Instant Kingfisher Silver Status?


Update: Confirmed.  Effective 02/10/12 Kingfisher Silver will have OneWorld Ruby benefits!

My Hilton Gold template just works too well for this…sorry for being lazy!

Kingfisher Airlines has a promotion for Silver status through 05/31/13 with a World Mastercard. It doesn’t seem to work with any of my World Mastercards, but AJ points out 549852 works like a charm. I created a new account and instantly received Silver status and 250 miles.

After entering the number, select that you are not yet a member a registration form will pop-up.  Register with that form to get the Silver status.  If nothing pops up you’ll need to turn off your pop-up blocker and refresh the page.

Of course they’ll probably shut this down once they realize once they’ve done and may even revoke the Silver status of those that register, time will tell! Just don’t come whining to me when they do revoke your silver status as you’ve been warned…

Why should you care about Kingfisher Silver status?  They will enter the Oneworld alliance in February.  They have 2 elite levels higher than Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Odds are that Platinum will earn Oneworld Emerald, Gold will earn Oneworld Sapphire, and Silver will earn OneWorld Ruby.  Why should you care?  Because American gives 2 free bags to all Oneworld Emerald, Sapphire, and Ruby members! Plus you should be able to get other bennies like preferred and exit row seating, and priority checkin/security/boarding.

In addition you may be able to status match the status to other airlines to get elite status benefits on airlines from other alliances!


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Got silver. Thanks!


Dont see the option to create new acount!


I’m getting message “invalid member number “


you need to create a NEW account? do they allow duplicates?


My account says I’m registered for the World MasterCard promotion, but I don’t see any indication that I’m a silver member.


Dan How does one go about to get a ‘status match’. And what airlines allow this. Thanks


By me, under “Account Summary” it shows the Kingfisher logo with the words “silver” in it


Registered an account, used code for MC, no indication registered for promo. ??


What number did you use to get silver because some numbers only get red


i signed up and included the required fields to receive “Online Profile Insertion Bonus” another 500 miles for total 750
it doesnt say silver anywhere except the picture header says kingclub silver, does that mean i got silver status?


Just get INVALID MEMBER when I enter the first 6 digits of my World Elite MC?


thanx dan it worked and instead of giving me 250 miles it gave me 750

Shmuel Boruch

I got 500+250 miles but no silver in sight. 🙁 Thanks for the miles!!

Shmuel Boruch

Also, Dan, there is a place to enter referring friend’s King Club Number. Do you want us to enter yours or better leave blank?

Shmuel Boruch

After I registered with the pop-up registration form, I went back to your link and registered my account with the MC promo. So far no change in status, need to check back tomorrow…

Happy Chanuka!


After entering the 6 digit card number it asks if I’m a King Club member–I answer yes and it asks me to enter my membership number–when I click register it just stays on the same page—doesn’t redirect me. Help. Thanks


Tried at 10:30. Just got a click/exclamation when trying to register. They may have shut it down already.


Still works fine for me. Just follow my instructions.


same problem as Rich


it worked for me. I got 750 points and red membership. is red equal to silver?


Use IE, not Chrome

aa gold

how do you make a new acct

aa gold

Your Registration to the Campaign has failed.

Please contact the Call Center for the Campaign Registration.


My response:

Campaign Registration
Your Registration to the Campaign has failed.

Please contact the Call Center for the Campaign Registration.


Just did it, and got my silver status and 250 miles. Did it all on IE.


just worked for me


Tried using IE instead of Firefox–however same results–doesn’t go to another page.


worked on firefox from laptop. didn’t from ipad or blackberry. let’s hope it sticks. thanks, Dan.


Why is Brooklyn not listed under cities when filling out profile?


Just got Silver. IE was blocking pop up. Tried Google chrome and worked Yishar Coach.


Just signed up and worked.

I made one for me and one for my wife. I referred my wife – i wonder if that means i get extra miles..


Hey Thanks so much!! I got 250 miles plus a 500 for “Online Profile Insertion Bonus” for a total of 750 Miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you sooo much!!!! (Pray they don’t revoke it:)


where does it indicate the Silver status on the account page?


Just worked for me and my wife. Shut off pop up blocker and cleared cookies in between. Got us both Silver status.


I did it in IE and it said “You are now registered for the promotion” but how do you see if your account actually says “Red” or “Silver”? When I go to my account I don’t see anything that lists your tier status. Thanks


Your Registration to the Campaign has failed.

Please contact the Call Center for the Campaign Registration.


Where can you see if you got the silver status?

My pop window said registration successful but I don’t see silver in account summary.


unconfirmed! But I think it works if just go to
and fill it out




hey dan, so how do you now get aa ruby when they become part of the alliance? you need to call american?


Thank you, silver member


Did anybody else notice Brooklyn is not on the list when i put in my hoe address?


Did it! Thanks. Silver + 250 points

just put NEW YORK instead of brooklyn



lakewood isnt either on list
and im keeping on getting error call call center


if you are a member already, after you login under the my account tab, select my profile, and then my campaigns, all you have to do is select ‘register’ and it says, ‘Registerd Succesfully’


@msohef ok but where does it say Silver? Or Red??



Put Crown Heights instead of Brooklyn


Works fine. Follow directions. Got Silver.Thanx Dan!!!


thanks dan !!


it says mastercard international promotion, i beleive thats the correct offer


followed directions. just wondering where you see SILVER anywhere. i did do what moshef said and it says im part of the promo but i still dont see SILVER anywhere.


Thanks Dan! Got 750 and status.

No Kosher meals? Affiliated with Dubai Airlines?? Feels even better!


@moshef: @tenniskid: @toroboy: @kayef:
Where exactly does it say silver status? It says now for me registered for both MC/World and MC International promos, but I don’t see anything about Silver? Thanks!


just did it with chrome (enable the popup) and got silver
now is there any airline that will status match kingclub status?


Works fine. Follow directions. Got Silver.Thanx Dan!!!
Dan on another note just asking for some ‘sage advice’
i am booked on AA ticket to tlv via madrid with AA and mad-tlv with Iberia. i got this ticket a few months ago and there was no availibility for mile saver business for jfk -mad and i have been constantly checking with no success even though you can see on expedia that there are seats empty to purchase.Is there anyway to get them to unblock seats. my flight is on 1/18/12.Please advise


@tenniskid: in the logo on top it should say silver to the right of the logo

Sam Collins

Failed first time and went back and did it again and worked !! Plus got 750 miles thank you hope they do not realize their mistake 🙂


confused. followed directions, got a message that says you have successfully registered for this promotion.

but nowhere anywhere on my account page does it say “silver”. not next to the logo or anywhere. so how do i know if i am a silver member?


jus got it, thanks


SAYS KING CLUB on top and silver on the right in the colored heading. do i assume its silver? got 750 miles. thanks dan.




false alaram i messed up first time


it didnt work on chrome, but worked on IE. didn’t get 750 miles, but did get 250. and silver status.


Got the Silver and 750 miles (250 sign up and 500 for the optional fields marked with the crown symbol). My city of residence was not on the dropdown menu, so I used the nearest major city. After completing the sign up, I went to my profile and it was there along with many other nearby cities that were not there before. If your city was not on the original list, you might want to check now or you may not receive your Silver card that you might need to get the free checked baggage or any other benefits.


silver +250 welcome miles using firefox


Anyone have any ideas what to put in for city in Lakewood?


detail info on them joining oneworld
clearly states that king club silver will get one world ruby!!


first of all, thank you for the post. if i book a ticket on american can i first book with king club to get the preferred seat and then switch to american to get american elite miles?


I registered but only see 250 miles and no silver, any help?





Thanks, worked like a charm!


hi so i am asking again if anyone knows, i got a message, “you have succesfully registered for this campaign” but no silver status shows up anywhere. anyone knows why?


A little clarification that may explain why some people aren’t seeing the “Silver” in their King Club logo……..

In order to automatically receive Silver status, you must be opening a new King Club account from the promotion page (i.e., click “No” in response to “Are you a Kingclub member?” and fill out the new member form on the page that pops up.) If you set up a new account from the main website, and then click “Yes” in response to “Are you a Kingclub member?”, then you will receive the 250 bonus points, but your account will not reflect Silver status.


worked, thanks Dan




“King Club Platinum, Gold and Silver cardholders will soon be sent new membership cards, bearing the oneworld logo, to ensure they receive their alliance benefits from 10 February.”

chachem balaileh

Thankx Dan, Worked for me,
Guys if u follow instructions it works fine theres an answer for all ur questions in the post… read it carefully and u will have the answers. 🙂


OMG. so i opened up for me and my son and wife. and now none of us get silver cuz i didnt do it thru the popup?????



can i cancel our membership somehow so i can reopen an account the right way?


just got one with 250 miles, thanks! can i use the free baggage on a Jan AA flight?


It did not work, got this message when trying to register

Member cannot be enrolled : Please enroll into the Little Wings Programme by completing the enrolment form. To download the Little Wings form click here


thanks done silver i used IE


@eli check your entry for birthday year. that is what is causing your little wings message.

@everyone else. it only works if you do it exactly as dan said. by signing up as a member by using the pop up when it asks you if you are a member yet. if you register separately and answer that you are already a member and enter your member id # it will give you the call center error message. too late for me but i did it the right way for my wife…


thanks, i ended up handing the task to my wife and she succesfully registered the whole family.


@ all that messed up you can make another acount with name slightly diff (extra letter)


Does anyone know the perks offered for such status on other one world airlines (e.g. BA, Cathay) after they join?


Is it foolish to call them after registration to get my town on my profile cause it’s not in the list?


Thanks Dan. When will they send out the silver card so that we can start status match?


if ur family only flies tog, u only need 1 sign up
“The following passengers will be allowed a 1st and/or 2nd checked bag at no additional charge… Customers flying on the same reservation as…. Ruby member regardless of frequent flier status or fare type.. “


How will i be able to get free baggage on AA. Will i get a card in the mail that says silver status and then have to show that card to the check in clerk?


Hat tip, I got silver status. Question I am flying Continental on jan. 22nd and therefore looking to status match to a star alliance member so that I can get free baggage. Any ideas of which airlines that may status match?
All leads appreciated. Thanks


if they send me a card, will i be able to get free bags on AA but have the miles go to my AA account?


Use the Kingfisher number when you checkin to get free luggage then have the gate agent switch your boarding pass to your AA number.


Works fine. Follow directions. Got Silver.Thanx Dan!!!
Dan on another note just asking for some ‘sage advice’
i am booked on AA ticket to tlv via madrid with AA and mad-tlv with Iberia. i got this ticket a few months ago and there was no availibility for mile saver business for jfk -mad and i have been constantly checking with no success even though you can see on expedia that there are seats empty to purchase.Is there anyway to get them to unblock seats. my flight is on 1/18/12.Please advise



I hate to say it but you probably going to be totally out of luck. AA has zeros for all U (business saver) availablity across the board out of JFK to MAD, BCN, and LHR. You can keep checking back and hope that they open availability late, but odds are stacked against it. Those open seats will most likely be taken by people upgrading with miles & cash and Evips. To get that U availablity you probably have to book more than 300 days out.



Chance of a status match without a challenge with a star alliance airline for a US based person with a Kingfisher account is probably pretty close to nil. I can’t think of anyone but BMI and they usually require you to have a ticketed flight with them. (Plus they are being bought by IAG (BA/Iberia) and will be going one world afterwards)


Followed Direction and a pop up said that it failed and i should call them up… any advice?




hey dan signed up but dont see anywhere about silver status, where does it say it?


thanks dan!any ideas for town of lakewood?theres no option for it on website


seems as its going to red not silver even with the pop up


I got 750 miles but Red not silver 🙁


I tried twice and I get King Base. Anyone else been able to get Silver or have suggestions?


DEAD. Doesn’t work anymore. Was able to get it for one account though.


not working for me either tried 2wice


i got red!!!! 🙁


got red only. where did i screw up? help! Used Alisa’s msg.


Doesn’t work!


Tried both in IE and both in chrome and still red…


anyone think Ill be able to get the free bags for a flight next week?


Is this offer still alive?


hi, do you know when we are supposed to receive a card with our silver status? or has anyone actually received a card yet?

na nach

Kingfisher Airlines’ oneworld implementation put on hold

Friday, 3 February 2012: India’s Kingfisher Airlines and oneworld® today agreed to put the airline’s entry into the alliance on hold to give it time to strengthen its financial position.
Its implementation into oneworld had been planned for Friday, 10 February.
oneworld CEO Bruce Ashby said: “These are turbulent times for the airline industry in India and many other parts of the world. We have been working closely with Kingfisher Airlines over the past months and it has become increasingly clear recently that the airline needs more time to resolve the financial issues it is confronting before it can be welcomed into oneworld.

“We wish it well during this process and will work with Kingfisher Airlines with the aim of setting a new joining date once it is through this current period of turbulence.”

Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya added: “In light of the many priorities centred around Kingfisher Airlines’ recapitalisation efforts, we felt it prudent to defer our entry into the alliance for a little while. This will allow us the opportunity to focus on the issues at hand and we look forward to being part of the oneworld alliance very shortly.”




This is a dead link. You only get the lowest level Red, not Silver. Plus, the Kingfisher + Oneworld thing is on hold so Silver wouldn’t land much outside India anyway…