Test Drive A Lincoln And Make $100!

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Update #2, 3:05pm: If you have not registered yet this deal is now dead!

Update: DDF member robi has already gone to a dealership and received his $100 rebate details!  He reports that it says it will take 6-8 week to actually receive the $100 card.

Lincoln Offer Linky

Use event code: 12NYEV11

You will receive a registration confirmation via email to bring to the deal.

Valid in: CT, DE, MA, ME, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, and WV.

HT: danR, via DDF

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sarah z

you sure you dont have to buy the car? 🙂


Just registered- thanks Dan! How does this play when I get the dealership- am I going to have to mention the “prize”?


I made an appointment for today with the local dealership. who will give the gift? does it involve the dealership? or do we just present them with the code and wait for something in the mail?

David B

Based on my read of the form that you get to following the link, it is not clear you will receive $100. It says to fill out the form and come in for a test drive for “your chance” to receive a $100 gift card, and then says you will “receive your prize” once you’ve completed your test drive….to me, it looks like you may get a $100 gift card, may get something else….Maybe I’m wrong…


Why can’t I do it from my mobile phone?


has anyone ever done one of these? how crazy pressured are those sales pitches? how long do they keep you and chew your ear off?


@steven: How did you make the appointment? Did they call you or they emailed you to make the appointment?? I gave them my house number, but want to know if they call or email so I know what to expect. Thanks


@al: Yes, I did it once,and the sales rep said “your here for the promo”, I said yes, and he just signed the paper that I test drove the car, even though I didnt!!! Very Simple!!!

eli g

just did it – may i reccomend printing out the sign up sheet in case theres a problem… hope it works thanx dan

ver nisht

@ David b , already once did a test drive by Lincoln all I had to do was sign the the form at the dealer and I got a $50 gift card in the mail ,So I don’t see y it should be different here


@eli g: Did you get a phone call yet? Or a second email asking you which veichle you want to test drive? I got a second email, and replied to it, but nothing else yet!


Don’t go to irwin lincoln in freehold, nj they are a bunch of anti semites and won’t honor it. They made racial remarks I’m never even going to think about leasing a lincoln!!!!


i got a call to schedula a test drive.
when asking about the 100 gift card she didn’t know about it.
can anone explain?


@Mr. MKX: What state? All I got was 2 emails in NY!


if asking to take a test drive before we register a customer who showed up with not one but 2 forms that are copies of each other which we are only allowed to register the pin number once is be anti semite, then oh well. also absolutley NO RACIAL remarks were made in fact these gentlemen called our office manager and were extremely rude to a woman who all she did was answer the phone. Also by the way, the 2 sales consultants that assisted these gentlemen, are also Jewish so how can they be anti semites.


@Mendy: Turnesville nj


entered the code and the webpage doesnt do anything


@mendy : which location did you do it at?


@carlos: Respect!!! like the responce!!! smart move going str8 to dansdeals. Will c u later Carlos..Can’t wait to try some of this “anti-semitism”(as in following protoclol) 1st hand:)-Sol


got a email saying its a good time to buy the car im lokking at etc, and says to call them , do i have until november 30 to take care of it or i need to do it now , and are they going to call me


@carlos: Respect!!! Like the quick responce.Smart move to come str8 to the source:)..Can’t wait to try out some of this hard core “anti-semitism” (i.e. Following protocol) 1st hand:)


@Yanky & @sol: Let’s be careful what we label as anti-semetic behavior. When it is used too easily it marginalizes legitimate cases. and face it jumping on a promotion like this, while not wrong necessarily, will definitely not cause a kiddush hashem.


So far so good – sales rep knew what the offer was and said it was conditional only on the test drive. No required purchase. Scheduled for next wednesday.


@Adam: Did you have to call them, or they called you? Where are you located?


Just got back from the dealership in freehold, Wayne was the nicest guy, automatically enrolled myself and my brother in law for the promo, and was going to let us leave without even taking the drive, although we actually wanted to drive it.


anyone know if they run a credit check? hard pull? ive heard its routine for test drives to run a credit check


i went to the place on queens blvd i called made an opiontment and when i got there the guy said do u really want the car or just the $$$ i said $$$ so he went straight to filling out the forms he was very nice and helpfull……
they said it should come in the mail in 7 to 10 business days.


im getting: the event code cant be found. anyone else got that?


i keep on entering the code but same page pops up


did anyone go to the dealer on glenwood rd in bk?


event code not working



I just got back from the Local Lincoln dealership in Queens, NY (Queens BLVD) and I did the test drive of a MKZ Hybrid, they told me that I should get the gift card in about 7-14 days and he gave me the following number (888) 476-4411 to call if I dont receive it…

BTW, apparently a lot of people have come in today probably from Dansdeals and the manager Ira immediately asked me if I actually wanted to test drive or if I wanted for him just to mark me as gotten credit so they didnt have to do the work. I have never driven new hybrids so I asked to do the test drive anyways, but if you want to save time you could just do that. The promo is apparently being offered by http://www.autodealerintouch.com/ (just trust me on that one ;))



I’m at a dealership, just test drove one and now my friend.
Problem is when we walked in he asked if we are here for the coupon and we said no.
What should we do to make sure we get the 100$ card?


I just got a call from Joann At Premier Ford on Glenwood Rd. to set up an appointment. I told her I was having surgery next week and would call her after recovery. She was very nice.



I had the same experience there. The guy asked if I wanted to test drive the vehicle. I said if it will save you time, I don’t need to, so they just filled out the computer form and that was it. They looked annoyed. It was kinda awkward.

They said the card should come in 7-14 days 9not sure if business days or not).


I didnt print the page since I signed up on my phone. The dealership says I need the page with the code when I come in, is there a way to redirect back to the page with my code? I tried to save the link with my code but it doesnt redirect me to it now. I never received the code via email either.



My wife and I are going to test out 2 diff cars…Sounds like an easy $200…a gmar chasima tova! thanks


They just called me from Roslyn. Her second question was: when do you want to purchase the car? I was like not purchasing it, just want to test drive it and get the promised gift card. She got upset and told me we don’t let anyone test drive the car just for that. I sensed her being annoyed and she hung up … I guess thats for that …


Sucess! They said I would get the AmEx $100 gift card in 7 – 14 business days. This phone number (888) 476-4411, was very helpful. The car salesman would have had no idea what to do if I did not show this number from the other post.


i went to the glenwood location. they didnt know anything about this promo. the person told me i dont have to actually drive the car, but he didnt give me any papers either just took a copy of my license and my number. should i be worried that i wont get it?


got a call from my local dealer they told me to bring the code that i printed out and they knew about the promotion.


I registered for the deal and got an email back that they would contact me a/s/a/p but dont have any kind of “proof” of the offer…is the anything I can print out?


Alive again with code: 12NYEV02!


just did it, i test drove a mks girgeous car! they were so nice to me and he loved me, i said to be honest i saw the 100 amex deal anf thats what brought me in, he was ok with it, he said pls tell others about us,


I went to the Hempstead, NY dealership and the saleswoman gave me her card and a code and said I need to fill it out online. Does anyone know what she was talking about or was I duped.


Went to queens blvd location they were laughing and it felt so awkward as if we were doing something wrong
Left me with such a bad feeling!


is there a minimum age?


Looks to be dead.

Deal lover

Since we got Carlos here, I want to understand. How many of the $100 recipients are actually serious buyers? now how many of the serious buyers are actually going to end up buying a Lincoln? I can’t see it being more than 1 in hundred, so does it pay to pay $10,000 to get one consumer? why not just sell the car for ten thousand dollars less?


Today I visited a Lincoln dealer in NY, and I was prepared to take a test drive (yes, I did have my printout and confirmation number with me). I spoke to an agent and showed him my document. He stated that he knew what it was and jotted down a code number and the name of the dealership, minus the test drive. Hmmm ? He stated that I now have all I needed…

I contacted the 888 number from DD’s link, and left a couple of messages with no call back YET.

I did manage to get in touch with a customer svc rep from Lincoln’s website. He requested my info and a photo shot of the offer (which I provided). He said he will follow up with his hierarchy…

I will keep you all posted.


i got my 100$! 🙂 thanks dan


Has anyone received their card, after going to the Lincoln on Glenwood in Brooklyn?

dan fan

Thanks Dan!! Got my $100 Amex gift card by FedEx!!!


its been 8 weeks since i test drove a lincoln. i have not gotten the 100$.

what should i do??


If you expect to get a 100 bucks, then you will sit there and listen. It’s the least you cando


Dan, I’m not ch”v critizizing, but I’m curious if you think this may be a major chillul Hashem. It’s one thing with credit cards and the like, but when tons of us go to a dealership to squeeze out $100, I think it looks real bad.
thank you