New Softcard Promotions: Earn Miles And Amazon Gift Cards!


So far between my account and my wife’s account Softcard has:
-Paid us $25 each to signup for free.
-Paid us $20 each for spending $40 on Serve in September on Amazon gift cards.
-Paid us $10 each in Amazon gift cards for using the Softcard app to buy anything.
-Paid us $400 in Amazon gift cards for buying 20 boxes of cereal at CVS and Walgreens.

Here are this month’s promotions:
-Get a $10 Amazon gift card for every 5 times you use Softcard on 1 credit card.
-Limit of $30 for 15 uses on each credit card registered to Softcard.
-Offer limited to 5 participating credit cards per Softcard account.
-Prepaid cards (including Serve) are not eligible for this offer.
-Gift cards will be sent via e-mail address registered for your Softcard Account and could take up to thirty days to be delivered.
HT: Emkay, via DDF

-Get 2,500 United miles for linking a United credit card to Softcard and using it once. Get another 500 United miles per month for using it once in December, January, and February for a total of up to 4,000 miles.

HT: DovtheBear, via DDF

Of course Softcard also gives higher limits to load money from your credit card onto Serve for free. But I closed by Serve card in favor of REDcard last month and am loving it!

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If I already linked my united card can i unlink it and put it back and get the 2500??


Is there a way to get soft card on an iPhone?


Does anyone know of a way to take advantage of softcard with a phone does not support it? International NOTE 3 N9005


@Daniel: yes, you just have to buy the softcard (isis) case from your carrier.


we waiting for the air france promo update(assuming you are working on it)


For all those with Iphones try getting a case like this


I have the club card and United mileage plus can I get 2500 from each?


Can I load prepaid visa gc online to serve?


@Dumb: You can but supposedly Serve will shut you down for that. Try visiting walmart. For more info see DDF.



The one review says it didn’t work. Do you have this case?


Any pkace in lakewood to use the soft card? The 7 11 on route 9 didnt have the ability.


@won shoprite


Just signed up for softcard I don’t see where I can get $25 for the sign up bonus. Any help?


Can i get the $10 amazon gift card if i use serve as method of payment

M. Josef

Can I use my Serve card with this promotion and still get my $1 back per use?


Serve card eligible?
Do I need yo sign up for the promotion or its automatic


What will be the cheapest way to get a phone that supports Softcard? Any ideas? Thanks!


Do you think the 5X time usage promotion will be honored if you just buy 5 items with seperate purchases at one store? (Putting aside the possibilty of annoying the cashier in the process)


I didn’t see anywhere in the terms for these promotions the $1 minimum per transaction to qualify. Should we take for granted it applies?


Anyway to get it with a galaxy 2?


@dan has anyone compiled a comprehensive list of which credit cards are known to and to not be eligible for softcard? Ddf?
seems a shame to have to learn by trial and error


check the wiki on DDF



Yes both my wife and I have and successfully used this case in Oct, 2014


I do not find an iphone app to download, anyone know how to use iphone with softcard?


I’m wondering if Dan will answer any of these questions he opened himself up to .


I think they’re all answered in the post.


Dan, why is this offer not posted pn their app? Dud u callthem (855-250-9140) and find out, or you saw it in the app? Its not in mine


@Li: must be postpaid account. Cheepest tmobile no contract. Must ask for isis (softcard) sim card


Stinks that this isn’t for iPhone or I would definitely get in on this : (


@susan: Only works for Android : (


Again you can get softcard for Iphone. I bought a $23 case on

after pluging your phone into the NFC case you will be able to download an app called ISIS.


Dan, I don’t see Naftali’s question answered anywhere Could you address that question? Otherwize would they still give the monthly miles if it was already activated ? Would if the card was activated before November but not used? Is there a number to call to find out ?


Is this promotion targeted or over? I still see the promotion on softcard web site. I added my card and activated it but I don’t see an offer on my app… no where to click and register mileage plus number.


never mind, the offer link showed up after 10 minutes.


Do you know if each phone carrier has different SoftCard promotions? I participated in many of the SoftCard promos but I did not see the ‘Cereal / $400 Amazon GC promo’.


Anyone received the promised United miles or the Amazon Giftcards GC? it seems Softcard never fulfilled any of their promotions. Several complaints in their Facebook page already.