Missing Borenstein Kosher Airline Meals? NYC Is Providing Free Borenstein Catered Kosher Meals To Anyone In Need!

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Update: Reader Allison D sends in these photos of the breakfast and lunch below. They’re certainly not as substantial as I had hoped for, but then again, free is free!

The organizers tell me that:

  • Everyone can request 1 breakfast and 2 lunches daily, per person that you are requesting a meal for.
  • Demand in Boro Park and Flatbush was much higher than expected and orders going forward will be adjusted based on that demand.
  • The lack of locations in Manhattan and the Bronx is based on prioritizing high density areas first. More locations will be added.
  • More food offerings will be added to the meals in the coming days.
  • Getting the program off the ground in a very short timeframe and cutting through city red tape was unprecedented.


NYC Free Breakfast (430 calories)
NYC Free Lunch/Dinner (600 calories)

It seems likely that many of us will be grounded longer than we have in recent memory, so I’m sure everyone is missing out on the kosher airline meals provided by Borenstein. 😉

But on a more serious note, the NYC Department of Education is providing free Borentstein catered kosher meals for those who need it, which is just incredible!

All meals served to children under 18 are eligible for federal funds, which is helping defray the cost of the program. But everyone can go, adults and kids, and pick up 3 square meals to go. Parents and guardians can pickup meals for their children. The meals are completely free of charge and are available every weekday. No ID or registration is required.

The program is still rolling out and the meals needed are being adjusted based on demand.

Safety agents are on hand to ensure that social distancing is adhered to.

You won’t get frozen lox, frozen gefilte fish, or a frozen omelette…

Borenstein Dinner United Business Class June 2019, EWR-TLV
SAS Business Class KSML, March 2016, EWR-OSL
Borenstein Breakfast United Business Class June 2019, EWR-TLV

Borenstein is owned by El Al and is based out of JFK and they have plenty of unused capacity at low prices, so they were tapped to cater the program. They also have highly respected kosher certification.

Families (including parents/guardians picking up meals for their kids) and kids can pickup meals from 7:30am-11:30am from Monday through Friday and adults can pickup meals from 11:30am-1:30pm from Monday through Friday.

Currently the kosher meals are available in:


  • PS 132 The Conselyea School – 320 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn 11211
  • PS 257 John F Hylan – 60 Cook Street, Brooklyn 11206

Far Rockaway

  • P.S. 197 The Ocean School – 825 Hicksville Road, Queens 11691
  • P.S. 253 – 1307 Central Avenue, Queens 11691

Kew Gardens Hills

  • P.S. 154 Queens – 75-02 162 Street, Queens 11366
  • P.S. 164 – 138-01 77 Avenue, Flushing, NY 11367

Crown Heights

  • P.S. 289 George V. Brower – 900 St Marks Avenue, Brooklyn 11213
  • I.S. 2 – 655 Parkside Avenue, Brooklyn 11226

Boro Park

  • P.S. 192 – The Magnet School For Math And Science – 4715 18 Avenue, Brooklyn 11204


  • P.S. 197 – The Kings Highway Academy – 1599 East 22 Street, Brooklyn 11210

Starting on Monday you’ll also be able to get meals kosher meals at:

Boro Park

  • P.S. 160 – 5105 Fort Hamilton Parkway, Brooklyn 11219

Staten Island

  • P.S. 54 – 1060 Willowbrook Rd, Staten Island 10314

Additional locations may be added based on feedback and how the program rollout goes.

If you go, be sure to write a trip report in the comments!

HT: cgr, via DDF

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Chaim Lipschitz

Do you have pictures of the current meals being provided?


Yesterday’s meals were the same as in the pics above


Just hope you dont get leftover Pesach meals K’minhagam The line at the PS in BP this morning was around the block.


Does it come with a food trolley/cart? I’d take one of those..


The Bronx and Manhattan have been ignored. There are multiple sites in Brooklyn and ZERO in the Bronx and Manhattan.
I think that there should be at least one site in each borough before some boroughs get multiple sites. Especially, because kosher food is more easily accessible in Brooklyn and Queens.


The program is geared for school children and federal funding is based income. So my guess is there are no Jewish schools in the Bronx with at least half the students low income


I hope you’re joking. As someone who lives in Manhattan I totally understand why there aren’t any here yet. You know where it’s hard to get kosher food? In Somalia. Maybe they should open a distribution center there then!


Ive also been looking for kosher meals in Solamia. Anyone have a suggestion?


Agreed, I have been reaching out to the local politicians in Manhattan. Nothing as of yet.

Dan\'s the Man

Anyone know if they have a similar program in Passaic or Monsey?


some frum schools distribute free meals

Dan\'s the Man

Do you have a link to the info? It’s only for people with kids that go that school?

Shaul Yaakov Morrison

Do they have SKMLs?


FYI, they ran out of Kosher meals at around 8:50. Said they would make sure they have enough tomorrow.


And that’s before the #DDEffect kicked in 😉


P.S. 197 – The Kings Highway Academy – 1599 East 22 Street, Brooklyn 11210 Run out of meals at 8:45


Looks like the milk and yogurt is glatt


Chassidishe Shechita

t g

its even baked after passover, see the picture


Based on pic not worth it
Apple and roll?
Wait a few hours w hi risk ppl?
Risk greater than value imho
So a family of 7 would get max 3 if anything left ?


Any idea when a.monsey location will b providing? Lots of need here


Monsey is not part of NYC


why not isn’t it one of the boroughs together with Monroe and


Will they only give for the amount of people in the car or how many people I say are in my family? Basically, will they refuse to give for my wife and kids if I drive up with only myself in the car?


Staten Island meal distribution is starting on Monday April 27


Midwood and BP out of food already at 8:50am..
Try to luck again tom!

Was supposed to run till 11:30am Lol.

Hopefully they’ll be better equipped for tom.


Far Rockaway location was good. Same as the pictures no dinner only breakfast and lunch.


Ya, my wife thought she saw you on line




No dinner package, they just tell you to take nore lunch packs.


Where’s the world going?

A “demand” for Borenstein meals?

Dr Moose

Unfortunately some people actually need the food as they’ve lost their jobs and cannot afford to buy food without just putting everything on their credit card and going into debt.


Btw A lot of Jewish schools that are on the lunch program are providing free meals to their students ( Or anyone else that asks) which is the same as they usually eat in school


if you look on city website, the 3 meals consist of 1 breakfast and 2 lunchbags to total 3 meals (2nd lunchbag considered the dinner meal)

Dan\'s the Man

Does Monsey and or Passaic have a kosher program?


Dan at 9:06 someone posted pic of what’s inside box
Small humus
Dry roll

Is waiting inside cars or foot traffic ?


Williamsburg location Manhattan Avenue has no lines. They haven’t run out of anything.

The breakfast is decent, a yogurt, very healthy muffin, milk and an apple.

Lunch is pretty measly, a tiny roll, a cup of chummus, milk and an apple, and some grape tomatoes.

Supposedly there will be a tuna and egg salad sandwiches alternating.

Its still good if you are home with a bunch of kids, and need food on a constant basis.


Far Rockaway we just picked up the same food as in the previous pictures it ain’t Bornstein and they’re never going to provide what you got in business class- LOL

BTW, Just bought on Walmart.com
Charmin Ultra Strong Toilet Paper 18 Mega Roll, 286 sheets per roll
Qty 2

quantity 2


Why are they relying on 1 caterer. There are plenty of kosher providers that can prepare meals. 3000 meals is nothing for the kosher community


They gave discusting food


does 18th Avenue one have any left?


does 18th Avenue have any left?

Hungry Hippo

Went there at 9:40 this morning. They were sold out at 9. No kosher food. No non kosher food.
E 22nd at location in Brooklyn.


Breakfast: milk, apple, muffin, yogurt
Lunch: milk, apple, roll, hummus, tomatoes
No dinner as this is through the NYC school lunch program

ah giten

Williamsburg locations are out of the neighborhood, while there are PS in the neighborhood.
I guess government can’t get anything right.


A.Many Jewish schools were already providing (at least in crown heights) also through govt funding.
B. At least in ch the schools are on the outskirts of the community or outside of it
C . Seems this was more about getting business for borenstein……would have been more efficient to locate in the communities or use existing capacity. Especially as kosher meals are already prepared and packaged offsite, wrapped etc


Dan, I know you were unaware that these are basically just snacks- not even sandwiches, so I would kindly request you remove the pictures of the airline meals as the NYC “meals” are not even “meals”. And no dinner. At this point, I think people would’ve been happy to get not-so-great borenstein meals, but even that isn’t happening. It’s not your fault, but what they are distributing may not be worth the effort for some to go and get.


It looks like these are the same meals the NYC school system already serves to is students that require Kosher food in public school. The contract was probably already in place, just expanded upon. The tuna or egg salad will come in the same container as the tomatoes in the picture provided. Each person can take 1 “breakfast” and 2 “lunches” per day. One family member can pick up for the entire family. Bring a shopping bag, if you have a large family.

Gitty Schwartz

Why do they need a caterer if its all packaged products that can be purchased directly from Golden Flow, Normans, Tuv Taam etc?


“Free is free” I agree. But I wonder in what universe these food items would properly cover the guidelines of the USDA daily recommendation for nutritional balance and caloric intake (as their site parades).


I think that’s just the point. They’re providing the “USDA daily recommendation for nutritional balance and caloric intake” rather than food that someone wants to eat :/


Perhaps I phrased it in a confusion way. What I meant to say is that the foods they are providing look like they are NOT according to the guidelines of the USDA recommendations. It’s far too little with fruits, vegetables, fiber, protein, etc… Simply said, it’s not much food to eat


Dan i went yesterday for it waited 1 hour in the line for this absolutely waist of a time


I have never posted to Dan’s Forums but now feel I must. To the people who posted negative comments, please have hakaras Hatov. Nobody owes us anything and it is more that generous that they are funding what they are. After growing up out of town I was grateful for having kosher bread and meat to buy when I moved to NYC for school, Kal Vechomer NYC DOE giving out small snacks/meals and triple that hakaras Hatov for it being extra mehadrin kosher. Dan can vouch for no bread or meat as true by asking his father who grew up there too. Whether it is worth it for you to pick up is up to you, but it is ungracious, a big lack of middos tovos and a tremendous Chillul Hashem to post anything other than appreciation on a public forum or to even discuss amongst ourselves anything other than positive about our medina shel chesed and especially NYC who is accommodating our religious needs mehadrin min hamehadrin.


We’re paying city taxes. We’re at least as entitled to what they’re offering to other New Yorkers.


Agreed, +1

Chanie Hoffer

I agree with RME. As an out of towner (who doesn’t get freebies -I pay taxes to the Federal State, County and township where I leave in NJ), I feel these people who don’t like the food or who wait on line for hours for the freebie shouldn’t complain. For those of you who “pay city taxes” that is what you’re supposed to do, like so do many other people in NY. Get over yourselves and buy your own food if you don’t like the handout!


not sure why Im spending time on this, but thank you to NYC for providing this service. I know many people including family members who are benefiting from this. They are also “tax-payers” (and got back from the very generous government much more than they “paid” in taxes.) So to the person who expects more “than he would get (as a paying customer) at a comfort inn continental breakfast”, I kindly ask why you would have this expectation. To all those complaining, I hope you have enough food to eat and are healthy. Please allow those who actually need the food, to continue benefiting from the generosity of the government without insulting either the government or the gifts that they are offering. Thanks Dan for this site. Be well, all!

bk mom

waited 40 minutes in the hail this morning for food that wouldn’t even fill my almost 2 year old. got on line just after 7:35.

Dan\'s the Man

Wow. Agudah lobbied to get kosher meals. These are snacks and not meals. I hope Agudah will lobby again for real kosher meals.


Dan slight addendum . Its Kew gardens hills with an s at the end. But thanks for the updates. Amazing


Can believe they went so quick without @Dan saying “HOT!!!” or “Price mistake?”

History Buff

I know the meals/snacks are given with no questions asked but they are intended for people in need. A lot of these posts sound like they are just grabbing free stuff and then complaining about quality and availability. That misses the point.


The lack of Hakarat Hatov being expressed here is mortifying. The state is NOT required to provide anything in this regard. And, even if it were, the correct response would still be Hakarat Hatov. I am embarrassed.


It is important for many families that are out of jobs. But your kids need to like chumus, or not be allergic to it, otherwise they have nothing substantial to eat. I suggest either a choice of meals or a different meal every day. You win some and lose some.