Like Shutterfly On Facebook And Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!


Update: Don’t forget that you have to order your free book by 03/16.
You can now also stack the free book code with the following code for 50% off additional pages: BOOKLOVER

Originally posted on 03/04:

This will only work from a computer:

Like Shutterfly On Facebook And Get A Free 8×11 Hardcover Photo Book!

Just like Shutterfly, fill out the form on the bottom of the page with your info, and click the box to claim your code.

You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

You’ll have to order the book by 03/16. The code will work for any 8×11 hardcover photo book, not just the wedding book.

Shutterfly Photo Books Linky

We’re in love with Shutterfly’s 8×11 sized hardcover photobooks, we make an 8×11 book for every trip we take (big bookcase ;) ).  They also make for great gifts for the grandparents.

The hardcover version of the 8×11 photo book where you can put your own picture on the front and back covers is normally $39.99.

Shipping is $8.99, but this is a true bargain at that price.  The quality is far superior to Snapfish.

If you order $30 of other items from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

20 pages are included, extra pages are $1 each.

You can also save 25% on additional pages with code (Exp: 03/05): UP50PB

HT: DW Mimi 😀

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Any way to get this deal if you don’t have facebook?


I liked it on fb. But where do we get code?



The big blue “get your code” box would be a good place to start.


How do I get the code? I likes shutterfly and nothing happened…
There was no blue box


Try from a computer.

FB mobile stinks.


Do not see get your code box either

Where is code

I liked it and there is no get your code box


“get your code” where?


No Blue BOX


in for 1 thanks Dan!


@Where is code:
Let me guess, you guys are all on your phones and tablets?

I guess I’m not crazy…


Once your on the computer, click the first link Dan posted. Then you have to sign in via FB then it’ll say “get your code”.


no u just didn’t explain it correctly


I liked but how do i get a code?? Plese


I got it too. Easy to follow instructions. Thanks.


Thank you Dan! Worked for me!


It says like us and get a free wedding guest book ?


it says I can get a free wedding guest book. any ideas why not a photo book?


Same thing.


After you LIKE on your FB page
you need to enter you emailID and Name in the fields provided
Once you submit that you will see the code.
This is working for me on the computer.


@Dan: thx


@YY: i got a code but it says its fir a wedding book which i dont need, hopefully the code will wotk for a regular photo book


Dan do you know if I can apply the 39.99 credit toward a 12×12 book? I know Shutterfly sometimes allows you to do that…


It does.

It does not.


Dan do you know if i can take a 12×12 and add money?


dan you are so patient with your replies.
You were clear, your instructions spot on. Big blue box was there and got a great deal to make a photobook of our dansdeals trip to CA!!! (flew fam of 11 for $250)

thanks for all these deals


See comment 24.

I try…thanks for recognizing.


Used the Like offer to get the first 20 pages free. Added 15 more, for $1 each, then applied the 25% coupon code to take off 25%. Worked perfect,

Shipping is a but pricey, but I did not go over $30 to get it free.


Ordered thanks! Delivery 10.78 and pick story telling extra 4.99 plus tax. Great deal !


Am I the only one who has a problem with them wanting access to my birthday and friends list?


Worked from my iPad, thanks Dan!


Yes as mentioned by Dan even though it says Wedding book it is good for any 8×11 book



i also have a problem with that!

is there anyway to get the deal without giving away my friends…


Make a dummy account.


thanks. in for 1 or 2 of these! (multi-address & accounts)


Who copied and pasted Dan’s post to SD?


Is there any possibility to do it on the phone?


im curios for you to explain how on earth your planning on making a picture book over the phone?!?


I did it from a computer with two different facebook accounts and NEITHER gave me the blue box “get your code.” I really really want this promotion, I love the shutterfly books, please help!

this deal is



I did it, but when I click the “Get Your Code” box, I get a message “Sorry, we’re out of codes right now. Thanks for your interest.”.Although it will let me design a book right then & there. Any way that I can come back and design the book and a later time?


how do I get my code when i “like” for free 8×10 book?
I clicked through and liked” but no option for “get my code” appeared


that was quick – usually get a few days 🙁 🙁 only got 1


@Dan: I did that, but the idea of it irks me.
(and I highly doubt most people here did that.)


it doesnt have any. not only that but the one other offer they had there – wedding sign in – also ran out


i just got (11:30 AM) a free wedding book seems like its still working

Lost code

I got a code and I started designing a book – now I lost my code- anyway I can find it? Is it connected to my account


I liked the fb page yesterday. Can I unlike then like again for another code?


thanks dan! really appreciate what you do


@Lost code:
Yes, click on the link and your code will still be there.

No, it will be the same code.



You say more codes available but if you used one like I did yesterday doesn’t seem to work on same account today. Still have to make a new account Im guessing.

dans fan

got the code thanks Dan as usual


It’s one code per account.
They ran out of codes for new accounts yesterday, now there are more.

@dans fan:


@Dan: Thanks! Im happy got a great wedding book from my sons wedding pics in Israel at Hotel Ramat Rachel last year.


12:08 est It worked for me, Thanks again Dan


I liked from my phone, then chatted to get the credit to my account. The good part is they extended my credit till May 5. (although you can always chat later to get it extended again.)
Thnaks Dan!


How do I buy extra pages? I don’t see any link on Shutterfly’s web site.


I followed the directions, got to the page, saw the blue box to get the code and nothing happened when I clicked get code. what did I do wrong?


Could I use 2 codes for 2 free books on the same order ?


Is it still working? I tried a few days ago with no luck on a computer. No blue box showed up.



Still working.


I apparently have to agree to share everything with “OFFERPOP” if I want to get my code. Is that correct? They get to know everything about me for me to get this code?


I just did it and got the code. click on Dan’s first link. THEN, click on the BLUE drop-down box at the upper left corner. When it drops down, click on Free Wedding Book. When this comes us, us the scroll bar on that site, not the one on your computer. it will take you down to put in your name and then it will give you the code. Good Luck.


Any idea if we are agreeing to share all kinds of FB info (and all friends info) with OFFERPOP…is that the catch??


just got the code on FB, any ideas for shipping savings?


Product Name Quantity
Series 7 11.6″ Business Slate
Boxed Shipment
Quantity Cancelled: 1


I just got the coupon today and made my book! Awesome! also made an iPhone case got free shipping! total for both items $39!! Thanks!

ricky Hill

I got a code for a free book. However I didn’t write it down. I copied and was planning to past it. In the process of saving my book, my computer froze. I figured I would check my email from Shutterfly in order to get the code. No email. Shutterfly live chat response was that a marketing team gave out the codes and without the code they would not honor the offer. My mistake. I am just sharing with others so you don’t do the same as I. Write the code down on paper. Do not copy and paste unless you email the code to yourself. No free book for me. Like I always say. You win some and lose a lot. Thank you Dan for all you do. I appreciate all the text with special offers daily. Keep up the Great work.


The free 8×11 expired on March 11 according to the FB website. I waited til today to make it. Each time I put in in the promo code it says “It is expired.” Ideas?