Play Disney Planes Game And Earn 500 American AAdvantage Miles


Play Disney Planes And Earn 500 American AAdvantage Miles

I earned 500 miles off coupon after hitting 4 of the cloud surprise icons. More specifically, I won the 500 miles after hitting the star shaped cloud and stopped playing and registered at that point. The miles will post “within 7-10 business days.”

Of course the 500 miles will also extend the life of your entire account for another 18 months.

I had already played this game back in July and earned a 10% off AA flight coupon but now the prize seems to be 500 miles. I had no problem claiming them even though I had previously received the 10% coupon.

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Apparently it should work every day!It says come back tomorrow


all it says is that im entered into some drawing


I keep on getting the chance to register for a chance to win a free trip around the world. No points on 4 tries!


I played 3 times and havent gotten 500 miles.


You have to keep playing. You can “win” the miles at any stage

i think

that its the star shaped cloud that does it, not the amount

@ kevin and LB

start again and this time make sure u get the star shaped cloud near the beginning


No points for me either, any other ideas to extend miles ?


No mention of miles or anything, here is what I got:

Thank you

XXXXX, way to go. You are now registered for a chance to win a trip for four around the world.
Don’t forget to catch Disney’s Planes, featuring the American Airlines® character Tripp, at a theater near you on August 9th.

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go figure

I got 24 of 24 icons and no mention of miles other then getting into some raffle. What is the “star shaped cloud” that someone says does it? Did not see such a cloud. Nor is it by the beginning. There is the insignia and some other shapes or 777 in the clouds.


i got it by hitting the star, was the 3rd though not 4th


It’s on the top of board or on the bottom this star , just played three times don’t find it


I’m with go figure. Where’s the star… I’m not seeing it?


no star shapes for me either


I don’t think that star icon is giving away free miles any longer .


No miles. Just a stupid contest entry.


Can someone describe which direction to fly to find the Star cloud?


No star either. Total waste of time.


unable to reproduce this either


I tried both shorter version -uncovering 3 and also the longer version (uncovering all 24) but only got a contest entry.
BTW the contest says it’s only for USA residents but it allowed me an entry even though I have a canadian address with AA.


Yeah I think this may be dead.