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Redbox Locator Linky

Use the following code on as shown below to reserve a free 1 night movie rental at any Redbox location (Exp: 06/16 at 11:59pm CDT): 56PPNM33











That code will take $1.20 off any movie, making standard movies free, Blu-Rays 30 cents, and video games 80 cents.

You can use this code multiple times in separate transactions even with the same credit card.  The rental will be due 9pm local time the day after you reserve.

A great thing about Redbox is that you can pick one up before a flight and return it anywhere nationwide.

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Lakewood grease ball

Goyish zachin??? I am very upset at you. Take this post down right away


Dan i read the disclaimer but as a frum person operating this site why be the vehicle for which people(yehudim also) do these things? I never understood that? We have certain levels and morals and this kind of post breaks it.


relax man!


I thought only lakewood people use dansdeals


Dan, thanks! I grabbed two.

There’s no way to reserve for a future date (and pay now, with the code), is there?


Anonymous you’re right!! Dan how dare you allow us to rent a free harmless cartoon movie for our children!! I hope your a shamed of yourself!!

Anonymous why don’t you ask your rabbi before you talk. I’ve spoken to many rosh yeshivas and dayain and the majority if them have no problem with movies for the kids as long as they are clean. And the movie choices are not dans but you as a parent. So please leave dan alone




Dan was very sensitive to this point and picked the movie Argo, which was very clean when I saw it in the theater!


@Anonymous: @Anonymous: is dan also the vehicle for your wasting time and using the internet? Think of what the asifa would say!


I believe that the greatest tayna against @Anonymous’ comment is that since he/she should have known that it is a gezeira she’eyn rov tzibur yecholim laamod bo ( 🙂 ), it is better to be quiet


Some people would just love it if there was a frum version of Iran as depicted in Argo. Sad.


Don’t they have tznius police in some NY communities?


Stop posting your opinion on every blog.
Every time I see your name, you say something negative

Daniel Gordon

Lol what’s with the comments?
@Ari – Exactly. Somehow a movie is much worse than any of the other questionable ‘price mistakes’ and abuses advocated on Dansdeals.

To be honest though I think anonymous is trolling, and we’re taking him/her too seriously. Would it be assur to watch Schindler’s List? I don’t think so. Putting an ‘assur blanket’ on movies is just plain stupid. I understand avoiding them for hashkafic reasons, but to tell someone else they are doing something wrong is just out of line. Anyone who doesn’t normally watch movies isn’t going to go out and rent a movie today because Dan linked it. People who don’t watch movies don’t have TVs in their house to begin with anyway.

Grow up people.

No More Dan fan

Priztus link! please dont post this stuff unreal tell me which rov allows u to post this all comments above which rov will pulically give a heter to watch a clean movie ?

Lakewood grease ball

NO!! i will not relax! this is not an appropriate post for a frum site

Lakewood grease ball

@Tcheppeenyak: you went to a theater????


@Lol: Just a thought on kids’ movies. Pay attention to the moral attitudes underlying the cartoon or whatever your kids or you are watching. You don’t really want to absorb some of the social norms of today.


Dan you’re still watching Argo? How many times??? 🙂 lol 😉


הכסף יענה את הכל
ה אחד
את האקלים ירא ואת מצוותיו שמר


@Lakewood grease ball
But not in Brick, I went really far out from Lakewood
Gotta keep the kids in school…


couldn’t agree with you more
the bad middos are blatantly shoved down the kid’s throats

My kids only watch nature videos (Safari mostly) I download from youtube
Unbeknownst to me, they got an ‘education’. Boy am I in trouble now


Why exactly can’t my kids watch a movie like Apollo 13?


Just curious as to what prompted this odd business decision. Dansdeals was doing fine without it and why risk alienating even one fan.Generating bad press just brings resentment in the long run.


I’m pretty sure they rent uncle Moishy dvd’s.@Lakewood grease ball: @Lakewood grease ball:

Osborne Greene

Yet another douche magnet thread.


@Lakewood grease ball: go back to yeshiva and get off dans deals

Banana is no more a “frum site” than Children’s Place being a frum store.
Children’s place utilizes the Christmas holiday (gasp!) yet is partially owned by frum Jews (HaShem yishmor!) and (oy vey!) they sell swim suits, too!! It just happens to be that oodles of yidden flock to this site in hopes of cheeeeeeaaaap tickets to Israel 😄 that doesn’t make it a frum site. Neither does the fact that the founder is religious. You can’t mix the issues. I thought you men were better at compartmentalizing, what with learning Gemara and all. Besides, it’s not like there aren’t standards: have you ever seen a deal here for discounted/free exotica/erotica items? 😜
Kol tuv, Dan.

Isaac s

Dan thanks for the deal. Everyone can go rent something and make a family night out of sitting around the computer! Everyone else leave Dan alone and if u have a problem than ask your rov why your online in the first place!


Don’t Americans know that the hero of Argo is based on a lie? Even Jimmy Carter came out and admitted that the Canadian Ambassador in conjunction with the Canadian government that saved the Americans that were not at the US Embassy at the timem The CIA gave its blessing to the operation but that’s it! Investigate and you’ll find out the truth! Sorry I’m a little off topic!

Lakewood grease ball

@Tcheppeenyak: oh your one of those guys that writes a fake eshore

Lakewood grease ball

I’m renaming this site “shmutz deals”

Osborne Greene

That’s okay Steven. We feel bad for our little Canadian neighbors who are compelled to constantly remind us ignorant Americans how terrific and important Canada and Canadians really are. Maybe next year you’ll have a team that can win back your Cup. What’s it been, 21 years now?
Now run along and enjoy your 2 weeks of warm summer weather.


Why are you online and telling others about being religious. Don’t your Rabbis tell you the internet is bad? Jews aren’t the only ones following dansdeals.. I’m a blonde Cali chick and I follow it too.

Big Boy

I think that you might be pushing the limit!
Your full of crap, I know exactly who you are and if you know what’s good for you I would recommend that you watch what you write before your parents find out about what is going on.

Daniel Gordon

Lol @Everyone

Good god

Just like you can do good things with the internet like signing this petition to force Obama to help free the u.s. Citizen kidnapped in Israel by using this link so to you can find good movies like schindlers lost to help educate people about the holocaust. Though I wouldn’t rate it pg.

Max Fish

@Lakewood grease ball:
Why do i feel that you are capitalizing on being anonymous, which allows you to say the most pathetic arguments that you would never make in person?
I am a family therapist and i consistently see many clients whos entire self esteem comes from making big announcements, and earning lots of negative attention, all under the anonymity of the internet and blogging.
If instead of screaming things that earn you negative attention, you would put in some thought in the comments you make, i am sure you can be a great asset to this site, and to people in general in ‘REAL LIFE’



BIG CHILUL HASHEM Mr Dansdeals! (see post of shutsfick) its better to avoid some posts not to get into sticky situations.
Please be aware, if this website is your way of doing chessed, so this post would really not fit into the categoty of chessed,just the opposite. Lets keep the status of this website “neutral”! Thanks Mr Dansdeals for all your good posts, links, and wonderful thoughts!

live and let live

Im sorry, but isnt the judjment and animosity just as much a sin as watching a movie or using the internet let alone spending time passing judgement ON the internet? If you are on here you have walked the line of morality with many these deals. I am sure you have used them. You are in no position to pass judgement. Maybe we need to “live and let live” and spend our time and energy on improving ourselves. Mother’s often say, if you have nothing nice to say don’t say anything at all.

Thank you Dan for


@yehudim: to know how to accumulate miles so i can take my wife to israel to see kotel and her family is a waste of time?


@Zeeverer: BH plenty of people dont watch movies


@Leinad: Excuse me but this site is open for discussion and when things need to be said they need to be said; please don’t squash open discussion. Some posts call out for discussion which can be deemed negative maybe by you but not by everybody

Max Fish

@EZ: NEVER claimed to be a chessed organization!!!
They NEVER asked for your tzedaka money that you would have NEVER given to them!!
Apparently you have to learn what chessed is, The US government gives many things free and reduced to Low-Income families, does that make them a chesed organization??
Dan keep up the great work!!
To all those that have issues with the deals Dan puts up, why dont you use the common sense given to you by g-d to differentiate between what is good or not.


Very happy that Dan posted this deal – I didn’t get to the deal in time, but would have used it in a second if I had seen it yesterday.

To Anonymous: Honestly, if you had any true conviction, you’d put a name to your opinion. This site is not only accessed by the ultra-Orthodox – as a Modern Orthodox person, I have plenty of use for this deal, as do thousands of others. I’m also sure plenty of non-Jewish people access this site, and could take advantage of this deal.


I would love to see the internet history of all the trolls who commented negatively. Bunch of holier than thou nonsense.


@Elan: Watching movies is either right or wrong; whether you are modern orthodox, lubavitch, yeshivash I believe we all want to do ratzon hashem. Do you really these movies stand for what we believe in? are these the type of activities that you want your children to spend time with? My point is Dan stands for certain principles and I believe also wants to do ratzon hashem and he helps a lot of us out tremendously which I have tremendous hakarat hatov to him and thank him profusely; at the same time that does not stop us from disagreeing with certain posts. While not everybody is on the same level; things that are questionable(which movies are at the very least)should be left for personal discretion but not as a post which pretty much sanctions such activities. Dan would never post things that is extremely non-tnizus so everybody draws the line somewhere and ask yourself is movies something your would be proud after 120? If not the line should be drawn



How do you know? please don’t assume. There is no reason why one cannot use the internet in a responsible manner


Mr Dansdeals! It would be nice if you take position!!!!!


Read the disclaimer on this post for my opinion.


Dan does not “sanction” anything, is not a halachic authority. He is a guy posting deals. If you don’t like the deal don’t click on it, what is wrong with you people?


You guys are all funny


I am looking at these comments and can’t help wondering what is wrong with everyone?? Read the disclaimer, it is very simply and perfectly worded. Dan is not your rabbi, he is not here to influence you in “Ratzon Hashem”. He is here to post deals. This is not the Yeshivah or Beis Medrash.

If these people are truly all from Lakewood then the stereotype is on the money. This site is for thousands of other readers not on your “Avodas Hashem” level. A true Ehrliche yid worries about his own Ruchniyos and another’s Gashmiyos, all you guys are doing is the opposite, you are not the Gehinnom police..

Personally, I didn’t take the deal because it didn’t interest me and I moved on. Today I see there are over 50 comments and out of curiosity I clicked in.

Seriously, what is wrong with you all?


@wthiwwp: Not true. He does not post everything under the son. Posts are always within some kind of guidlines(for example never will you deals for explicity pritizus mgazines etcc). He draws the line somewhere as well and is a great fellow whom I have met; however in this respect I believe he has crossed the line


This thread is more entertaining than a Redbox movie.


If you are so nervous about watching a movie, just get off the internet and stop posting your stupid comments. We can all make decisions for ourselves, thank you very much!

The Simple Truth


“A true Ehrliche yid worries about his own Ruchniyos and another’s Gashmiyos”

so true. im waiting to meet that guy.


Nu!!! Its been an hour and nobody posted !!
This is straight up entertainment for me , and I was enjoying every post yet.


Wow, I totally agree with every single post here


so, as a non-jew reader, i’m totally confused by this thread? what exactly is wrong with posting a discount to redbox?


this stuff is hilarious


why do u all have a problem??


Thx man! Just did it


I am in no way a Rav or Rebbetzin, however I do think that if there is even a slight possibility that someone may be machshil as a result of a deal being posted, it should be avoided. After all we as yidden are responsible for our actions(both good and bad) including those that have far reaching effects. It is up to the individual who decides to post the deal to weigh the pros of allowing others to benefit from the deal against the harm of what he may (unintentionally ) be causing others. And it is up to each individual to decide how and if to use any deal. However, it may help to keep in mind that BOTH; the one who posted the deal and the one who used it will have to answer after 120. And I don’t think miles, no matter how many, will be able to get any of us a first class ticket to gan eden.


@que?: As it has been described to me, if you ask two Jews a question you will get three answers.


Sorry but saving one dollar isn’t going to cause even a slight possibility of being “machshil”.
If your religiousness is only worth $1 then it’s not worth much at all, is it?

Those who watch movies will have an extra buck in their pocket and maybe they spent some time together as a family.

Those that don’t watch movies should have read the disclaimer I wrote on top of this post.


@Phantomtech: where did you get that line from that a real yid worries about his own ruchnayos and other peoples gashmiyos? you have a source or is that your own reasoning? If you are correct then whats the purpose of all these kiruv organizations(aish hatorah, Arachim etcc)they certainly are focusing on ones ruchnayos. So dont dillude yourself that we should only be worried about ourselves we are arevim ze le ze. That’s pretty clear. Just because someone keeps mitzvot does not prevent him/her from growing in other areas.

This is simple if you are a frum Jew and posting deals on your website why post something that may be out of the halachic or hashkafs box. Would any posek(even if there are heters) recommend any us to watch these movies? Even if people are going to watch them anyway why be part of a potential issur? ask you rav about mesayea ovrei averah which means even if they would have done it anyway don’t help them.


It has a source from a well-known chassidic rabbi. I should have written the full quote:

“First take care of your own Ruchniyus and the other persons Gashmius and then you will be able to take care of his Ruchniyus as well”.

But to try to improve someone’s Ruchniyus right off the bat will hardly ever work. As far as I know the Kiruv organizations (the successful one’s at least) will never just give Mussar in the beginning expecting people to change just because they want them to, they offer friendship and warmth, Shabbatons etc. and that will make a person much more receptive to Ruchniyus further on because he will eventually want to be part of the warm community that is extending their hand to him.

But all you Rabbi’s of the internet throwing around big words, you really think someone will become warmer to Yiddishkeit from you? Or stop watching movies just because you say it’s “ossur”?? How about first to offer some kind, non-judgmental words and maybe that will have more effect than all the Mussar in the world.

Most people on this site are not interested which Rabbi’s allow what, this is a deal site where people come to get deals. Stop forcing your Yeshivishe Mussar down everyone’s throats at every opportunity you get and maybe just maybe people will slowly start having a better outlook on frum Jews.


@Phantomtech: If that quote is in writing somewhere I would like to please see it. Thanks

My points were addressed mostly to Dan. He does not need introductory shabbatons, warmth etc. My point being that we do care about other Yiddin’s ruchnayos whether its introducing them to judaism or strengthening other yiddin who are already shomer shabbat. Everybody can use some chizuk.

In the past(years already) many commentators have hinted about inappropriate posts in a non-judgmental way; but these posts continue. Should that stop us from disagreeing with him?
Should we stop caring about another Yid?

As I said before I have tremendous hakarat hatov for Dan and owe him a lot, BUT THAT IS THE VERY REASON WHY I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT THIS. Not for my ego, not for me but for another yid.

This is not any deal site. It is a deal cite run by a frum Yid that we care about. As stated before not everything goes here.
So relax and let us disagree in an open forum. Whats your objection to having an open forum about this. If this is a sensitive subject for you may I suggest that you keep your comments to yourself


@Dan You’ll have to explain that to g-d not to me. In any case, I did mine, the rest I leave up to you. Being in a public position puts an extra responsibility on you. I think 99% of the time you do a fine job, but the 1% is between you, yourself and g-d. Think about it….

Daniel Gordon

Someone please for the sake of shamayim, quote ONE, JUST ONE RAV who says that watching movies is “Assur” (and please don’t quote your local chasidish Rabbi). I don’t think any one can say that. Now, the Rav can say you shouldn’t watch movies, it’s bad for you, blah blah blah. But “assur”? I have NEVER heard such a thing in my life. Was the a gzeirah made when movies came out that I am unaware of? Did Rav Moshe Feinstein paskin that movies were ‘assur’?

You people throw around the word ‘assur’ likes it’s candy at an auf ruf.


@Daniel Gordon:

are you joking? you gotta be kidding me


Its wonderful to see how conscious we all are in making sure we do not accidently cause other people to falter in their spiritual observance. I think this is a great time to talk about the other things we are no doubt also so careful about. For example, we are all very careful never to start a good shmooze in the Beis Medresh, because we wouldn’t want to interfere with anyone else’s learning, and cause bittle torah! We are also careful to dress tzniusly, so that the skirts which might be just a tad short, or the shirts which may be borderline (or very) tight do not cause people to look where they shouldn’t. We would never discuss other people in public, even when technically permitted, so that it shouldn’t lead others to speak loshon hara! And oh yeah, we never ask those two guys learning upsairs to stop learning to join our minyan, just because WE want to daven, NOW. This is not a comment on this post at all, because i think its quite obvious that it isn’t necessary, for many reasons. Thanks Dan for your site, it gives us a true place to grow our Yiras Shamayim:) p.s. totally unrelated, if someone were to do something that another person felt inappropriate, the correct thing to do IS to discuss it with that person, and the correct way to do so is IN PRIVATE or not at all. Thanks everyone for your comments!


Why is this post any different then Dan posting a free burger at Burger King?


@ Daniel Gordon
Y the hate ? Y the racist ? LOCAL CHASIDISH RABBI.
2 everyone Dan never told u should do something
Computer deals phone cameras any gadget is as usser
As this one take what u want & say thank u
Thanks Dan
Ps didn’t take this deal


i like this chain, i think it should be stickied to the top so we can keep it going forever! its getting so hard to find! and @Thanks!, good point, though that may be a little heavy duty for this post


@btw. Seriously? a burger from burger king is clearly ussor from the Torah. A movie is only ossored by internet Joe shmos.

The Simple Truth

@Anonymous: @Anonymous:

This is a concept synonymous with what it means to be Jew and taught throughout the generations of actual earnest Jews, and it is not just a way to “get in” with people so you can missionize them. It is simply the right and real way to care.

If only all the holier than thou internet-kanoim admonishmers could refocus all that firey zealousness inward.

But alas, I know it is hard to do that. and less fun.


@Thanks!: ok…point taken


@The Simple Truth:

which concept? who says caring abut another yid’s ruchnayos is any less important.

As stated before kiruv organizations put most of their efforts on the ruchnaoys side so if you have something in writing to the contrary please provide the the source. If not you quoting a “concept’ is not persuasive.

Second, this is not about fun. This is about caring about other yiddin and providing clarity and not fooling ourselves about movies. We know that the themes, violence, tznuit is completely against Torah hashkafa. As any posek! This is clear to anyone. I would not take time out of my day for this for fun. Please don’t make assumptions.


@wthiwwp: :internet Joe shmos? Did you ever ask a posek? Listen, stop fooling yourself about movies. If you want to do the right thing please inquire further from a competent halachic authority; if not please don’t waste everybody’s time. There is no issur in growing with our level of observance. Instead of getting defensive seek guidance!


@Anonymous: +1

The Simple Truth


So the kiruv organizations focus on ruchniyos so this means that you should change others and the world before yourself, unless I have a source otherwise.

Again, if only all the holier than thou internet-kanoim admonishmers could redirect all that outgoing firey zealous energy, speech, comments, time etc etc. inward. Can you imagine what might happen?

Try it anon and get back to us on the comment board. I will go out on a limb and say THAT has a better chance of having an actual effect on Dan and his gross redbox lifnei ivair negligence and everyone in your and our world for that matter than does your taking time out of your day to comment and admonish, which you do very well.

Shabbat Shalom


@The Simple Truth: Some things you do not ignore but you get up and speak up for the sake of hashem for the sake of klal Israel. There is a place for rebuke in our religion. Not always do we just say turn “inward”. To me that sounds like you do not agree with what I am saying so you have to justify your feelings by saying I am doing something wrong.

Any yes are not the actions of kiruv organizations across the globe a better barometer of what we should focus on that your one anonymous source?

Whats you point in arguing about all this. Are you justifying this post, movies etccc? We don’t always stand by when there is a pirtzah

The Simple Truth


Well then consider yourself counted as one who “got up and spoke up for the sake of hashem for the sake of klal Israel”

My point in arguing is admittedly that I enjoy the debate with almost anyone who will talk to me and find extreme distaste in the BS oozing from the internet kanoim “lshaim shmayim”

There is a place for rebuke, I propose self-rebuke should be your rebuke of choice and the primary one you engage in, especially if you choose Dansdeals public open comment section as your forum and vehicle for this noble cause.

Most of the kanoim and macha-a makers of today at best have 0 effect on that which they protest and at worst alienate and push away people and worsen the very problems they protest oh so holily.

Dan is an individual. He made a disclaimer on the very issue you are “standing up for the sake of hashem and klal yisroel for”. He stated his position clearly and asked if you disagree you choose to move on. So now a public comment on a public forum on whether Dan needs to do introspection as an individual whether he should make a redbox deal posting is your way of “standing up for the sake of hashem and klal yisroel”

Being on the blog often, probably too often, I see two of the many groups of commenters forming. Those who assume by default that Dan is their personal travel agent, concierge, or should come deliver a seminar to their house at exactly 6pm this Wednesday and then the less benign protester “lshaym shamayim” folks.

I am guessing the two groups overlap somewhat. It is all about me me me, until it involves rebuke, then its all about caring about the other guy and the “klal”.


my oh my! What an interesting (and long) read this has been! While e/o is entitled to their own opinion, I hope most people walk away agreeing with anonymous. I think he is coming from a right angle and not attacking Dan but rather those that try to make that which is perhaps ok for some, ok for all. (That is the simple truth IMHO.)