MegaBus Is Offering Free(Ish) Bus Tickets

AEMoreira042281 [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
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Megabus is offering free tickets on select dates from 1/8/20-2/29/20 throughout their network.

You can use the fare finder tool to find free tickets.

I was able to find multiple dates for free when I searched for bus rides between Cleveland and Chicago.

They do charge a $2.50 booking fee, but that covers all of the tickets you buy at the same time in your shopping cart.

Megabus operates double-decker buses with in-seat power outlets and free WiFi.

Have you traveled on a Megabus?

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Once rode megabus from Toronto to NYC for like 5 bucks , but that was back in 2009.
Decent ride…for a bus.


Hey Dan, is this a Hanukah prank ? Has Mister airline miles been bit by the AOC Green New Deal Bug ?

Dan\'s the Man

Dan, I never thought I’d see the day…
I guess since you’ve posted about Spirit before I shouldn’t be too surprised lol

Mountain Man
David R

That quote was the first thing that came to mind as I read the headline.

I rode Megabus from Rochester, NY to Manhattan. The bus was probably less than 25% full, so I had plenty of room to stretch out and sleep. If not for the fact that it was nighttime, I would have appreciated the wide view from the large side and roof windows. WiFi worked great.
When I first started shopping for a ticket, it was $10, but by the time I bought it, the price was up to $20. I think that their prices fluctuate based on how many tickets have been sold and proximity to the travel date, similar to airlines.


Yes. I call it the MegaSquish. Great frequency on the i-95 corridor and quite reasonable, but no overhead storage on the double decker. All stops are open to weather and no shelter. Spirit airlines of the road but a LOT more reliable.

I don’t book the reserved seats since they are a full vinyl seat, not cloth


From Boston Megabus leaves from the regular indoor bus station. Not so from NYC where the stop is open to the weather and several blocks away from the Port Authority bus station.


can you pls explain this code Ish?


“They do charge a $2.50 booking fee, but that covers all of the tickets you buy at the same time in your shopping cart.”


Rode them from NYC to Boston for $25 same day booking. No remotely reasonable airline fares neither mileage nor revenue were available. The ride was ok. Their buses don’t have shocks like other buses as that’s where Megabus has the first floor. You can feel every bump on the road. The view was great .


Not looking to downplay Monsey Tours, but I’ve taken the MegaBus to Baltimore a number of times to save a lot of shekels. It drops off in White Marsh which is about 20 minutes from the Jewish neighborhood.


Took it many time from downtown Cleveland to Chicago. My father used to book 2 months ahead to get the $1 seat. The taxi from yeshiva to downtown was more expensive than the 350 miles on the bus.

Nice, clean and on time with 2 stops on the way.


Never count on bus wifi and outlets, I’ve taken megabus many times before.


Took 5 grandchildren from ny to Washington DC 8 yrs ago cost was $8 per person
Was very nice


My Globalist status renewal and AA Executive Platinum gift 🙂 both posted yesterday…since I live abroad most of the year the AA status isn’t that beneficial, but the best part is booking awards knowing I can cancel them all without penalty. I don’t know if I can do Globalist again with the new cash and points system devalued since last year. I was able to take advantage still last winter in Florida when they points and cash redemptions were solid. But for one more year my efforts and tenacity paid off, even though as Lifetime Diamond Inaugural I tend to stay basically in Hilton properties.


Just booked BAL to NYC for $2.50
Thanks Dan!