Sign Up For A Free White Sox Kids Club Slugger Membership And Get 2 Free Sox Tickets And More!


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-Limit one membership per child.
-Each household will be limited to five Slugger Memberships.
-If your household consists of more then five children eligible for the White Sox Kids Club, please call 312-674-5504 to register for additional memberships.

The only question is are there really any Sox fans in Chicago??? Everyone seems to be too busy celebrating a century of winless baseball…(ya, I know, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but at least the Indians have won a post WW2 world series!)

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There are lots and lots of Sox fans in Chicago. So I am forwarding this on to some of them….

cubbies '08

this is the year for our lovable losers, too bad the cubs dont give away free tix! (not that they have to)


Hello? What about 2005? I think you’re confusing the Sox with the Cubs.


Now that you dissed the Cubs, I am never visiting your site again. Good riddance!


Lol…just remember that last year I was all for a cubs-tribe series.

Is there another series matchup that could be more compelling than 2 teams playing each other that haven’t won it all in a combined 160 years???

Proud White Sox Fan!

I signed up for this for my two kids MONTHS ago. I had almost given up hope that it would come. I received both yesterday. The kit included a Kids Club Poster, two ticket vouchers, a stack of baseball cards, some temporary tattoos and a letter from Ozzie.

I love being a White Sox fan in Chicago. At least I have seen my team win a World Series in my lifetime!

rachel b.

omg don’t let my husband hear you say that there are no sox fans in chicago. he and his family are diehard fans – my family are cubs fans – a mixed marriage (my dad joked at the wedding)


Ok, ok, I stand corrected. There are some Sox fans in the windy city, but the real question is how many were fans before 2005?