SIZZLING!!! HURRY!!! Join BMI Diamond Club And Get Free Star Alliance Silver Elite Status Instantly!!!

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Update 6: BMI is informing people that they won’t be honoring the Silver status.  You can try to match your status to an airline like Delta while you are still Silver!

Update 5: DEAD!

Update 4: Commenter “bored” gives us a new signup link for Silver status!

Update 3: DEAD!

Update 2: The original link has been killed, but I’ve updated the link below with a new link that still works for now. Grab it quickly if you want to get Star Alliance Silver!

Update: Continental and United are now only giving Star Alliance Silver members 1 free bag for tickets bought on or after 03/10/11. If you bought your ticket before then you will still get 2 free bags. If you bought your ticket after that date you may only get 1 free bag or you may still get lucky and get 2 free bags. You’ll be able to tell how many free bags you have with Continental when you checkin online 24 hours before your flight and use your BMI mileage number. If you’re traveling soon let us know how many free bags you get!

Air Canada and USAirways still officially give 2 free bags to Star Alliance Silver members.

BMI Silver Elite Status Offer Linky

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You will get Star Alliance Silver status immediately upon opening your account and verifying your email address.  You will have to open a new mileage account to get the status.  I posted a similar BMI offer last April and people that took advantage of it are still getting free bags for themselves and their travel companions!

Star Alliance Silver is extremely valuable for anyone who doesn’t yet have elite status on a Star Alliance carrier.  As you can see from, Star Alliance Silver members get 2 free 50 pound checked bags for themselves and all traveling companions in their reservation when flying Star Alliance airlines such as Continental, United, USAirways, and Air Canada.  You’ll also get other benefits like priority standby (very useful during bad weather when there are lots of canceled flights!) and elite security lines which take some of the hassle out of traveling.

You do not have to accumulate the flight miles on BMI in order the reap the benefits of Star Alliance Silver.  On United for example you can provide one mileage number for mileage accrual and another for Star Alliance benefits.  When flying Continental you can provide your BMI number when you make your reservation, when you check-in online, or at the airport to get the Star Alliance Silver benefits.  After checking in your luggage you can change your mileage number at the kiosk or just ask any agent to change your mileage number to the airline on which you want to accrue miles.  Just remember to do it before you board the flight!  That way you can accumulate miles on any Star Alliance carrier.  Accumulate on Continental for their all-around great mileage program, on ANA for their well-priced awards,  on Air Canada for their amazing mini-round-the-world awards, or even on Aegean if you want easy access to top-tier Star Alliance Gold status (with 3 bags of 70 pounds each for you and each travel companion on many airlines and free access to nearly 1,000 lounges worldwide) when you accumulate just 19,000 elite miles!

Silver status will be awarded for 12 months, during which time members will need to earn a further 16,000 membership status miles to maintain Silver status ”

BMI Silvers also get to use the BMI lounge in London Heathrow when flying BMI.

You should also be able to get airlines like AA (OneWorld Alliance), Delta (SkyTeam Alliance), and Alaska to match your BMI Silver status, giving you free checked baggage for you and your travel companions on every major US carrier. But bear in mind that status-matching is generally just once in a lifetime and that airlines from the same alliance generally won’t status match each other’s elite members.

HT: Ryan, via the DansDeals Forums.

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hey dan, wats bmi and is there a charge to become a member?


Anyway to match this with US carrier airlines?


It’s a UK based Star Alliance airline and there is no charge to join their Diamond Club mileage program.

Definitely, I’ve updated the post with some relevant info.


I’m already Delta Silver thanks to the AMEX / Delta play. I would love to get back to AA Gold. Any chance with a status match? Would be awesome!!


not working….


Yes, AA has started status-matching!
Just give their AAdvantage department a call.

Just worked for me. Please be more specific.


@dan i keep on filling out the form and when filled and cliked agree it routes me to the homepage and when i try logging in it says invalid…


where do I open a millage account? thru BMI?


Be sure to verify your email.
After that if you still can’t login just select “forgot your password”


I just joined….how do I get the benefits the next time I book a flight? I usually fly United or Continental!


i didnt get any confirmation that it worked!


Just a general question:
When I book a flight I do it through the airline’s website and in order to get a free 2nd bag I provide my BMI number at checkout?


how do i get a status match for say continental?


@dan i did that… and still have not got an email from them.


Just worked for me! So I just use my BMI membership # to book any star alliance prater flight?. also, should I open an account for my wife too? or do you just book both flights under the same membership #?


got it dan,thanks!


Anyway to get star alliance gold through a status match?


I already did it last time. Will this work to extend it, or is that just wishful thinking?


could u get upgrades on ual metal with this or e+?


according to continentals website only the first bag is free


Only if you get as lucky as this forum poster who just got his BMI Silver matched to Delta Gold for some reason:

Won’t work on your old account…




will continental match?


@Dan Thanks for the tip. I called AA. Naturally they are closed right now. Do I just tell them I am Star Alliance Silver and would like to move business to their airline? I would love to get back to AA Gold this year

Are you sure they aren’t doing challenges instead of matching?


any knowledge on the capital one veture miles match upto 100K


@Dov I just signed up my wife…great opportunity, you have nothing to loose…Per Dan, this could be a very valuable thing especially if others will match this status.


Not directly, as I wrote in the post.
Anyway Continental/United stopped doing status matches earlier this year, they only do 90 day challenges now.

AA recently started doing matches for Gold and Platinum and challenges for EXP status.

It will cost you 3 hard pulls instead of 1 like all other cards do, they are very picky about who they approve, and it is limited to the first 10,000 people who send in proof of 100k miles that may or may not need to have been earned on one airline’s credit card and that are still available in your account.


The following customers will not be charged service fees to check a first or second bag (bags must meet weight and size restrictions):

Continental OnePass Silver Elite and United Elite members
OnePass Presidential Platinum, Platinum and Gold Elite members and Star Alliance Gold members
Star Alliance Silver members (other than CO/UA) get their first checked bag free. Charges apply for second checked bag
First Class, International Business, and Latin Business Class customers



All I can say is as of this past week was still giving BMI Star Alliance Silvers 2 free bags.

And their airport signs still say 2 free bags as well unless they’ve just changed them:


hey dan, thanks so much. really usefull for me cuz i just lost my continental silver status

Great Thanks

Great, Thanks Dan,

1: Is access to the BMI lounge in heathrow limited to those flying on a BMI flight?

2: I’m excited by the prospect of status matching, Is there anywhere I can find detailed instructions on how to apply for a status match?


can i get a silver match from continental and aa if yes how do i do it?


how to open a new mileage account with BMI?

Avid Reader


Yes, read the end of the post (and comments).


Step 1) Click on link Dan provided in the post.

Step 2) Follow instructions on that page.


I already signed up from last posted deal. Should I sign up again. (Same account?) I cant see where it says expires on…?


Hi Dan,

Does this help you get onto economy plus in united?



Just signed up but shows I’m a blue member what up with that?


when changing the country 2 usa it reloads the page,is it working for usa?


Checked bmi website. Lounge access is only when you’re traveling on a flight operated by bmi. Otherwise it’s great. Thanks for the tip.

Free Instant bmi Silver Status (free checked bags on United, Continental, and US Airways) - View from the Wing

[…] Via Dan’s Deals bmi Diamond Club is offering instant Silver status for new members. […]

old timer

I did this last year – any hope for yet another 12 months?


seems like this will only work if you are in usa and trying to sign up…it wont let me do it from israel…any tips? thanks!


Worked for me no problem!thanx dan!!


mystery solved….if you are in israel and want to sign up…just choose ‘other’ as your country and fill in your israeli address and it will go through w/o a problem.

im sure u can always have them mail u a card to the usa afterwards…enjoy!


same problem as Charles:
i keep on filling out the form and when filled and cliked agree it routes me to the homepage and when i try logging in it says invalid…


I signed up for this promo last June, so am not eligible for it again. Last year, when I opened my Diamond Club account it took a few calls and e-mail to BMI to get the silver status because I was not automatically granted Silver status.

This time around, I signed up my partner for the club and he was instantly upgrade to Silver!

AA fan

How long will status on BMI last?
My AA Gold is expiring 2/28/12. Will I still be BMI elite in March 2012 and be able to do a status match to AA then? Would save me from possibly doing mileage runs.


I am already silver on Continental, will signing up for BMI increase my elite status to gold, or just extend the silver status?


Thanks Dan
In for 2!

Teaneck Bochur

Hey Dan,
I just bought a ticket on Continental last week with my onepass account number. Is there a way to switch the reservation to my new BMI silver status number in order to get free checked bags- and then switch it back to my onepass number in order to accrue miles?
Toda Rabbah!


Amazing. At some point in the past week, both CO and UA have changed their baggage policies that now limit Silver *Alliance members to just ONE free checked bag.

This is the first I’d noted that sneaky change!


Awesome thanks so much, I actually have a flight on United going to OAK, hopefully we’ll get some free baggage, can you explain again what we have to do? Thanks, im a noob


I have the same issue as Teaneck. Have reservations on CO and would love to get a free bag check in.
Thank you


Hi Dan

I am have an 8 hour stopover in AMS Amsterdam and I was wondering what Lounge I would be able to use with this silver BMI BTW I am flying KLM if that makes a difference



@AA fan:
@Teaneck Bochur:
All of your questions can be answered by reading the post and previous comments.
Everyone should always read before commenting…

It won’t do anything at all to your Continental status.

Yup, they did appear to sneak it in within the past few days. I wonder if they’re enforcing it though?


Hey Dan I was looking through another popular deals web site and came across this! Though you might enjoy!

From reading DansDeals info about this deal, it looks like that, once you enter your BMI Diamond Club number into the United website, it should allow you & everyone else on your itinerary to have up to 2 checked bags for free. Alternatively, you should be able to show your BMI Diamond Club card at the airport counter to get your 2 bags checked for free.

DansDeals also says, “On United for example you can provide one mileage number for mileage accrual and another for Star Alliance benefits.” So, you can use the BMI for the free checked bags but collect your freq flyer miles from the trip in your United acct.


Looks like the new United/Continental baggage policies went into effect on March 9. Despite what other info may still be out there, the reality is that UA/CO now offers just ONE free bag to *Alliance Silver members. (Yes, this JUST changed a few days ago.)

Even worse, *Alliance Silver members now get NO baggage benefit on UA/CO for international travel whatsoever. Again, this is a new change as of 3/9/2011.


Actually it looks like it went into effect on March 10th. Just because it says that doesn’t mean that is the reality though. It will be reality when someone reports that it happened.

If someone has the time, but a ticket on Continental, enter your Star Alliance Silver number, checkin for the flight online, see if it gives you 1 or 2 bags, and then refund the ticket. All tickets are fully refundable within 24 hours of purchase.

And where do you see that Star Alliance Silver gets no international baggage benefit??


hi dan it said blue status not silver does it take some time to update?


Nope, sounds like you must’ve done something wrong.


anyone have any luck getting aa to match the status? i called and the told me they dont do status matches… any advice??


They just started doing them. Rule of thumb with airlines (and most companies) is you keep calling until you get the answer you want to hear.


Deal is still alive for those of you posting “dead” comments that I won’t bother approving.

Just signed my Bubby up for an account using a US address. I then clicked on the conformation email and then I was able to login and see that she is Silver.


Thanks so much, looking forward to my next trip to London :)do I have to wait for the card to arrive to get lounge access?


does it pay to call aa now if i have 920,000 mile going for the 1M mark also how long does the status last


it doesn’t seem to work on chrome. l tried a few times. l tried now on mozilla and it went. That could be why some people are having a prob

sam the man

thank dan i noticed on the web page that were also entitled to 1000 free promo sign up miles !


Hey Dan — the star alliance website ( seems to say only benefits for silver are priority standby and priority waitlist…not security lines etc. Is that accurate?

Dont miss it

Bmis website keeps undergoing maint,anyone else hav same prob?


You need to be flying BMI and a printout of your status should be enough.

AA status matched before 06/16 should last through 02/29/12. After 06/16 should last through 02/28/13.

Every airline is different. I know on Continental you get Elite Access as a Star Alliance Silver.

@Dont miss it:


Worked for me with US address, already showing Silver on the web site. Thanks Dan!

I am about to book long-haul award travel on United in Economy. Will Star Alliance Silver status allow me to reserve Economy Plus seating for me + wife + daughter? I looked on but could only find mention of Premier benefits specifically.


Just signed up and it worked for me. Not sure if Ill ever use it but what the heck- Im Silver! 🙂 thanks dan


aa said they will do a status match from delta or continental so you can chance the bmi silver to delta not sure about continental and treasfer from there to aa you need 2 statements to be able to match to delta


For some reason I’m not getting the confirmation email (and yes, I did check the spam folder).


As I commented earlier already, no E+
I would have written that in the post if that was a benefit!

Someone on the forum faxed Delta their BMI Silver card recently and got Delta Gold.
And then AA will match Delta Gold to AA Platinum!


i signed up via diamond club and it shows as a blue member not silver did i do something wrong




would you be able to get delta to match and then get united to match ur delta status?


Do I get free baggage with lot polish or austrian ? What other benifits do I get (lounches etc.? )


Just talked to aa about a status match and they said they only do it for the major carriers like Delta Continental etc. and not bmi. I also told them I was silver on star alliance and the lady said that I need to prove it through continental.

How do I go about matching bmi Silver status (thank you) with them then?


Newbie to the mileage game here, still learning the ropes. If I am already silver status on a different airline in star alliance (e.g. USAir), then is this redundant? To clarify my question, Star Alliance status is a separate status than than what I may already hold with various alliance airlines? If yes, it is different, now that I have star alliance silver (through BMI), can I just continue working that status by now using my USAir frequent flyer # instead of the BMI #? Thanks!


Thanks Dan. Sorry I missed the previous comment and reply about Economy Plus. I searched the whole thread for “economy” but missed the reference to “E+”.


what do i do to correct it


Does it allow use of airline lounge any airport w Star Alliance lounge?


Dan — re: the “no silver baggage benefit on UA Intl”….

Check the UA website under baggage exceptions and navigate to Intl. You’ll see that it’s been all reworked at the end of last week to show that *A Silver members now get the same as general passengers w/no status at all. That’s a real shame.


I guess that actually makes sense. All international locations already have 1 free bag, so no advantage to Star Alliance Silver for tickets bought on/after 03/10/11.
So the benefit will just be for flights within the US (including HI, PR, and USVI) and Canada.


I am a predinetial plus card holder from continental, meaning that I get free bags and lounge anyway. I am not elite status though. If I sign on BMI, will I get standby to business class (which is the only thing I don’t currently have)?
Also, if I am eligible for business class stand by at continental, do I have to book the flight with BMI or just present my BMI card at the gate?

levi from the hood

i got the bmi thing now how do i get to be a star aliance member(i dont have a milage and dont know how to open one)


when i signed in u say i did something wrong and therefore i became a “Blue” member rather than “Silver” what do i need to do to correct it


Dan,what about Delta?


Dan, I got the silver status and applied to a reservation already made on United before March 10. I then called and spoke to both a rep and mileage rep and they both told me that even though I am Silver status in that, I am only basic status in United’s mileage program and do not qualify for ANY free baggage at all. I am flying domestic and so upset! Any thoughts or advice?

AA fan

How do I get a status match on Delta? I have AA gold and now BMI silver. What would that translate into in Delta’s program?


where do you see that for tickets purchased before 3/10 they’ll still give 2 bags?


im confused how does this work with other airlines in terms of gaining miles. if i need the 16,000 miles for an extension can i gain those miles through a credit card of a different airline that is a member of star allience?


@levi from the hood: Silver on BMI IS Silver on *A, you don’t have to do anything
@Ann: The rep had no clue what s/he was talking about. Hang up and call back, or just look on United’s website for baggage allowance.
Credit card miles aren’t “Elite” miles, and therefore in almost all cases will not count toward status


TIP: If you registered for this promo last year, have gmail, and want to use the same email address for this promo, put a period in your Screen Name.
Ex. If your email is, register under You will receive all emails to your original address (
Just remember that when you login to BMI’s site to use Joe.Smith, and not JoeSmith

(Too complicated?)


I spoke to SIX reps!!! Most of them supervisors and only the 6th verified the baggage benefit.The rest said NO. Then they entered the *A number into my reservation and said it wasn’t coming up Silver. I told them I was staring at the page on BMI which said I was silver….but no use. I was finally advised to print out the baggage exception page on United as well as the page at BMI showing my silver status. They also said I should bring my Silver status card…which I don’t have…yet? Will BMI/Diamond CLUB etc, be sending out cards???? I have to show all of these at the airport at check in and PRAY that I don’t have a problem. I was on the phone for a total of 2.5 hours to get this result. I think this is AWFUL customer service and wish I had some recourse and compensation….this should NOT happen! Any advice is appreciated!


anyone know if BMI status helps for a virgin atlantic flight booked with continental miles?

didn’t find the answer in any other posts…sorry if I missed it.
Also, if I just show my card with the BMI membership number on it even though my ticket has differnt number, will that still work?


so is the only way i can retain my status longer than the year through flying star alliance airlines for 16000 miles? or is there some way i can get around that. additionally when booking through a different star alliance airline do i give my bmi login id?

not again

will the silver status help me on austrian airlines on a flight to israel?

not again

also if i have aa gold will that help me when i fly britsh, since they are partners? thanks dan the man


@Dan: i flew continental in the summer and thry wulnt give me any free bags with star alliance silver


i have a choice to either get points at American airlines iberia or britsh airways which one is the best? anyone?




I opened my account and it said “congratulations, welcome to Diamond Club.” What mileage account do you then need to open once you sign up and get a confirmation email? If you have mileage accounts for USAirways, United, etc., do you need to set up new accounts? Also, how can I get a physical card?

Thanks Dan… PS, I work for AMEX so hit me up for some tidbits


I also signed up last year so I now have two BMI Silver accounts — one expires 05/11 with 2000 miles, the other that I set up today expires 03/12.

The email from AA says to provide BMI status information for the 2011 membership year. Which account would be the best to use for trying to get an AA status match, the one that expires 05/11, or the 03/12 account?


Can anyone help with status match. Seems not to work in this case… (see above). Dan?


Wow–I just joined your list last month and have already saved over $1000 (two tickets from Houston to London based on a deal you sent) AND discovered the joy of status matching. Five minutes on the phone with AA, 30 seconds to scan my Elite card and *poof*. Oh, and I’ve also been able to get my husband Silver status on bmi for our upcoming flight to Ireland, so he doesn’t feel left out tagging along with my Gold! Thanks a ton!!


Guys, you’re making this WAY WAAAAAY too hard. Silvers still get a bag benefit on USAirways, Continental, and United.

Just this past week, UA modified their policy for Silvers to the following:,6722,52649,00.html

I don’t understand why there are 100 questions here…..



Just finished the application.. And guess what..

Member levelBlue
Destinations miles1000
Status miles0


i applied for the bmi silver and got it and then somehow it turned to blue
what do you think happened
thanks for your help


apparently it logged me out and then it showed what to do to get the blue.
So i logged in again and it is Ok now


I just got it. I’m flying to Israel on delta with my wife and four kids for Pesach. Can having this help me in any way?


Signed up also, got blue not silver.


Did what you said. Got Blue status. For GBP171 can buy 16,000. Does that give Silver status? Don’t know.


OFFER OVER. Can we get expedited shipping for the silver membership card?


Still alive, I was just able to make a new account in Firefox and it worked just fine for Silver.


Hi Dan.
I just have a question, i just made the BMI and I got silver status. There is any chance to transfer this status to american airlines silver status?
Thanks for your answer.


Anyone who didn’t get the confirmation email (like me) should log into their newly created account. It will say “account not yet verified”. Click the button to resend the confirmation email, and it should come right through. Not sure what happened to my first email, but I verified my account using the link from the 2nd email, and just logged in to see my “silver” status. Hope this helps.


how does this deal get me star alliance? slightly confused as to that


it was not working for me on google chrome but on internet explore it did


hello dan. there about 15 comments already saying something like “i got blue membership, not silver”. and all ur saying is “ur probably not doing it right”! i mean no kidding! obviously we`re not doing it right!!! what I`m saying is: YOU are the expert around here, perhaps you can figure out what the problem is! (maybe i`m supposed to select london heathrow as my primary airport… i really don`t know?) what could be the problem?!?


just got bunch of family members silver. thanks. is it still good for luggage, previous post said not.


Am I a prophet? How can I know what you are doing wrong?!?
I’d be happy to tell you what I did right though.
I used IE or Firefox.
Yes, I left London Heathrow as my primary airport.
Be sure that the voucher code field says: 1DC6SM
Be sure to confirm your email.

Other than that, no clue other than you are doing it wrong!


For Air Canada and USAir it’s good for 2 bags.
For Continental and United it’s good for at least 1 bag, perhaps 2.


i’m totally clueless- and i see from the comments that i’m not the only one.
1-what is matching??? we have an AAcard and Continental OnePass cards but not a lot of miles accrued yet.
2- i am flying continental EWR to STL in april on my onepass card that is NOT elite status (you need to have it >1yr and/or >100k miles) and i am supposed to get one checked bag free for each member of my party- my hubby, myself, 2 kids. how exactly can i get 2 checked bags?
3- how does this BMI Diamond Club program help?? how do you get more than 160K miles in one year on it to keep it, and do i wanna keep it? will they start charging something after a year?
thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.


could you please be more specific??? When you say free bags is that per person or per itinerary? also is it two free checked or carry on bags?
Please start from the beginning and explain in detail what your talking about!!
Also can you elaborate on BMI. What is that? im fairly sure its an airline, but you must specify!
thanks in advance


Hi Dan…Thanks for the tip! Signed up with BMI and validated the email, logged into my account and it says status SILVER! I’ll need the free bags when my wife and I go to Kenya this November. Will try to book CO/UA/US since I’m a member of each of these programs,(most of my miles on CO)…Thanks again….John


I will explain.

BMI is Body Mass Index.
Many airlines now charge extra if you are too big, and they base it on your BMI.

By getting BMI silver status, you get a waiver on that, which therefore allows you to check your bags, and not worry about being denied boarding for being too fat.

You can check two bags, but only on star alliance airlines that you fly on.
That is the key, it is only on airlines that you fly on. The ones you don’t fly on don’t let you check your bags.

You must accrue 16k points in the next year, other wise you won’t be able to do it next year, in which case you will need to watch your weight this year anyway, so what is the purpose.


Thanx Again!!! Worked for 10 family members 🙂

Mazel Tov

Dan – quick question. If I put in BMI Silver # at reservation time and then get an upgrade, can I still change my mileage number back to CO at the airport and keep the upgrade or do they take that away? I get how the baggage works but what about upgrades?


Guys, I’m done answering questions here. This is getting pretty ridiculous.
Everything being asked has already been answered. Read the post, read the related post linked to in the post, read the comments.


Can you please explain what you mean when you say “You will have to open a new mileage account to get the status” for Star Alliance Silver? I’m just wondering what I need to do get Star Alliance Silver now that I was accepted for BMI Diamond. Thanks Dan.


Sometimes giving in a BMI card into the booking will not suffice, as they sometimes don’t reflect your level (silver) and you will have to show the physical card to avoid paying for overweight.


Purchased tickets, US AIR, on 3.08 – Just signed up for diamond today (3.14) & it worked perfectly (thanks!) How do I get the free checked bags perk for me & companions? Flight is late March.


Danielz gets my vote for best post. Why are there so many dumb questions here? Yes, I said dumb questions. Why are some of you signing up for a program you have no clue about? Read the BMI website, it’s pretty simple really, Blue Diamond Silver gives you some perks on other Star Alliance airlines. Just because it’s posted on DansDeals does not mean you need to sign up for it! The post from ‘Confused’ – how does this get me Star Alliance?’ Really, that is your question?

I understand the glitch regarding only getting ‘Blue’ status with BMI as it happened to me on my initial try. I had to apply again making sure the code was 1DC6SM and added a period in my email address as Chaikel mentioned.
If you have a question about your baggage allowance why don’t you read the info on the website of the airline you are flying.

A society of lazy people unwilling to read anything who prefer Dan to answer all their questions.


1st of all it seems leke link no longer works 2nd I applied right away when and they only gave me bleu not silver. Why?


Harsh, but mostly true.

Yup, the original link is now dead, but the deal is still on for now.
See “Update 2.”


Many thanks for the tip. Worked flawlessly. I read comments here and on the BMI website and just for the possibility of checking an extra bag for free, it was well worth the 2 minutes of effort!

About time

@Danielz: ROTFL!!!!


I signed up for the free Diamond Club account using instead of the link in your offer. They regitered me as a blue member instead of a Silver status. I wasn’t able to change the voucher code to 1DC6SM when i regitered. How can get this offer or change my account status to Silver?


This isn’t rocket science. Just open up a new account with a new email address or read Chaikel’s tip to use the same email address.


Will a BMW card work too? It is silver and my car is silver too!


First I applied for BMI on their web site and I got blue member, now i applied via Dan’s link and i put new email add and it worked perfectly… I am a silver member..


I have had a BMI account for some time which I use a few times a year and get a few thousand miles. I registered for a new account and now have Silver status for this next year which, from what I can see is worth it for the lounge access when flying BMI and the extra 20kg hold baggage allowance intra Europe on BMI flights. Other than that the BMI miles are fairly useless except for the 18,000 Business class London-Moscow award which is tremendous value as a paid Business Class return on that route is never less than $2000+. Contrast that with the $40 car rental voucher you get for 15000 miles. Business class is real Business Class not just a different color head napkin as on so many European Business class flights.


Is it dead?


is it dead yet? i only got a blue status…


Did not work for me


Guessing it’s dead. voucher code is redirecting to “OWE”


not working i tried it again, dan do u have another linky?


Doesn’t work. Signed up and got blue. Is it worth calling to check it out.. only number I have is long distance to the UK.


new linky i found thru 478914 pages of google. just signed me and others up! YAY!


Dead, code defaults to OWE.


I have a ticket on continental – leaving tomorrow. I tried bookin online with my new mbi silver status, on the Continental website it does not give me the option to forgoe the charge for luggage while checking in online.
I called continental and they said that online they only offer baggage fee waivers for united and continental card holders…
Is there a way for me to forgoe the charge?


Read the related post link.


Can I get an extra baggage for international flight too? My ticket was booked before 03/10/11 via Continental.


@bored: that worked


worked for me too, thanks bored. I have already booked United tickets late April a while ago with my united mileage plus #. Q:

Earlier when I booked and got blue there was a temporary card but not with silver.
So if I don’t have the card by my flight is it ok if I just give the number? How do I attach the # to my reservation?

Will BMI find me if I have two accounts, one blue, one silver what should I do.. will they close one or both?

Thanks all


Just did it with new linky that was posted on top.
Thanks so much!


they only gave me blue status???


signed up using Bored link but still only got blue status. Does anyone have update link for Silver? Thanks,

Shmuel Boruch

@danielz Thanks!

@sam the man and Flyfirst, Did anyone here get 1000 points and also Silver? On the BMI website you can see an offer to get 1000, with code 1ja1kd. It sounds like those who got the 1000 got blue and with Silver you don’t get the 1000 miles. So did anyone here get both? Is Silver worth more than 1000 miles?

Thanks Dan for this wonderful site!!!


Thanks Dan. I read the entire thread yesterday to make sure I had all the info, followed your instructions, and, voila, it worked! Now I just have to figure out the matching thing. Thanks again for the site!


@Shmuel Boruch: IS 1000 MILES BETTER THAN SILVER?!!????


Is it dead? I used the newer code but that didnt work either…thanks for any help.

Shmuel Boruch

@OMG OK, I guess that was rhetorical 😉 So it seems that there are different deals, different codes. BTW I use chrome and it worked fine, I opened link in incognito window for adding my wife. Should I get this for all my kids, over 2 year lod, with AAdv etc accounts?

Shmuel Boruch

@Shmuel Boruch You need to be 18 to sign up so I don’t know how to get this deal for the kids. Maybe I should sign up my parents and in-laws…


@Shmuel Boruch……Is silver worth more than 1000 miles?
Well, let’s analyze this for a moment…….It really depends on the mileage your car gets and how much silver you have. For instance silver is currently trading at about $35 per ounce.
If you drive a diesel Volkswagen Passat you may get about 1100 miles on a tank. The tank holds 20 gallons and currently diesel is about $4 a gallon.
Therefore a tank of diesel would be $80.

So, to answer your question – not sure. If BMI is only giving you 1 ounce of silver take the 1000 miles and you come out about $45 ahead. Of course this all changes if you are driving a Hummer or large pick up truck.


I signed up using the main link and also got Blue. I’m not sure what I did wrong.


is there a new link to apply and get silver status????




Crapper. I just signed up using the new “bored” link, and got only Blue, also.

Apparently, dead means dead. 😉


Hey Dan Do you know any way to get a 2nd piece of luggage free when flying with Delta/ Skyteam? Thanx


Hey Dan first thanks for everything u rock.. now second I signed up for the bmi silver statues offer but I signed up with my address in America and I’m flying now from Israel to America without it 2 q. one can I access the bmi lounge in Heathrow if I know my info but no card and two is if I fly with Ba and not bmi can I still access the bmi lounge(with or without the card) THANKS FOR ALL THE TRULLY AMAZING STUFF YOU DO


Got an email from BMI saying they will not be honoring the Silver status.


Looks like it was too good to be true.

Just received an email from BMI:

“I’m writing to you because unfortunately the link you used to join was an exclusive by invitation only offer and as noted in our terms and conditions was non transferable.

Regrettably, we will not be honouring the Silver status, and over the next few days your account will be downgraded to Blue status. Our decision is final, and we won’t be entering into any further correspondence on this.”


“We’re pleased to see that you recently joined our Diamond Club frequent flyer programme. However, I’m writing to you because unfortunately the link you used to join was an exclusive by invitation only offer and as noted in our terms and conditions was non transferable.
Regrettably, we will not be honouring the Silver status, and over the next few days your account will be downgraded to Blue status. Our decision is final, and we won’t be entering into any further correspondence on this. On a positive note though, our frequent flyer programme is one of the most generous programmes around, and you only need to earn 16,000 membership status miles to earn a Silver membership. When you fly with us, or any of the Star Alliance airlines, you’ll reach Silver status in no time at all. You’ll also have access to all our offers and promotions, as well as being the first to hear about our great sale fares. We hope you’ll still enjoy the benefits of your Diamond Club membership.

Keeley Downing
Diamond Club Manager”


So I just got this letter after signing up on the 13th when it was published. This came from BMI. Thoughts?

Dear Brian

We’re pleased to see that you recently joined our Diamond Club frequent flyer programme. However, I’m writing to you because unfortunately the link you used to join was an exclusive by invitation only offer and as noted in our terms and conditions was non transferable.

Regrettably, we will not be honouring the Silver status, and over the next few days your account will be downgraded to Blue status. Our decision is final, and we won’t be entering into any further correspondence on this. On a positive note though, our frequent flyer programme is one of the most generous programmes around, and you only need to earn 16,000 membership status miles to earn a Silver membership. When you fly with us, or any of the Star Alliance airlines, you’ll reach Silver status in no time at all. You’ll also have access to all our offers and promotions, as well as being the first to hear about our great sale fares. We hope you’ll still enjoy the benefits of your Diamond Club membership.



Just got a email stating that e/o that used the signup code will be downgraded to blue status. I am really feeling BLUE now.


Same as Brian and Mendy


What a shame….

You can always try to match to an airline like Delta though while you are still Silver though.

And you can try calling BMI (+44 (0)1332 648768) while you are still Silver to see if they’ll send you a membership card.

When I posted a similar BMI Silver deal last year they sent out an email saying they would downgrade people to Blue, but they never did downgrade anyone. This time the deal was publicized much more though so they are more likely to follow through…


I just sent an email with my membership number to Delta to see if they will match. Can anyone who has tried this let us know if this has worked?


Did you send them a screenshot of your status as well?

Did you call BMI to try to get a BMI Silver card?


Received the same email. Sent them an email back telling them to watch for all the negative chatter they’ll be receiving about this on Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Ahhh, the power of social media 🙂


Yep, just got the same email response. Completely ridiculous on their part!


just got the email telling me that i’m not getting silver, i signed up about a week ago, will I still get the luggage tags?
That’s the main thing I want, as I am already United Premier Exec/Star Alliance Gold.



Just got the bmi to send me a card in the mail. If they downgrade my status will this still help me?


Can this be matched to anything on united? We’re traveling on united soon and was hoping not to have to pay to check bags.


i just got an email from delta stating they will honor the status match with bmi. i had faxed in a screenshot about two weeks ago


Is this deal still in effect to sign up for Diamond Club and get Star Alliance Silver Elite Status?