SMOKING HOT! HURRY! Get $30 Cash Back And All 3 Of Your Credit Reports And Scores For Signing Up For A Free 30 Day Trial Of Citi Identity Monitor!!!

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Sign up for a free 30 day trial with Citi identity monitor and you will get a $30 rebate form sent to you in the mail!

You will get the rebate form within 2-3 weeks after signing up. With the form you will have to send in receipts showing at least $30 worth of purchases from anywhere! Multiple receipts totaling up to $30 are allowed!

After you get the rebate form you are free to cancel-there is no requirement to have identity monitor active in order to receive the $30 rebate!

You will receive the $30 within 4-6 weeks of sending in the rebate form and receipts.

With Citi identity monitor you will get all 3 of your credit reports and scores!

Canceling is easy, just call them at 866-279-9637-they’ll even waive the $12.95 monthly fee if you forget to cancel within the 30 day trial period!

In order to access all 3 of your credit scores just click on the 3 credit score activation banner on the left side of the main page once you are logged into your identity monitor account.

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<<– score is 730.

still cant get any cards, because i applied to often…

730 from all 3 agencies?


can this be done [and get the 30$] if i signed up and canceled twice? [i got 50$ one time]


Dan the coins are back in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes. i got about 730, 728, per each. Is that good?


Dang I have 711 697 and 696
Never been late on a payment or anything …


I’ve been accepted for 5ish cards recently, but was rejected for a Continental biz card. Is this why?


reuven there is another huge facter in credit score bisides for late payments, you need to make sure never to use up more than 30-35% of your credit limit [more than 50% is doing harm]


For 2 of the cards it says the limit is unknown, so it pretends that I’m at the limit.
In all, I’m well below the limit, on an aggregate sense
Thanks for your reply Corny

avid fan!

Hi Dan, I have this one credit card which is linked to another family members credit card, (i opened it 4 years ago to start building credit…) i was wondering, can THAT card affect my overall credit score?? thanks so much for everything, I LUV your Site!!!!


i tried to get this offer and created a new user id (as i was in on the previous $50 rebate) and was told i need to fax in id and ss card. was i suppose to use my old user name?


I always make a new username without issue.
Did you answer all of the challenge questions correctly?


BEWARE! just got the “$30 rebate” today and it came in the form of 3 $10 rebate forms that are each dated for different quarterly time periods AND states that you must be a member at time of rebate processing! so much for the $30–at least i got to see my reports for free!


did not wave the 12.95 fee for the first month