashgacha on the package or box, the finished product going through a cooking mechanism loses any certification guarantee. A non-Jewish manager may be talented at his job, but can’t confirm finished product kashruth status. For example I love 711 slurpees. The vast majority of raw flavors have an OU on it. There are very few that have no OU on it. Once the product is in the slurpee machine, I can’t guarantee the machine was properly cleaned. Additionally, I don’t keep cholov yisroel, but for those that do it’s a whole nother’ story.


Is black coffee really kosher anywhere? This is a myth according to the CRC. See this link:
Some coffee shops sell hot sandwiches and then wash the coffee machine parts in the dishwasher with the utensils used for the non-kosher sandwiches.




if you read carefully, it’s not a ‘myth’. The brew basket has no concern of iyrui kli rishon, since water hits the coffee first.

The only issue is kettle that the water is boiled in. If its glass, many people are maikel (except for Pesach). And even if its metal, in most scenarios the soap in the cleaning water is poigem the taste from the non kosher things. The article does say that the CRC posek holds l’chumra, but mentions too that there is room to be maikel.

Per the OU website: Rav Belsky and Rav Schachter paskened that it is permissible to purchase coffee at a rest stop or convenience store.


I once called the OU if it’s permissible to drink Starbucks coffee, the rav on the line told me it’s not recommended because of the problem mentioned above, but there is no problem to drink from a starbucks kiosk.


Unless I’m thinking of a different product than you (I’m not a huge coffee drinker), a starbucks kiosk dispenses those closed glass bottles of drink? In than case, of course it’s under whatever hechsher is on the closed bottle.


No, not that. They have mini stores that they call kiosks that basically just sell coffee. See the Star-k website for more info…


Can this be done a unlimited amount of times?


Your gonna stock up on coffee for life? Why ruin it for everyone