Purchase Anything From vente-privee And Get A $20 Statement Credit From American Express!


Update, 03/16/12, Vente-Privee has 6 month-12 years girls and boys clothing today from Tea Collection starting at just $8.
For each AMEX card (primary and secondary cards) you have you can get an automatic $25 statement credit for a $50+ purchase through 03/31!

Update 01/16/12: Vente-Privee now has a new offer, a $25 statement credit on your American Express card for your first purchase of $50 or more between 1/15/2012 through 11:59 PM (EST) on 3/31/2012.  Registration is not required.
Today there are a couple of awesome looking airplane cufflinks (and lots of other semi-precious and precious cufflinks as well) for $45+$5.95 shipping which will put you right over the $50 line to get back a $25 statement credit on any primary or additional AMEX cards that you haven’t used yet at Vente-Privee! Hurry as they are sure to sell out quickly!

Update, 01/01/12: The $20 statement credit is now dead.

Update, 12/25/11: Credits on primary and additional cardholders have posted. If you haven’t gotten credit yet just send a secure message to the American Express social media team. and they will credit you.

Originally posted on 11/22/11:

vente-privee Signup Linky (And thanks for allowing me to refer you 😉 )

You do not need to register your American Express card.  After you make any sized purchase by 12/31/11 (no minimum purchase required!) you will receive a $20 statement credit from American Express.  Allow up to a week for the statement credit to post.

“vente-privee is a joint venture between American Express and vente-privee.com. The site features member-only sales events with premium European and American brands at up to 70 percent off. Each day’s sale will begin at 10am EST and last 72 hours.

The vente-privee USA site will provide a unique experience through customized online boutiques with sales events featuring HD videos, stunning photography and original music.

American Express is the official card of vente-privee USA and Cardmembers will be able to enjoy exclusive benefits including a $20 statement credit for their first purchase from now until the end of the year.”

-Citi issued AMEX cards do qualify for this promotion, however additional users on Citi AMEX cards do not qualify as they do not have unique card numbers like additional users do on American Express issued cards.

HT: MarkS, via DDF

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Any way to avoid the $5.95 shipping?


Can you use multiple credit cards and get 20$credit statement on every one?


Would you get a second credit for an additional card holder or only one credit total?


The cheapest item i found was $3, after shipping came out to $9.74. That’s $10 free! Thanx.


Will this work for AU’s?


Why not?? If it means just opening another account with a different e-mail I don’t see how that can be a problem

Avi in lakewood

Just order something for a total of 13 bucks so lets see what happens. Also then refereed my wife so I should walk away with net $40.


Is the $20 an actual credit on the American Express card, or a $20 credit to the vente-privee account?



People on the Forums are confirming that AMEX reps are telling them that additional cardholders do qualify, which makes sense as additional cardholders almost always qualify for AMEX promos.
I’m just waiting for confirmation in writing from AMEX about it though.

$20 credit on your AMEX statement.

Avi in lakewood

What about business cards?


there’s a 20 referrel credit to vente-privee when person you referred makes a purchase. is that in addition to the amex credit?


Dans going to make his annual salary today on these referrals. Good job buddy!! 🙂 After that I just referred my whole family, myself, wife etc. and made the minimal purchases. Basically, getting tons of free stuff, plus statement credits, plus referral credits. Ahhhh – why ever work….



Annual salary? I make get some vente-privee credit, but that’s not gonna pay the grocery bills!


what abt spg cards bec the ones i got in email were only for gold?


It will work with any AMEX card, including Starwood.


Where did you find something for under $20? Everything is waaaay expensive!



i see only 4 items for sale a watch knives/forks etc

how do i get to main site?


There is a $2 item called Bar Multitool in Wine Accessories + $5.95 Shipping = $7.95
Thats $12.05 free credit


do you know if this statement crdit will interfere with the small business saturday statement credit- meaning will they only allow one of the credits per billing cycle?


how do I find that item?


Nice find.
$12.05 for free!

Won’t affect it at all.

Go to wine>accessories.


Got back a secure message from AMEX that additional cardholders qualify for the $20 credit.
Feel free to call or write to AMEX to confirm for yourself!


@Dan: I do not see a link to go to wine>accessories. All I see are the 4 items that they are currently selling.


4 items? Lol…there are hundreds of items for sale!
Click on WMF, then click on wine, then click on accessories, then click on the bar multitool.



Can you confirm if ANY amex card qualifies for this deal, such as a macys amex, or only the amex cards shown in your account online at amex.com?



how long does it take for the $20 referral credit to work? i referred someeone, they made a purchase and i didn’t receive any credit to my account yet


Can get the credit with multiple cards on the same ventee account?


@Dan: I am obviously not seeing the same screen as you are. I do not see WMF anywhere.


It looks like they don’t give referral credit for 6 weeks.

Good question…dunno.


Here are some more terms. It excludes corporate american express cards, but is somewhat vague as to whether business cards will work or not. AMEX cards from Citi will work, but additional users on Citi AMEX accounts won’t work as they have the same account number as the primary member. AMEX issued additional user cards (Like on Starwood, Delta, Gold, Platinum, etc) have separate card numbers and are therefore eligible for their own promotions.

“-Must use any eligible American Express® Card to make 1st purchase at Vente-Privee thru 12/31/2011.

“Eligible Card” is defined as a valid consumer American Express Credit or Charge Card, in good standing & not in default, issued in the U.S. either by American Express or a licensed 3rd party bank issuer of American Express-branded Cards.

Certain Cards are not eligible, including those issued in the U.S. by Department Stores National Bank, Prepaid Cards (including, without limitation, American Express Gift Cards and Serve cards) and Corporate Cards.”


@Dan: Based on terms “-Must use any eligible American Express® Card to make 1st purchase at Vente-Privee thru 12/31/2011.” -it would seem that only one amex per ventee account.



“Licensed third party bank” works, but if issued by “national bank” it doesnt?

Citibank would fit both those descriptions

What am I missing here?


You can read it as the first purchase on that AMEX or the first purchase on that vente account.
Hard to say for sure what they mean.

Lol…”Department Stores National Bank” is the name of a single bank that issues AMEX cards (Like the Macys AMEX) that are ineligible for this promo.


just got you a credit…ordered a blanket…thanks for the heads up!


Thanks, how did you know it’s my birthday this week 🙂

Looks like it will take 6 weeks though before they post the referral credits.


Happy Birthday!I am sure you will get alot of credits in 6 weeks from now..thanks again.


6 weeks is annoying but o well def better than nothing 🙂 thanks Dan and to the finder on the forums


Happy birthday dan.. got you a credit as well. If my wife and i both have amex cards under same account, just each of our names, will each card qualify? same question for small business saturday?


i canceled my order after a few minutes, do you think i’ll still get a statement credit ???


As long as the numbers on the card are different (if they are amex issued cards that will be) then you will both qualify for all promotions.



Is it one per household?


1 per card.


If ZI have 10 AMEX cards can I get $200 credit? Thanks


It says for your first purchase per account. So I have to make new accounts for each card?


They claim that the $20 credit on ur amex card will show up at the end of the billing cycle & the $20 referral credit can take up to 6 weeks to show on their site for you to buy additional items (not $20 on ur credit card).

any cheap iterms?

any cheap iterms?

share what you found!


is there a min perchase required?


Will this deal work with the AMEX Business Gold card? (since it is not a “consumer” card)


Also if i want to use a few differant amex cards do i need to sign up again or can i use one account with dif amex cards?


Any idea if Virtual Account Numbers from Citi will work with this?



To be safe, yes.

@any cheap iterms?:
See comment 18.


It’s unclear. The terms include consumer cards, exclude corporate cards, but don’t mention business cards.

It’s not clear. To be safe you may want to do seperate accounts.

citi has virtual numbers on the AMEX cards?


The $2 Bar Multitool shows to be sold out. Two $5 items (Loft bar measure, Loft bar strainer) are still available.


do you get a $20 refund from amrican express even if your total purchase is less then $20?


On a $5 item+$5.95 shipping you’ll make $9.05 after the $20 statement credit.



Keep in mind Tax also.


@Dan I’m not very familar with the virtual numbers, but I just checked my account and it looks like a ‘no’. I’m going to look into it more later or if someone else know, please chime in!

It would be GREAT if they did!


Can someone please put a link for a 2$ item thanks!


I have both a DELTA personal and SPG Personal do I qualify for this credit twice then if I open up two Vente accounts.




do u have to sign up on amex’s website


you can’t use virtual numbers with the amex from citi ONLY mastercard or visa (and it has to be set up to be the primary card on the acct)


This might also be interesting!!!

Spend $25 get $25 Back!
On November 26, 2011, American Express is offering all cardholders a fantastic opportunity. When you spend $25.00 at http://www.MostlyMusic.com with your AMEX card, you will receive a one-time $25.00 statement credit for your purchase. You can do this with every American Express card you hold, and can even use multiple cards on the same account. It’s a “win-win” situation.

You spend $25 at http://www.MostlyMusic.com with your AMEX card and American Express gives it right back to you! p

Here is all you need to do:

To participate in the program, your card must be registered with American Express in advance. Please be sure to register your card at http://www.sync.americanexpress.com/sbs2011

(Limit up to $25)


Is the costco amex good for this deal?


Anyone tried this with a Business Gold card yet?


r there gonna be more cheap products daily bc all the cheap products are sold out


I spent under $20 on two separate accounts, using 2 cards per account, and on both cards I only received ONE credit. Anyone else have same experience?


Yes , AA – I am having same issue?
Anyone else??


I only got one credit per account, apparently the DID NOT give credit for my additional cards!!!! Dan, can you please help us out on this one with some proof that they said that AU’s qualify for the $20 credit also so we can fight AMEX on this!! Thanks!!



I read the forums and see many having this issue of only receiving 1 credit per account and none for authorized users….
Dan- got any advice, other than calling customer service [they will probably say it can take between 6-8 weeks…]?


having the same experience plus no credit to citi amex’s either!!! dan can you help us out here!!??


I spoke to amex cs about not getting the credit for the au and they told me not to worry that we will be getting it and they are looking into why it’s not posting automatically


From the forum:

“Good afternoon XXXXXXXXX

As long as you registered for the program with her card information and made a qualifying purchase, she should be eligible for the Ventee-Prive $20 credit. Normally statement credit will be issued approximately 6-8 weeks after the qualifying purchase is charged to the Card account. If after that timeframe has passed and she did not get the $20 credit, please contact me via Secure Message and I will be more than happy to look into this for you.

I thank you in advance for your patience. If you have any other questions do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Have a great day!

Rachel Toledo
Social Media Response Team”


today you can find stuff for $8


any idea how long it takes to receive the items? they still haven’t shipped.


Hi Dan, I placed an order on two cards – 1 account and only received one $20 refund to the primary card. This was a delta issued amex (not Citi). Can I expect to receive an additional $20 credit?


Hey!!! i have canceled my order about an hour after placing the order **AND I JUST GOT MY STATEMENT WITH THE $20 STATEMENT CREDIT!!!!!!!!**** cool


acctualy it didnt apear on my statement yet, but when i went online to make a payment, i see that they gave me the credit after canceling the order !!!


someone posted before that he got the statement credit even after he canceled the order, but his post was removed…


Anyone have luck getting the credit with a business card? I bought with the starwood business and haven’t seen it yet… How long should it take for the credit to appear on my statement??

Aay B.


I’ve just purchased something at Vente-Privee with my Premier Gold card which i registered for the free gift at GIFT CHAIN and i received an email that i am getting a $5 Statment credit from GIFT CHAIN.
so far nothing about the $20 credit.. am i suppose to get an email that i will recieve the $20 credit and if so how long does it take for the email to arrive?


HA, Thanks Dan. I was about to make my order and realized that my amex was not in my wallet! Went and cancelled it right away!


The $5delta bowl is sold out, so instead got the $12 bowl, came to a total of $19. For free, why not! Thanks


Sent a SM to amex requesting the credits for the Au’s, and they answered me that it can take 6-8 weeks!!


The $5 bowls are sold out.

hi dan,

anything cheap is sold out…

Fan of Dan!

Dan! where are the hundreds of item on this website I only see a handful of items?


Never got my item or the credit??? Anyone else??

Is this right?

You can get the $25 for small businesses
$20 from vente-privee
AND $10 from the four square synced card????


Trying to add to cart and it isn’t going.

Referral credit?

I never got any of my referral credits.

Anyone experience the same?


Just to confirm, this credit is only once per cc right?


do i need multiple accounts for each credit card?


Is it one per cardholder (I have 3 differnt AMex cards all with the same name)


Does the costsco card work as well?


Sold Out


Is there anything left to buy and still make money?


All sold out.


wasn’t clear that you had to choose that you were not a member and then disable popups. But I re-did it in IE with another email address and it worked like a charm (250 points).


u only get referral credits if the person u referred spends at least 50 dollars. it says it on the site


They just changed their policy and added that to their terms.


Are you allowed to wear those “moving plane cufflinks” on Shabbos?


I still did not get the $20 referral credit for referring my wife. Did anyone else get it?


if i did the $20 credit (december) can I do this again on the same credit card?


@michael: You have to send American Express a message requesting the $20 credit and they will give it to you. Also, I suggest adding to your message that you would like to know if they would condsider giving you 1,000 bonus starpoints (if you have the starwoods card) for your trouble. This has worked for me every time they didn’t automatically give me a credit (which just happened to me with the BP gas promotion.)

Angelina aucello

Have not gotten any of my referral credits yet. Has anyone else.

Angelina aucello

All of my referrals were made before the terms were changed… Should I contact?


Yes, I received around $180 of referral credits a few days ago!


I would doubt that this promotion will work if I don’t charge anything to the credit card (because I have store credits)…

So is there a way to pay $49 with credits and $1 with CC (and will that trigger the credit)?



Citi cards are no longer eligible. It now includes 3rd party bank issuers with pre paid cards, etc.


There are t-shirts for $5


do i have to spend 50$ now to get the 25 credit or can i spend any amount and get the 20$ credit as your latest update states?


You need to spend $50 to get back $25.
The $50 can include shipping and tax.


ok because your post says $20 statement credit-you might wanto change that!


The post is from 11/22/11, that’s why there are dated updates.


ok i get it now and thx!


I didn’t receive the $25credit for a second cardholder in a new ventee account is there anything to do


When did you make the purchase? It can take up to 8 weeks to receive the credit.
You can also send a secure message to AMEX to get the credit expedited.


Hi –
I have the same question as Isac above – I did this promo the first time that it came out – can I take advantage of it again now? Thanks in advance!!


did anyone receive this credit ?
i made a purchase on Feb 29. no credit. called amex twice and they refuse to acknowledge this promo or provide the credit