Send Friends Free Gift Cards With Wrapp


Wrapp is a Facebook app that allows you to send gift cards to friends.

Currently you can send your friends $10 to spend at, $6 to spend at H&M stores, $5 to spend at Office Depot stores, and more.

There’s no catch or obligation though your friend will need to signup for the Wrapp app as well on Facebook.  You can send the free gifts to as many friends as you want and they can send gifts back to you.

You will need a smartphone and the Wrapp app to use the gift cards in a store. You can only use 1 Wrapp gift card on a purchase.

I sent my wife a $6 H&M gift card and she sent one back to me.  We proceeded to each purchase some adorable outfits for little Rafi and we  spent under $1 each after the gift cards!

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Can these be combined?


so you bought something beautiful from H&M for Rafi for $7? can you link to the item please?


So these can’t be used online? 🙁


why cant i figure out how to send the gift card?

wrapp obsessed

I’ve been using wrapped for a few months already. If you create fake Facebook accounts to get more free gift cards they have a system to detect if its a real account. Some of the things they check are do you have at least 25 friends, a job history, work , profile pic etc. Once they ban you they never let you back in. I have 9 accounts and two that got banned before I figured out the system. Some of the wrapped gift cards act like coupons and some like gift cards. For example h&m is a coupon it will take $6 off purchase. If you buy something for exactly 6 there won’t be tax any other amount will have tax. The h&m gift card is a generic code so they are supposed to watch you press done, or else some people were taking screen shots and reusing them. They used to have free $10 but they lowered it to $6. I’ve bought hundreds of dollars of free h&m clothes for my daughter. Office depot acts like a gift card. Therefore you can use multiple ones in one purchase (Dan you can correct the OP). I’ve used $50 of $5 wrapped gift cards at office depot to buy free after rewards then 3 months later when my rewards came I bought more free after rewards plus used $50 more of wrapp cards. I’m saving up for a tablet :). When they had MLB and Sephora they also stacked and I was able to buy multiple nice baseball caps, t-shirts and makeup.

wrapp obsessed

H&M puts a ton of baby clothes on sale for $1 $3,$6 etc. They do not have an online store yet. Some wrapped gift cards work online, some in store and some both.


why would you do this? you can use your cc in H&M for the same amount of points no?

wrapp obsessed

@ddawg why would you use a cc when you can spend no money at all? What exactly is your question?

i luv wrapp

@wrapp obsessed: u go!!! wow. Ihave used it too and it is amazing. went to h&m sale section where they have stuff for $1 $2 $3 $5 etc and got many things for my baby and nephew. They have these great organic cotton onsies.


I believe they do expire.. H&M you have use within 14 days…i sent a $10 Shutterfly to a friend & it said has to be used within 30 days …


Can this be used without a smartphone somehow?

wrapp obsessed

@happy only the online codes can be done without a smartphone


@ wrapp obsessed

What do you mean by they are supposed to watch you to press “done”?


@wrapp obsessed: Okay im so confused with this… If I wanted $100 in sephora $5 gcs how would I go about it?