MLB.TV Will Be Free Again In 2018 For T-Mobile Subscribers!

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Update, 4/2: This offer ends tonight at 11:59pm PDT!

Originally posted on 2/27:

T-Mobile will once again offer their subscribers a free MLB.TV subscription for the 2018 baseball season. That’s a $115.99 value!

They will also offer the At Bat Premium app for free, a $19.99 value.

T-Mobile subscribers will be able to enroll in these via the T-Mobile Tuesdays app for Android or Apple between 3/27-4/2.

Once you’re registered for MLB.TV you can use the account on multiple devices simultaneously.

Note that streaming games from non T-Mobile phones can lead to the free subscription being terminated, though you can signup from a T-Mobile phone and then stream from non-phone devices.

T-Mobile offers 4 lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $140/month including all taxes. T-Mobile also gives a free Netflix subscription to their users, just login to your account to signup for free.


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Does anyone know a hack to watch in market games?


VPN like the hola app


“Access from max 10 devices; not for use on other carriers’ wireless devices.”
So all ten devices need to be T-Mobile or just the one that gets the subscription?


I believe that if the device you’re viewing on is a cell phone then it needs to be T-Mobile. However, viewing on other devices that are not serviced by a different mobile provider (e.g. get their feed from your ISP) such as smart TV’s, game systems, etc. should be OK.


So you don’t have to be using tmobile network data to watch on roku, just your home wifi, my wifi Internet provider is at&t.


Does it work if you have Metro PCS which is the T-Mobile network? If someone isn’t using their MLB subscription can I just put their SIM card in my phone to do the initial sign up and then as long as I only use it on a computer or Roku device (and not another cell phone) it would work?


be honest Dan, you posted this just so you can show that pic of you throwing out the first pitch again!:)
ah, the memories…

Rebbi Rephael

aharon judge


I dont see the link in the TMobileTuesdays App to sign up for the mlb package

Does it work for other people?



It only becomes available March 27.

Rebbi Rephael

Can the tmobile login be used on non cellular connected devices like an ipad???


In past years, T-Mobile provided a code or a link to sign up for and At Bat. You then created (or already have) an account. Once you go through this process, you will be activated on your account for You can then access any content through the available systems they support (ie. on your smart tv, via desktop computer stream, or through the At Bat App on your phone or tablet).


So can I watch on roku using my at&t home wifi


As long as it’s att and not att wireless, you should be good.


I have Metro PCS. Can Metro PCS subscribers get the free subscription?


No. While you are in the Tmobile network, MetroPCS is a seperate company and does not get Tmobile tuesdays


Can you watch mlb tv from phone or tablet


Yes, as long as the internet you are using in that device is either from Tmobile, or another non mobile internet connection


Can I watch on mlb on my roku using my at&t internet or do I have to connect my roky up using tmobile hot spot


I have a metro pcs phone and it’s on the t mobile network.How come MLB TV isn’t free for metro pcs?


While you are in the Tmobile network, MetroPCS is a seperate company and does not get Tmobile tuesdays

alyssa kaplan

tried singing up on tmobile site but keep getting an error on my desktop. Try signing up through my phone and get a message that the promotion has ended


So streaming from laptop on a Verizon Hotspot is a no go? Or only directly on Verizon device is an issue? I would imagine the former.

Barry D

Am I able to watch it on my smart TV using my FiOS network if I sign into the t-mobile MLB account?


We have signed up with Teltik for our cell service. (They advertise here from time to time. BTW, we really like them.) They use T-Mobile….is Teltik like Metro PCS in that this promo won’t work? Thank you in advance, Dan…or others!


FYI – there is also a 25% off your order at in T-Mobile Tuesdays as well – you can use shoprunner to get 2-day free shipping.

To answer some other questions:
– I had no problem using my account on laptops/computers etc. Didn’t try on another carriers wireless device
– I tried a couple of VPNs on my phone to get it to work in market, but wasn’t able to – OPERA was the one VPN I remember using, I think it requires access to your GPS, and uses that instead of network based location.


how do you get the free netflix


i used the MLB subscription from last year. how do i reactivate it now. I have the promo code but i dont know where to put it in does it do it automatically since i had it last year?


if you live in NJ does it work for yankee games?
last year all the terams worked but the yankees


You will be subject to the MLB blackout rules. To check which teams are blacked out in your area you can search by zip code here:


its ET not PDT. i am trying now at 10:20 PTD and its not working!


When you join Teltik, even on their $20 plan is included free as well since they are on the T-Mobile network. I use it for my employees and they love it. BTW, Teltik’s customer service is amazing as well, 24×7.

Sophia Marshall

So glad that there doing this again