Save At Small Businesses With AMEX In Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, And Sacramento

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-Register To Save At Small Businesses With AMEX In Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, And Sacramento

-Find qualifying stores here.

You can get back $5 up to 3 times for spending $5 or more at a small business during the month of August.

-Personal cards, Business cards, and Serve cards are eligible.
-Primary and secondary cards are eligible.
-The number of registrations is limited.
-To receive the $5 statement credit up to three times total (once per eligible transaction), the Card Member must use his or her registered Card to spend $5 or more in a single, in-store transaction at a qualifying small business location listed in the Shop Small August Offer Directory during Aug 2014.
-To receive the credit, the transaction must equal $5 or more (for example, if the transaction is only for $4, the Card Member will not receive a credit). Multiple transactions of less than $5 will not qualify even if the combined total of those transactions is over $5.
-Card Member may purchase multiple items that together equal $5 or more, but they must be purchased in a single transaction to receive the statement credit.
-Online transactions do not qualify.
-Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned or cancelled.

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Know of any Judaica stores included?


I tried to find stores.. put in the zip for Aventura & didn’t see anything I would use anyone success with stores we would use?


Seems we can register already. Makes sense?


Of course, that’s why I posted it.


I registered. Plan to visit Houston next month, on a pleasure trip that originated with the cheap JetBlue tickets posted here a few weeks ago!


Message I got from registering a Serve card…..

Unfortunately, This Card Is Not Eligible For This Offer


will AMEX get upset if i use 5 AMEX cards each 3 times in one place at the same time?


Amex isn’t human. It doesn’t have feelings;)


I wish there would be a store we can get gift cards or maybe even a store gift card…
No one was able to come up with something????

Sba owner

For some reason my business isn’t on the list. Do you know if it’s supposed to be automatic or was I maybe supposed to contact Amex to sign up?

David R

@Sba owner: Click on the Merchant FAQs tab here:


Any eligible Tzedakas? It could add up pretty quickly…


I put in a Lakewood zip code and a stores in Lakewood come up. does that make sense? its not part of the cities mentioned


If I buy a $15 item and I swipe the same card 3 times for $5 ea will I get $15 credit or just $5?

Azis Papa

@Lkwder:What can you get at Judaica stores for $5?

David R

@Azis Papa: Not much, but what if it’s $5 multiplied by 10 cards or more?


You can donate to Yeshiva of Minneapolis


@Dovid: amazing yeshiva! My little brother goes there

Torah Treasures Lakewood

You can use your credit at Torah Treasures Miami
305-673-6095. Your credit can be used in Miami if you vacation there for full credit. You can exchange the gift certificate for 75% of its value at Torah Treasures Lakewood.
Fax in your credit card information to Torah Treasures Miami 305-673-3891


Register your credits and you will have $11.25 from each card to spend at Torah Treasures in Lakewood. Each card can be used three times. Hurry and register!! With the Lakewood crowd in on the deal, registration will close shortly.


Dan please repost the info on Torah Treasures, a famous Judaica store in Lakewood, so the crowd can find a way to utilize this promotion and hurry to register.


@Dan The promo says in-store purchases….will credit number over the phone/fax work?


I called the Miami store and gave the credit card info.
I received an email from amex stating, thank you for using your enrolled card.


@lakewooder They will mail you the gift cards?


You will have to pick up your gift certificate at Torah Treasures Lakewood. Only worth 75% of the amount


What about in Philly? Any Judaica stores there? I’ll be there the end of next week.


@Dan – Question: Is it limited to 3x per city or is it an overall total of 3x ??


@Lkwder: rosenberg judaica and wine in philly 144 Montgomery Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004
(610) 667-3880


Does Amex cards issued by other banks like Citi work?


Any other kosher (jewish) stores?in PA area?


@Torah Treasures Lakewood: as per the store, the fax # is 305-673-3801. (maybe both are correct?)


Has anybody else found Any other stores or restaurants in Miami willing to do these transactions?