Reserve A Movie For Pickup At A Redbox Kiosk For Free


Redbox Locator Linky

Use the following code on to reserve a free 1 night movie rental at any Redbox location (Exp: 07/10 at 11:59pm CDT): LN885GHP

You can use this code multiple times in separate transactions even with the same credit card.











That code will take $1.20 off any movie, making standard movies free and Blu-Rays 30 cents.

A great thing about Redbox is that you can pick one up before a flight and return it anywhere nationwide.

Other codes that are valid at the kiosk only (you can’t use them to reserve a movie), don’t expire, and are valid once per credit card include:

Additional user cards that have a unique credit card number and gift cards will also work for those codes…which means you should never be paying for a rental.

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this is not jewish why post it


Dan, what expires at 11:59 tonight…? The code or the time you actually have to pick up the movie? If the code, then by when do you have to pick up the movie? Thanks!

Vaad Ltohar Hamachane

Dear site administrator,

You probably didn’t realize your site is read by many frum jews who find deals on movies offensive to say the least. We kindly request you remove this post lest we have to take further steps to shelter the frum community from such shmutz.

Thanks for your understanding!

Rabbi G




What a bunch of idiots, this site is for deals for all people not just frum Jews and if you are to frum to watch a movie you shouldn’t be on the internet.

ben torah,disgusted by some askonim

To rabbi g your concern is well understood but why come across intense and threatening.


Dear rabbi

Please mind your own business. No one is forced to watch it.
If all rabbis wouldnt Mix into everyone life, the world would be much happier

Please dont make threats against this website


A frum movie watcher


@Vaad:You find deals on movies offensive? Does that mean you would rather pay full price?


@Vaad Ltohar Hamachane:

Thank you Rabbi G


@Vaad Ltohar Hamachane: I just googled you “vaad letohar hamachane” and it turns out you are quit the scam artist. How about you learn to be frum yourself, before telling others what to do.


Hmm it doesn’t say anywhere that this is a Jewish site, and you dont have to click on all the deals that get posted, so please mind your own business.

Pi Ho'ossoin

Dear Dan, Thanks for posting this Redbox code.
To comment #1: dansdeals has many other deals which arent “jewish”.
To comment #3: Please provide your smicha certificate and ID with your real name so we all know you are for real…


To the “Rabbi”,
I love movies, all kinds. And although the website administrator can do whatever he wants, it seems that he goes out of his way to not offend anybody. To the extent – that the movie that is pictured above is more on the educational side and a piece of history. There is no picture of “shmutz”. And I’m sure that if you do go to a Redbox, you can find movies that are not offensive to your views etc. Just make sure you look both ways before you purchase a movie from a ShmutzBox – lest you be seen by one of your peers (OH NO). And when you say, “WE KINDLY REQUEST” – please speak for yourself and not for others as this “RABBI” thing is getting to your head. If someone is really that holy, he would just pass over it without any issue.


Are these comments (the jewish ones) for real? If you don’t like the site, STAY OFF OF IT!!! DB, AH, BH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good deal, but not good timing during 9 days


I agree this is total bitul zman, so for your sake of kedusah especially during the 9 days, STAY AWAY!


really, people that don’t watch movies are going to start watching just because they’re going to save a buck?


are these comments for real….. hahahaha


Wow! The low level that people can stoop to…If you dont like this deal then dont use it! And if someone does watch movies why is that anybodys business??!! Why must we stoop to a bunch of yentas like this? Cant me act like men? im disgusted!…


C’mon this ‘rabbi G’ just wanted to see ur reaction! He’s not a rabbi, Just s/o with some extra time.


Trolololo 🙄


Dan is prob laughing at all u guys bec he knew when he posted this deal there wld be ppl with no life ripping him for it.


There’s a troll if I’ve ever seen one…

Why take the bait — you just continue to make his day

Thanks for the free date night in with the wife Dan!!

Pas Nisht

Pas Nisht R’ Daniel 🙂

Deborah Craigo

Thanks so much! Reserved and picked up my free movie 🙂 To the others, code expires tonight, but you can reserve your movie today before the code expires and pick your movie up by tomorrow night at 9pm.


A business is supposed to/wants to give serves to its clientele

So Dan has to determine who is his clientele
and what they expect.

p.s. i think most ppl will keep on coming back even if he post this type of things it still leaves the argument open

mr g

please block this fake rabbi from your website or comments.

none of my rabbis are surfing the internet……………

Pritzus Fighter

@ mr g
Then why are you?

Past Nishters R Holy

All the Past Nisht Holier Than Thous should actually watch Argo. Watch the Revolutionary Guard falafel breath scum get angry at the immodestly clad woman pictured in the Argo storyboard. He’s your hero of similar mind. Says something like “past nisht for eeeeran” but I don’t speak Farsi or backward brain dialects, but you appear to, so you may enjoy even more… Just don’t forget to thank Dan.


Gotta admit Argo is a great movie.

But ill go with defiance for the nine days. Its so appropriate.

Thanks for the great deal!


Can this be used for wedding videos?

mr g

@Pritzus Fighter: I am not a rabbi, very simple.


@dan: can you post #1’s ip address and zip code?
Was it you?!?


Why would I post such information?
The comment came from NY and that’s the most I would possible say.


It seems like comment #3 was posted by an impersonator and therefore I have deleted the name that was posted.

Folks, this site is meant to help everyone who comes to it. If a post doesn’t apply to you then just move on and ignore it.


@Dan: ++ keep on doing what your good at!!!

just a thought

I don’t get all the anger.

There is nothing wrong with expressing offense. The comments are for everyone, as long as they don’t violate the rules. Granted it should be written in a nice way but why cant people express their dislike with the deal?

The fact is that although non Jews certainly visit this site, very many orthodox Jews do as well. Many will tell you that much of the movies available on Redbox violate many halachot, even biblical do’s and don’ts. So some might get upset for posting a deal which may cause some to stumble spiritually. Again, you could just ignore it, but some might not ignore it and might sin and all of Israel is responsible for one another.

Just some valid opinions. If you have a valid argument against it feel free to express it in a normal way. Just like the you-are-not-allowed-to arguments should be respectful, so should the mind-your-own-business arguments.

Albert Z.

P.S. I love this site!

Joe s

Redbox says,
“You’re billed as soon as your online reservation is complete. That means that if you don’t pick up your rentals on the day you reserve them, you’ll still be charged for that first night. For instance, if you reserve your movie online today, pick it up tomorrow and return it the day after that, you’ll be charged for two nights. (Remember: your movies will be held for you until 9pm the day after you reserve them, so be sure to pick them up before then.)


@Dan: Do people really do that, impersonate others?


I signed up for redbox text Alerts on the website, they text me every so often coupon codes for free or BOGO movies


@Dan its upsetting to see your site bogged down with such annoying comments – this was supposed to be a site that had relevant comments – not like vinnews and yeshiva world.
Thanks for the deal!


FYI..i got the same code texted to me earlier..the code is rent 1 and get a 2nd free for 1 night. you must pay for a rental first


This is a wonderful website for frum people to be on once they are already on the internet. However, I do not understand why it is so important to go out of your way and help be machshil people when you have nothing to gain,other then misayeya lidvar aveira. Looking foward to only positive websites. thank you for your understanding.


Dan I don’t mind you posting deals for movies as long as the movies are PG13 since so aren’t so prust and its good chill but exception is Argo because it was sooo good and actually gave me hisararus Also anything in the Spiderman series but only the original series with Tobey Maguire not the reboot


Thanks, this is great. Wish you would post these more frequently.


When you use it online you do not need to pay for one first.


@k: comments look like ywn and we don’t want that


OH COol!


Unimpressed Dan. Think again before posting. I try hard to control myself from watching too many movies but posting the deal on a 99% frum site legitimizes as something we should do without thinking twice. I’m no Rabbi, but I’m still not happy about the post.


It’s kinda sad that everyone took the bait on this one. What is this, YWN?? 🙂


Sorry almost forgot! Thanks Dan, got something on reserve. Will grab it on the way home from maariv 🙂


I reserved a movie but plan on picking it up tomorrow . Will I be charged one day ?


Thanks Dan, just picked up 10 free movies. Any good programs to rip them to my hard drive?
You sure have an interesting crowd of people commenting here.


Everyone chill out GO G GO or whoever u r everyone has freedom of speech happy u said what u wanted to say now just everyone stop it ENOUGH who cares…


I am a big rabbi myself. I don’t watch movies. But what does that have to do with anything?
This is dans deals! Any true ddfer knows we do this stuff to get deals! We don’t need most of the stuff. It’s about getting a deal. If you don’t understand then you aren’t a rel ddfer.

Captain D

back on topic: new renters have a limit of 3 dvds, otherwise its 5 per account/ cc #

Captain D

ps its 7/11 day free small slurpees its usually 7.11 oz extra small not sure if small means small or the usual 7.11 oz


@Anonymous: Hey! Be fair! Just like G can have his freedom of speech so can we! 😛


@me I think the conversation is over


Dan would u post treif restaurant deals??………


@dan; try the code “breakroom” on your next rental. never expires. only can be used 1 per credit card. 🙂 With the amount of credit cards you have, you will never pay for a movie again LOL!


From what I understand that code is dead as of this month.


@dan, FYI: all these codes work-
FREE Redbox Codes:

Redbox Codes: (updated June 2013)

Free Redbox Code: RENTONME (ongoing)

Redbox code: DVDNIGHT (new one to try)

Free Rental Code: DVDONME (ongoing)

Free Redbox Code: BREAKROOM (ongoing)

Redbox promo code: REDBOX (new customers only)

Free Redbox Code: WALGREENS (ongoing) – only at Walgreen’s locations

Other Redbox Codes: (older codes but some people still have luck with some)

Redbox Codes: DWTFREE4

Free Rental Code: DVDONUS (ongoing)

Free Rental Code: MOVIETIME (ongoing)

Free Rental Code: REDBOXHEB (expiration unknown) – only at HEB

Free Rental Code: DVDATWEG (expiration unknown) – only at Wegman’s

Free Rental Code: DVDKROG (expiration unknown) – only at Kroger locations

Free Rental Code: DVDATKROGER (expiration unknown) – only at Kroger locations

Free Redbox Code: DRIVEIN (expiration unknown) – only at Sonic locations

Free Rental Code: DVDATSONI (expiration unknown) – only at Sonic locations

Rental Coupon Code: DVDATWAG (expiration unknown) – only at Walgreen’s locations

Free Rental Codes: JINGLE

boys girls and all you rabbis, enjoy the free movies!


Say what u want I enjoyed the free movies thanx Dan I’m on both sides I do what I want but don’t care if ppl write against I just keep quite abt it thts all I was saying dont make this whole big deal out of nothing


@Dan: Dan, I didn’t know that. I have been using this code for the past few years…