Sprint Customers: Free $5 Amazon Gift Card Via The My Sprint Rewards App

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Update: DEAD!

1. Download the Sprint Rewards App. Download for iOS here. Download for Android here.

2. Open the app and follow the prompts to enter your phone number and verification code texted to your phone.

3. Once signed up, select Sprint Rewards from the menu or home screen.

4. Scroll down the page until you see an offer for a $5 Amazon Gift Card. Select to redeem it now, log in to your Amazon account, and select apply to your balance.

A $5 credit will automatically be applied to your Amazon account.

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Easy enough thank you.
Have a good and healthy yom tov !


Sprint and T-Mobile are one so call and give your T-Mobile number for free $5 per each line


Ty Dan. Safe and healthy yom tov


Thanks got it. For everyone out there may this be the last pesach in golus May we be zoche to the Geula ASAP


I did this and immediately tried to redeem $5 amazon credit. I got error message that it was already redeemed to another amazon account. Anyone else have this same issue?


Thank you! $10 for my Wife and I


Just tried this, and at the top of the list of rewards it says “All Amazon Gift Cards have been claimed.”