Refreshingly Cold! Free Remixed Diet 7-UP Taste Challenge Kit!


Free Diet 7-UP Taste Challenge Kit
Comes with free Diet 7-UP, Diet Sprite, and Diet Sierra Mist cans.

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who drinks diet?


diet is ‘die’ with a ‘t’ at the end!


If all americans only drank diet soda then we would not have the obesity problem that exists today from high calorie drinks.


Calories isnt the only thing to take into consideration when determining what contributes to weight gain. High Sodium and Nutrasweet cause the body to demand more fluids and food. The calories in the end are more than compensated for.


diet 7-up=low sodium and splenda, not nutrasweet.


It keeps on telling me to put in a valid home phone number. I tried like 15 different numbers and none of them worked. Any ideas?


for jeff you must put in a dash every 3 digits e.g. 440-555-1212