Run A School Or Non-Profit? Get A Free Keurig Brewer With K-Cups To Use As An Auction Or Raffle Prize!


Update: DEAD!

Keurig Brewer Donation Request Form

Keurig Product Donation Rules

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It works, I got one for my office, came with 4 free boxes of coffee too!!

be honest


That’s stealing!! It is only being offered as a fundraiser for an organization!! Not for private use!!

I also ordered one for a raffle.

Does anybody know of any other giveaways for non-profits? It would be great if I had more to raffle off!!


It makes me sick to my stomach that someone would lie to get one for his office.


I’ll join the pile-on. If you stole it, please return it.


Maybe his office is a non-for-profit???


@sam: I also had that thought, but it is to be used for a raffle or auction, not for the non-profit itself.


His office is clearly a non profit… you need to submit your Feder Tax ID # to even apply


The rule clearly states: The donated product can only be used to support the primary mission of the organization.

be honest

So back to my original question…

Doe anybody know of any other giveaways I can get a hold of for my raffle? It will look better if I have more than one thing on the ticket!!

Also, anybody know which model they are giving away?


The donations they give away allow them to save $ in taxes. They are happy to help and at the same time save, and those who feel they run a non-profit organization (bais chabad) can choose to benefit from their generosity. Remember, they post it publicly and there are no Q’s to prove legitimacy.


to 2,3,4
amazing the way everyone jumps on someone with out being dan lekav zechus

to 8
what bigger support to the organization by keeping the workers up and alert by drinking coffee


you forgot the main reason of their generosity

they get you to buy and keep buying their coffee


@#11: Please explain how to be dan lekav zchus in this situation. Someone is saying that he got it for his office. Even if it is a non-profit, it is only being given to raffle or auction for the purpose of the non-profit. Please explain your theory so we can all be dan lekav zchus.

be honest


It does not matter what is bigger support.

They clearly state in their rules that the machine must be given away a raffle.

Otherwise, it is stealing!!


There is a thread in the forum tht handled this issue IS IT ETHICAL


thanks so much! im currently collecting prizes for a school auction and this is a perfect addition! Anyone know any other companies that give back?


I think a chabad house/ nfp org. would be allowed to use it for their office use.

Seems legit to me


RJ how did you pull it off? I want one for my office as well. for all the judgy people out there hating on RJ, how do you know he doesnt plan on eventually auctioning it off on ebay as used and donating the money to a npo????


Does anyone know if this works in Canada?


They didn’t write its coming with the macine are they still sending it


@Laur: maybe they are a non profit that studies the effects of caffine on people?


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Good thing that has nothing to do with this post.



From above link” “The organization must be US based. We will have a Canadian product donation application process in place at a later date.”


@ 10,11,12,17,18

The rules clearly state that you can get it for a raffle/auction. Not to keep your office staff awake, or to sell on ebay. Its their money- you have to abide by their rules.


I have set up a 501c3 non-profit organization to study the effects that a morning cup of coffee has on my productivity at my for-profit job.

Would I qualify?


As a matter of fact we are a non profit, breathe easy people….


i work for a nonprofit and got approved for one for our office, i cearly wrote that its going to enhance our mission as a non profit if we are well “coffeed” in the morning, no lying. no exaggerating ect. they review claims and approved it. thanks dan.


I applied 2 days ago and I still didn’t get a email from them is that normal


Do you get any email right away ?


I signed up on Thursday and got a confirmation e-mail today. Thanks for posting the link!


@RJ: you received your already? how long ago did you order it?


I sent the link to my friend who is the director of the local YMCA. She did the application and was approved. She will be able to raffle it off at their annual wine and cheese fundraiser. She was so happy and I was glad I ran across the link. It’s a good cause. And they are also a great company.


Is the coffee that they send out kosher?


@yosef: the coffee has an ou


they are not giving the Keurig Brewer anymore


I only got offered a gift basket of coffee. Not going to go far for a raffle prize…


@RJ: Hi RJ did u actually receive a Coffee Machine, or only coffee?


Hi, how do you get this?

nancy anderson

Looking for a keurig donation for our PAC spring raffle. Would it be possible to get one.