SIZZLING! Get A Free 8×11 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book!


Update: This offer ends on 07/14.


Originally posted on 06/25:

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

We’re in love with Shutterfly’s 8×11 sized hardcover photobooks, we make an 8×11 book for every trip we take (big bookcase ;) ).  They also make for great gifts for the grandparents.

The hardcover version of the 8×11 photo book where you can put your own picture on the front and back covers is normally $39.99 but will be free with code: GUESTBOOK

Usually these coupons are only for new customers but it appears to be working on existing accounts for the time being! Limit of 1 free book per account.

Shipping is $8.99, but this is a true bargain at that price.  The quality is far superior to Snapfish.

20 pages are included, extra pages are $1 each.

If you order $30 of items from Shutterfly you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

HT: Chaya

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When does this expire?


How long do these offers (codes) usually last for?


Do I have to create the book now or can I purchase it and provide the photos later.


Officially 07/14 but I doubt it will stick around that long.

You have to create and order it now.


If a promo such as this is intended for new customers only, then is it not g’neiva (stealing) for an existing customer to use it?


Rebecca- yes…now jump in a lake you buzz kill…get a life and keep your comments to yourself…


why would it be problem? if you have a problem dont use it


Dan, Thanks again!

I’ve ordered these in the past and they are amazing! Good quality!


Worth noting. Shutterfly ships to canada as well, and it is even cheaper than shipping in USA, just 6.99 shipping on this book, and no tax at all.


It no longer works. I got this message:
“Error with Promo Code
Sorry you are not eligible for this promotion. You can either proceed with your order without using this promotion or return to your cart and remove the item related to the promotion: One free 8×11 hard photo cover photo book “


Thanks as always Dan. I got one, but for some reason when my mom tried it it didn’t work.


@SM: No reason to get snappy. She has a legitimate concern, even if you don’t share it. Whether you like it or not, not everybody who checks this site takes the view that if something can be had for free, then it’s ok to take it. If anything, Rebecca should be applauded for checking in with her moral compass before pouncing on a freeby — regardless of whether she is correct or not.
In sum, in the future, please keep your “get your frumkite out of here” attitude to yourself.


@Non-Sequiter: you are absolutely wrong, these deals & price mistakes r what dansdeals is all about so if u have a problem taking advantage of a mistake of a company then I suggest doing us all a favor & staying away from dansdeals




@Petzel: Now here we go again…
Thanks for stepping up to the bully pulpit.

First, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “you are absolutely wrong.” Am I wrong that SM did not need to get snappy? Am I wrong that Rebecca has a legitimate concern? That not everybody who checks this site automatically feels comfortable taking advantage of every deal? That a person should be applauded for checking her moral compass before acting? Or is a problem that I asked SM to keep his “get your frumkite out of here” attitude to himself? Please be more specific when you attempt to shoot me down and justify devisive responses to innocent, genuine questions.

Additionally, please explain to me how Rebecca’s comment negatively effected you such that you agree that she should keep her comments to herself. Did it perhaps make you second guess grabbing the deal? Was your pain such that SM’s comment was justified? That because a person expresses some moral reflection, the person should be answered sarcastically, and told to keep her comments to herself?

Dansdeals is about something else for each reader. Dan posts what he finds and the reply boards are open to all. I dont recall ever seeing Dan ask that people refrain from posting moral/religious inquiries in connection with posted deals. So lets all keep our hands to ourselves and stick with substantive responses. Shall we?


I just ordered a book with 10 extra pages with my existing account, I was only charged $9 shipping to CA


Looks like it’s dead.

“Sorry you are not eleigible for this promotion. You can either proceed with without using this promotion or return to your cart and remove the item related to this promotion: one free 8×11 hard photo cover photo book.

no prob

i just added the code to my account & it worked. you can add the code now and make the project later (until the deadline)



Never mind. I got it to work. I created a new account and used a different billing address. Worked. Not sure if it was the new account or the different credit card/billing address.

Carry on.


Seriously?? You have to fight everywhere.. Keep your nasty comments to yourselves!!

to seriously

Uh… that just was a nasty comment 🙂


@no prob:
How do you add it now and use it later?


@ Nonsequiter,

Good gezugt !! There’s a reason his name is Petzel.


I like people like Non-Sequiter. Makes me wish I was Jewish.


To Petzel and all the others who were offended y Rebecca’s comment:

I understand where you’re coming from; Rebecca reminds you of Rabbonim and mashgichim who always told you you are not frum enough.

Although that might have hurt at the time and you rpobably did not like those people, I am sorry to hear that you don’t realize that part of being a frum Jew is to place a high value on not being dishonest and greedy.


dos Shutterfly sponsoring this interesting debate?..


Got it and shiped it to france for $13


thank you Dan. This was just what I needed!

Hi Sweety

When does this deal expire?


All I said was that usually these coupons are for new customers.

I guess I don’t see how that statement makes this a halachic question?

photo junkie

My friend just chatted with Shutterfly’s cs and the guy claimed that if you are not a new account, even if you were able to load the code into your account, it won’t work during checkout. I don’t want to try to use something I’m not eligible for, but if I would make a book and then the code, wouldn’t work, I would be annoyed. Did anyone actually buy the book already and not be a new account?


You can go to “My Shuttefly” to enter a offer code.

not sure

hilarious. does anyone really think this is ok? ^_^ i am always amused by peoples approach to yahadus. of course, everyone knows that not once in were any of our avos ever accused of a violation of halacha, and yet were considered to have transgressed gravely. because it was a violation of MIDDOS and HASHKAFA. can there really be people who actually think it’s ok to follow halacha without adhering to the hashkafic values that they are supposed to set the framework for? i really think people just convince themselves its ok, but no one arrives at that conclusion rationally, its just too ludicrous.

in any case, i follow dan for the legitimate and wonderful deals he posts. of course, it is obvious that EVEN IF it were halachically permissible to take advantage of this offer, one who believed that every penny he will make or lose is completely and totally controlled by god would not bother, since the idea that “maybe this is how god intends for me to get $30” is so laughable that…….i cant even think of a good way to end this sentence.

unless you think our mission is not to show the world the incredible heights that humankind can reach? to display as an example our beyond comprehension honesty and integrity, compassion, and general moral fortitude. to show others that even though something is tempting, we dont take it unless positive it EXCEEDS every standard of ethical concept we can imagine.

if you think “leave me alone stupid frummie, i go to shul and daf yomi so i can do whatever i want as long as some rabbi says it not in shulchan aruch” then yes, i think i understand why some comments might offend you

to you, it must seem like those people are twisting this religion into something it’s not, some code of human behavior that asks of us to create a construct in our hearts that truly desires to grow BEYOND what is asked of us. i could see how that might trigger a defense mechanism

also, gezeila was mentioned. it might not be actual gezeila, so one with a passionate, passionate approach to truth might be offended by that as well.

well, good night!


FYI, I just tried this on my existing account and it did not work. I then made an account for my wife, but it would not work for that either. It needs an address and credit card not already in their system, and then it would work. I made an account for my mother (she’ll enjoy the photo book as well) and it worked from that one.


Did anyone order it on an existing account?


Thanks dan!!

I opened 3(!) accounts and ordered 3 books (using the “sharing option” i shared the book from one account to another, so didn’t need to work on each one) for $36.59 total included one shipped international!

Thanks again!


on va voir si ca marche!!!

photo junkie

It’s working now for old accounts too so it’s legal.



ca marche je les fait!!


Can someone please tell me when this amazing offer is gono expire?

Jack L

Is there any way to stack Shutterfly codes, for example, to use GUESTBOOK and SHIP30 on the same order?


@Jack L:


@photo junkie: Awesome!


Coupon expires July 15


Hey Dan!
How come it’s making me pay an extra $5 for Storytelling style? What is that?


@Lee: Never mind. Realized why – I chose a design which costs more. I ordered it anyway 🙂


FYI international shipping (to Israel is only 13.99! Worth the extra $5 instead of spending three months looking for someone to shlep it….


Is this still working on existing account?


Ive been trying to do this all weekend… the site kept crashing .. very frustrating


@Drago: Yes


Havnt read all the comments…one note that may be very helpful to some…

If you have a saved album that you already made (but never ordered or you were just waiting on a promo code) this code wont work (didnt for me)

The work around is emailing yourslef the link of the project and creating a new account and ordering it from the new account…worked for me

thanks dan


Change browser


Snapfish has by one photo book get 2 free and spend 20+ get free shipping


Snapfish has a sale by one photobook get 2 free and free shipping if u spend 20+


Dovid, what’s the coupon code for the snapfish books and when does it expire?


Thanks so much! it worked on my regular account 🙂


cant see where under my shutterfly enter code

please help


what time on sunday is this promo good till????


Just got it on my old account, and saved 50% on added pages automatically due to a 50% promo they are running. Thanks!


Is this dead?
it doesn’t work anymore by me


I am so frustrated! its not working and i spent all week making a book and the code isnt working now!