HURRY! Get A Free Night At The Intercontinental New York Barclay!


Update: This wasn’t the first, but it will be the last BRG I’ll cover on DansDeals.

Priority Club/IHG has an extremely generous best rate guarantee policy where if you find a cheaper rate on a competing site they give you a free night.

I just booked a room on at the Intercontinental New York Barclay as I found a cheaper rate for the room on

You have to book the room on before calling in to make a claim. Be sure to book the refundable flexible room rate.

After making the booking I called IHG at 800-447-2981 to file a claim and they approved my claim after 10 minutes on hold  They gave me a case number and said that my reservation will soon be adjusted to reflect the $0 room rate.

I didn’t have to wait on hold at all this morning but I’m sure hold times will grow now…

Here are some sample valid nights, many others will work as well:


Below is Be sure to book a “best flexible rate” so that if your claim is rejected you can always cancel with no penalty. The deluxe room is the nicest room I found with a better price elsewhere.




















Below is You don’t actually book anything here but you must first find a lower refundable rate here and then direct the Intercontinetal rep to find the rate.  Be sure that that the rate doesn’t say “advance purchase.”  In this case the refundable deluxe room rate is $331, so you can book the $519 rate direct from Intercontinental and call them to make it free due to the lower rate as pictured below:


HT: yeki89, via The BRG Blog.

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Just tried to do it hoteltravel doesnt have cheaper rates anymore. As far as I can see.


Can you direct me where to find the option for “best flexible rate” on the intercontinental website? I dont see it.


Dan, if I book two rooms, will they both be free?


Has anyone else been able to talk to a representative? I have been on hold for 15 min now


@Bobby: I’ve also been on hold for 15 minutes. “the approximate wait time is 1 minute.”


I have been on hold for 10 min. They are prob swamped with Dan Fans 🙂


I didnt call yet. But the dates work for 10/2-3. On orbitz its 455. And on intercontinental its 499


I am new to doing this now ill let you know how it goes I booked the hotel and now I am on hold to claim my free night dans deals must be lighting up the phone lines I have a 10 minute hold time


anyone know how to find the “best flexible rate” option?




Approximately 1 minute hold for ten minutes


I think the IHA is having a meeting right now on how to handle the influx of callers Ive been on hold forever did anyone get through??


Also been on hold for 15 minutes anyone have any luck


Does this best rate policy apply in Canada too?


Also on hold more than 15 min…



This will sound like a dumb question, but on the price for a room is $339 and on intercontinental site it’s $339.15. Would that work?
Figured I would ask.


Do we need a special credit card for that? (Priority club/IHG)?


According to the terms you cannot use it if you book a Best flexible rate. So this is probably geneivah

Did you choose the lowest price from the Best Available Rate search results for your reservation?

A guest must book the lowest available hotel room price through the Best Available price search – for the type of accommodations sought – in order to qualify for the Best Price Guarantee.


on hold for 20 min now….


Now 25 min on hold. Anyone have luck besides Dan?


On hold as well for 10 minutes. I submitted online claim form and have a screenshot from HotelTravel. IHG price for 1/18/14 was $519 and hotel travel had it for $509.


the estimated wait time is aprox 1 minute lol this has been the longest minute of my life (20 Min)


booked in november for $519. On hotel travler its $448. on hold like all.


can someone please comment when they get through


Total 30 min booking to free night. Thanks!


I just completed mine and was accepted! Thanks Dan!!! Total call was half hour


can I change the date later on if anything happens?


Does this only work for one night?

Wait time...

been on hold for 39 minutes…


36 min…. still on hold


been on hold for 20 min! I made 2 separate reservations can I resolve both in 1 call?


I am now on the phone with a rep


The rep put me on hold and said she will have an answer in 5-10 min. Total time now is 45 min


I love this hold music any one know who it is ?


Can some please explain how to choose the best flexible rate ?


If you were successful in booking, do you mind posting you’re dates if they are different than Dan’s.

Thank You


over an hour on hold… is this the point of no return??


They picked up after 54 minutes. On hold now for verification.


haha. they are busy adjusting their rates. just checked and their rates have dropped to match hoteltravel!!!!!!!!!!!!


rep picked up after 52 min of waiting…


scroll down the page to see best flexible rate


Please dont go all crazy and book 100 nights and ruin it for us!


also asked to be put on hold for an additional 5-10 min like Bobby


many dates are actually cheaper.

anyone has any idea about check in and check out time.. wondering if a staurday night check in would work.
Anything kosher in there?


Booked after 1 hour, confirmed that it will be free!


can this be done for more than one night? i made 2 reservations and its cheaper on either one


While I wait this out, (I am on hold for 10 minutes so far,) is it legit to make claims for multiple non-consecutive stays?


Can you do this for multiple dates?


42 min on hold…anyone have luck with the online forms?


58 min….still on hold


On hold for 55 min…


Okay on hold…..


Farj – there are plenty of kosher places in midtown nearby, including the new Prime Grill, Solo, and many others:


I gave up….Will call later today when everyone else is off the line. Plus I sent an email which should help…


1.14 minutes I am about to break and hang up this phone



I meant does the restaurant have anything kosher, breakfast or something.

Thanks Dan.


56 min!!


How do u send a claim online?


Make sure you choose 1 adult only. The price is the same on IHG but not on Hotel Travel. The reps will verify the number of travelers.


Can they be sneaky and AFTER THE FACT match the rate that hoteltravel has and then claim you do not qualify? I called and the guy said well we will match there rate. But that is after I paid already.


@itsyehuda I’m not seeing a difference. I chose 2 guests on both. Other site is cheaper.


on hold for 70 minutes!


……1 hr 25 min…took a little nap in the miiddle


Based on all your hold times I gave up waiting. WIll call back later.


82 minutes….really testing my patience 🙂


someone is changing 100 nights .. I guess it s just my luck 140 minutes I figure I am at the point of no return.


2 guests and no issues…
I emailed them with the website link and also a screen shot of it in case price changes. 35min so far probably will be double that if not more the way this goes. Dansdeal bomb has been bestowed upon them on a beautiful sunday morning!


@Sara: @Sara: @Sara:

get a screenshot of the cheaper rate before it disappears so you’ll have proof. 2 adults still shows same price difference on my dates in November 448 to 519.
filed online claim and still holding 80 minutes and counting. great that its sunday on a cell phone! Thanks Dan!


I know its fathers day but we could use some hadracha here!!!
can you do this on two separate nights(not back to back)???

and ppl are waiting on hold forever. do we have a better chance sending on online form or talking to someone? or do they have the same success rate?


@Farj: do you have an email address for IHG?


80 min on hold so far


On hold 1hr 20 – shaves, showered, breakfast, maybe I should take a nap. I am not too worried as I xactaully booked the hotel travel rate too so I have confirmation of lower rate (its cancelable so it’s fine)


Maybe all the reps are just leaving everyone on hold until the prices are fixed…


@Nathan: na use the form.
uploaded the pic on and sent them the link in form.

anyone else got it after the long long wait.. are they helping customers or freaking out and not picking up till they can come up with what to do?


They wouldn’t give it to me. They said they found a rate more expensive than mine. I was not able to find their rate on

1 hour and 51 minutes wasted.


After 1 hr 45 min, on phone with rep…


100 min on hold should i give up? I took screen shots and filed a form online

Chulent Fresser

on hold for hour and 35 min and got disconnected urghhh


The question is this:
Do we need to call in today to get the refund???
If I call tomorrow I should be fine no?
any thoughts?


Eureka 2hrs I said do I need to walk you through hotel “no its ok sir ive been doing this all morning” “we are getting a lot of calls sir this has never happened before sir”


they def got “dan-bombed” (i think we should make that a term)
still no one getting picked up?


Successful after 1 hr 45 min


Still on hold 1hr 55


has anybody gotten thru recently? been on hold 1:55 min


Hahaha Carla the rep telling me that many people have made claims for this hotel already lol…


I received a free night for jan 1st. After she confirmed I asked if she could do another night as well and she said I would have to call back so I canceled the second night. Good luck to all and thanks Dan ! My phone call lasted 70 min


hung up after 2 hrs hopefully they process my online claims

Chaim Frankel

61 Minutes still waiting, about to crack, this may not be worth the free hotel room.


did anybody find a date in the summer?

Got It

i was on hold for less then 5 min with the number i called


1 hr and 52 min



did u get through? i on hid still.. 1hrs 42


e\o’s comments are so encouraging:(

Got It

u must be dialing it wrong, it worked for me


2 hours and 30 min on hold and finally got thru! the rep just put me on hold – pretty insane, and that music in the background will be stuck in my head for a month 🙁 will update with results (for two separate reservations in Oct and Dec)


2:15 and still going strong


2hr 37min I give up


1:25 so far…


almost 2 hours… ugh…
anyone else over 2?
music hold says estimated wait time… 1 min… yeah sure!!


It worked for me….
After 152 minutes on the phone I got my confirmation for my free
Thanks Dan


I just got disconnect. UGH…I will submit a BRG online with my screen shots.


a night at a fancy hotel I would never get..
How is it fancy hotels have to metion “color Tv” or charge 16$ for internet access.
and mention “Dial up connection available” have thy updated their website since 1994? or do they have a lot of customers from 3rd world countries who have use black and white tv’s yet?
2hours and 15minute… What have you done to us Dan lol
Hope at least this makes a nice birthday gift,




any dates still availabl? or did they fix it


2 hours and 48 minutes with no end in sight! got the wife and kids waiting for me to go out.
#HappyFathersDay to me.


and if this doesn’t work Dan, ill need a great deal on a divorce attorney.


confirmed free for 10/20! rep told me i had to fill out online form for second reservation cuz its under my wife’s name… so I will have to wait and see (but I got screen shots 🙂




on hold for 1:37 min already


what dates are you all using? Any dates in the summer?


4 hours and counting


Just went over the hour mark, hope I dont get disconnected or something


2:20 min and still waiting


just booked my stay and now the site seems down. i will call later today or tomorrow morning. The guarantee says you have to notify them within 24 hours.


im on hold for 3:02 & no end in sight


Anyone have a screen shot for 1/19. The one bedroom suite was less then 599 but now the price is the same as IHG.


can I do it for crowne plaza tel aviv? I found it cheaper


just got disconnected after a 3 hour wait!!!


@joe: As in 3 hours and 2 minutes? Ouch! LucyPhone to the rescue!


WHY DID I CALL FROM LAND LINE!! I need to leave lol

more than 3 hours…
someone said 4 hours so I guess this will go on for another hour or 2


@APoshiterYid: never saw that before, that is awesome

Getting impatient!

Holding at 2:48. Don’t know how much longer I can hold up….


after 3:20 got disconnected!!!!


@ p of course were did u find it cheaper


can it work for a hotel in israel too, if its a partner?


waited 4hours they dont want to match as the price changed on


Submit the claim online. Presto!


kayak for july 4th


@p: what date did you find?


anyone get a response from an online claim?


4 hours on hold and gave up. submitted online claim with screenshots, so hopefully that will be honored.


Things I accomplished while on hold:
Worked out.
Packed car.
Took family to park.
Taught my daughter to ride a 2 wheeler.
After 4 hours and 20 min I gave up.
Submitted online.


yeah I guess this was a waste of time. 4hours is enough. The email better go through with screenshot.

If anyone gets to talk with a rep can you ask if they accept the screenshot.


@EhrilcheYid: Is there a place to include a screenshot on the online form?


no, just upload it somewhere and include the link. hope that works.


Waited 330 and gave up. They don’t give u the option to send a screen shot. Will they request it?


on hold 38 minutes and got it done


@YM I have 1/19 for the deluxe saved.


is there a limit how many match i can do
will it work on all IHG brands ?


Anyone have other dates of interest besides those Dan posted?


Where is the online form?


It doesn’t have to be the Barclay in NY. Checked the Intercontinental in Chicago and the “flexible rate”of 639.00 gives you same price guarantee of free if you find it for less


You can submit a form online at

Ratefound on other site must be:
Available to the general public
As refundable as the higher ihg room
$1 or 1% cheaper than the ihg room -whichever is greater
Have the same perks/amenities as the ihg room

Claim must be within 24 hours of booking the ihg room

The claim they’ll respond by email within 24 hours




At 3:45 and no end in sight, luckily I have been able to go about my day while on hold but I may not be able to stay on hold more than another 30 minutes.
If only they had a somewhat accurate estimated wait time instead of the ridiculous 1 minute.




I also cant stand how the woman on the hold message says representative. I that Canadian?


4 hours and 50 minutes. i think its time to give up.


For people waiting on hold all afternoon … remember this episode of Friends?


did anyone get through lately??? or got a an answer from the email???


just got through after 6 hours!


ed did you get the free night?


No, by the time they checked it they could not find the same rate of

Screenshots mean NOTHING folks! They have to still be able to replicate the offer themselves!! Ganovim!


@Ed: How long was the actual conversation?


BTW, did anyone else using Lucyphone get the call disconnected by IHG?


@p: nobody did


They are not ganovim at all. IHG has a generous policy that is designed for genuine travelers who are staying at their hotels anyway regardless of whether or not the night is free. The rules are strict to try and weed out most of the sort of people who have been filling the 154 comments to date. I have had several free nights over the years but have not accused IHG or being ganovim when I could not fulfill their conditions. Come on folks lets show a little decency here!


@modo do you mean it???


This seems very low class to take advantage of this.

They obviously mispriced the hotel in one of hundreds of the sites they sell on and you found one where they forgot to reprice.

Congratulations! Very distasteful.

Gonna pass.


Stayed at the IC Barclay on a free BRG night during Memorial Day weekend. At check in, the rep went into the manager’s office for about 5 minutes. My wife and I thought they won’t honor the BRG. To our surprise, the rep came back and told us “The General Manager has upgraded you to the Luxury Suite, enjoy your stay.” 800 sq foot- 2 room, 2 bathroom….not bad for a free night!


got DC after 4:30 on phone is it worth calling at all? till what time are they open today?


i agree




Dan, it would have been nice to have given a hat tip to Canadian Kilometers where this deal was first posted on *Friday* night. The post has since been taken down (I suspect so people wouldn’t kill the deal), but Google remembers:!


if someone wants to make a claim they should do it themself quietly, no need to post it and then have ihg discontinue the program


6.5 hours later got myself a free night!


Got through calling after 52 minutes on hold. Called at 4:50 pm CST. Took 10-15 minutes for agent to verify BRG. Approved for 1 night on Nov 6th!


You’re kidding, right?

A. BRG Blog posted this Friday morning, before CK.
B. I was made aware of this on DDF where the member credited BRG which is why I gave the HT to both of them.
C. Even if CK posted it first (he didn’t) you expect me to dig through Google Cache to find deleted posts in order to give someone a HT that I never knew even covered the deal??


got it
called in @ 3 took 109 min


Called a second time actually and went through in 55min + 15-20min to verify the price and process it.
their system is slow. checking the price should not take more than 3 minutes.

Thanks Dan. My wife will appreciate the birthday gift.

how is that possible?

Farj and Bo, what time did you call. I’ve been on hold for 3.5 hrs now?


Been 6 hours on hold didn’t get thru yet


How long is it taking for lucyphone? anyone got through using it recently?


3 hours on hold, disconnected. Sigh.


Hey guys what are some succesful dates anything I try isnt cutting it (besides whats posted above)?



Sounds good but this offer is complete bull. Take it from someone who spent hours with “pleasant” IHG staff. In short, anything you find, they will pretend not to see.

-I called twice
-Both times they told me they need to verify — 20 minutes minimum
-Then they tell me they can’t see the availability I’m talking about
-In 1 second I re-search the site and the availability is still there

IHG = bait-and-swith scam.


I called 2 times. Both times was told they can not see the availability. The rate is still available on the site! I am thinking to write a complaint to Consumer Protection Agency.



U say they’re ganovim??
Think that through and get back to me.


Anyone have any luck lately? I hung up after 2 hours this morning and sent an email.

my luck

7/14 seems to be available.


Just called and waited on hold for 5 minutes!!!!


@SM: Are they trying to deny you?


stayed on hold 3:30 (called at 5:50pm CST), got through to a rep who said the claim was invalid – HotelTravel showed lower rate for 10/13, but he said claim was invalid because HotelTravel doesn’t provide immediate confirmation! Anyone else get such a response? HELP 🙁


LOL 2nd time after 3 hours it cut me off. Good times.


Talking to a rep now and awaiting decision


They are telling me the same thing that hotels ravel doesn’t give instant approval so they can’t honor it…


The rep had told me the same thing about not getting an instant confirmation but told me to book on the website and see what occurs. i booked and sent him the voucher that has the confirmation and rep documented everything and approved it




Will it help if a reservation was made at hotel travel


@A: any verdict?



Changing their story/excuse for not honoring the policy is good circumstantial evidence of their whole response being a scheme.


when i go to the page on hotel travel to (almost) book the room, there is a little icon that says “instant confirmation”

not sure if that can be used to argue with the rep


@goodsamaritan: I got a confirmation email from hotel travel, didn’t mean a thing! I will call again tomorrow AM, but I’m not holding out a lot of hope.


On the line now with a rep tried to do a hotel in toronto, but she said that since they are quoting in cad $ and hoteltravel is disclaiming that interchange rate are subject to change they can’t honor the free night according to the terms, I know it was just an excuse but I won’t fight with her because I anyway did an online claim.


Called a in pm – was on hold for 2.5 hours! Hung up!
Tried again tonight with Lucy. Was on with them in 10 minutes
– now they need to verify. They said a lot of calls for this hotel
– maybe too many people book in hotel,, crash the system and the deal….?


How can you tell if the room you are comparing is refundable? In Dan’s picture there is no “FREE Cancellation”. If it does not say that, like Dan’s, would IHG still accept?


@MrsZev: you’d have a better chance if you contacted your district attorney regarding this bait-and-switch. Bait-and-switch is not just illegal, in many places it’s a crime.


Just informed I was approved for the free night adjustment! B”H.

Mike B

For which date?


email me @ hatomimborka@gmail and I’ll let you know.




@bigtimefan: online claim or phone?


Just waited almost 1.5 hours on the phone, but got 2 reservations approved. Thanks Dan 🙂



Same NY hotel? or a different one?

mrs e

Waited on phone for 45 min from start to end, got it! Price on their website is $599.05 and price on is $349
The guy put me on hold twice for total of about 10-15 min and said I’m eligible for the 1st night free, not to make any changes to my reservation or it will invalidate the deal, and he gave me a case #. I inquired about the $80 in taxes & he said it’s up to the hotel if they will make you pay tax for this or not. If they do, they should only charge you the tax for the $349 charge for the room! Dan, have you had to pay for the tax in the past after getting a free night with this hotel’s best rate guarantee? The rep also told me that if I check in & spend the night in this room my credit card will be charged and then refunded, that’s how they do the free night. Put it on my AMEX Platinum just in case.
Thanks Dan!!! You’re the BEST!!


a 30 minute wait. 5 minutes to confirm.

thank you dan


they are telling me that im not approved due to them including state tax in price and kayak not, even it says on kayak tax but it means different tax not state tax-PLEASE ADVISE


Just got my free night. On hold for 20 min.


WEll done… you have just broken the BRG line !




i just called

They said there was some illegal activity going around and they would be cancelling all the awarded nights… Something about too many nights awarded and collusion. Good luck to all who had their claims approved!


Just got off the phone and they said they weren’t honoring any more nights and that the program may be cancelled (?) … blah! I’m always too late!


Got on the line and the lady said that they are no longer offering the guarantee. Drat.


is the deal stil avail?

The silver bullet

Good job, not only have you destoryed their phone line, screwed up their bpg policy, you managed to f up this website too


This deal is dead… 🙁


Oh dear Dan….


just got approved right now after waiting for only 35 minutes
hope it is honored
got a case number so not so worried about themm not honoring it


Thank you, Dan, you just killed the BPG program, way to go!
next time you have little something leave it to you and your bedroom.


🙁 I keep missing out on these great deals, I finally got through after 1.5 hrs and they said they are not currently taking any claims!


Mercaz did they mention anything to you? im going to call right now


Just got this e-mail response:
Dear Mr. XXX,

Greetings from IHG’s Best Price Guarantee Support Desk. Please accept our apologies as we were unable to accept any further claims at this time. Our website will be updated shortly.

Again, please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

Best Regards,


this is the reason why we were on hold for 10 hours!? GOOD JOB DAN, YOU MAKE YOUR MAMA REAL PROUD


Can anyone else confirm this is dead?? please Im hearing reports of illegal activity? I claimed last night, you think ti should be ok?


I agree with Chaser, a great program was just ruined due to abuse. This should have never been posted


Dear ——,


Thank you for contacting our office regarding our Best Price Guarantee in reference to rates at the InterContinental BARCLAY. We appreciate the opportunity to assist you with this matter.

Per terms and condition of the program,

13. Abuse of Best Price Guarantee. IHG reserves the right to cancel a previously awarded free night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation if it is found that a customer has violated or circumvented the Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions. Resale of rooms eligible for the Best Price Guarantee is strictly prohibited. In the event IHG believes that a room eligible for the Best Price Guarantee has been resold, or the Best Price Guarantee is otherwise being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent, we reserve the right to cancel the previously-awarded free room night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation, and to reject future Best Price Guarantee claims from any persons who participated in such actions.

As the provisions of our guarantee have been abused, your claim is no longer valid and any future claims you make in regards to the guarantee will be rejected.

Best Regards,

What do I do? I can’t log in to my priority club account anymore either! HELP!!!!


i too cannot access my account!!!

it’s very annoying since i needed to book a few reward stays… pc customer service says my account has been locked any wont tell me why, the only thing i can think of is calling in for this deal yesterday. i had over 110000 points! i hope they just cancel the free night and unlock my account now


I wonder if everyone’s account is locked because they’re cancelling BRG free nights. Anyone that was successful having trouble accessing their accounts?


My account is fine, I have 5 BRG’s incoming – nothing to do with this clear abuse of t&cs..

Hope nobody does lose points but it truly was abuse and you jeopardised everybody else’s genuine claims.


@EJB: I can’t access my account. I submitted a claim and they replied yesterday afternoon.


People, I just hope IHG/BRG Desk will cancel all your claims for this hotel.

How greedy and what kind of a greenhorn are you to be not able to estimate the trouble a BRG deal post might cause on a popular site like here?
This might be able to kill the whole BRG-program of IHG!

All for a few $ in revenue?

Shame on you.


1. I do exercise restraint. There are literally hundreds of things I hold back and don’t post about as they would almost certainly be killed instantly.

However I have posted BRGs here several times before including in NYC without any problems though perhaps I underestimated the response for this particular BRG opportunity.

I apologize for not having that foresight.

2. It was posted on several other blogs and forums as well though as previously stated some of them pulled the deal.
I generally don’t like pulling posts once they are made.

Hopefully the program remains unchanged. At any rate this will be the last BRG I’ll be posting.


As far as people getting shut down.

My guess would be those people tried to book consecutive nights which is against their terms.



13. Abuse of Best Price Guarantee. IHG reserves the right to cancel a previously awarded free night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation if it is found that a customer has violated or circumvented the Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions. Resale of rooms eligible for the Best Price Guarantee is strictly prohibited. In the event IHG believes that a room eligible for the Best Price Guarantee has been resold, or the Best Price Guarantee is otherwise being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent, we reserve the right to cancel the previously-awarded free room night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation, and to reject future Best Price Guarantee claims from any persons who participated in such actions.

This is not abuse?


Thanks for showing your regret Dan, I’m glad to hear you won’t be posting these in the future, since I sincerely hope this program does not cancelled


@Dan: I only booked one night.

Do you think you should at least post a warning “update” at the top?


It’s good to hear you appreciate Dan expressing regret. I’m so sorry for your loss…


I second that. Which option is better: 1) Few people (who really invest some work into searching these deals and not just copy them like a recipe) know of the deal, deal is alive or 2) a lot of people know of the deal but deal gets denied or shut down?


just got off the phone after 1.5 hours on hold, plus two 5-10 minute breaks for the rep to “verify” the lower rate, and he said that my claim is valid and gave me a reference number, and I got an initial email about it (though still waiting for confirmation email). I wonder why everyone has such inconsistent experience


Tried Lucy at 1pm, got a call back 5 min later. Was put on hold for 36 min and was approved!!!!!


All what Dan is doing is posting good deals on his website.
He does that at no charge to all of us (yes he has some advertisement on the side which makes him some $).
If a deal turns sour , it is unbelievable how people jump on him to destroy the guy!
Will he want to post another good deal in the future after such reactions???
I want to say THANK YOU to Dan even if this one deal did not work out as we wanted! I still think that IHG should honor it


I have an FBI agent pulled into my driveway and he is on out front lawn asking my mother for me, saying they have some questions regarding a fraud investigation into illegally booking hotel rooms!!



Finally asnwered my and got disconnected!!!!


@ netanel,

Your missing the point, the BRG for IGH has been abused here, read the T&Cs.
Events like this ruin it for EVERYONE, this “deal” is very generous and we all hope it can last but things like this are putting it at risk of being stopped.



Good luck yeruchem, let us know how it goes


Does the better price must be on hoteltravel? And also does it have to be the cheapest room they offer?


@jerry, thanks. I copped a plea. I’m cooperating with the feds. I’m turning in all the co-conspirators for a probation-only sentence.

joey m

success! made 1 reservation for anniversary and waited on hold for over an hour, left it on while i worked and if i had to get up i did luckily i was here when they answered. they then asked the standard questions and saw it was indeed cheaper. They gave me a case # showing that I will indeed get the free night.


I just booked in intercontinental times square and got the free night, used lucky for call back and it was 20 minute wait and after being on the phone for 25 minutes I got a confirmation number


@Mp: What kind of “abuse” there could be? People had to wait for 3 hours to get connected, and then most of them got denied. I don’t see how “abuse” was possible.



13. Abuse of Best Price Guarantee. IHG reserves the right to cancel a previously awarded free night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation if it is found that a customer has violated or circumvented the Best Price Guarantee Terms & Conditions. Resale of rooms eligible for the Best Price Guarantee is strictly prohibited. In the event IHG believes that a room eligible for the Best Price Guarantee has been resold, or the Best Price Guarantee is otherwise being intentionally abused or manipulated to circumvent its intent, we reserve the right to cancel the previously-awarded free room night and to cancel the lower prices for the rest of the nights of a multi-night reservation, and to reject future Best Price Guarantee claims from any persons who participated in such actions.

Its vague and this posting on a blog is abuse , like it or not, don’t forget there not obliged to give you anything they can pull the plug ANYTIME.

Lol 3 hours because of this posting!? Some of us actually spend more then 3 hours finding acceptable BRG claims..
Come along to Flyertalk forum IGH BRG thread and have a read.



What date did you use?



Read the T&C… It is an abuse!

And no, Netanel, I am not angry because I could not get THAT deal (I did not even try).
I am angry, because this action could cause the whole BRG programme to be cancelled or overthought!


Ok guys another success at the barclay. Tryed calling 3 times 2day 1st time I by mistake hung up after an hour 2nd time after 2 hrs I hung up 3rd time just got thru after 30 min then rep put me on hold for 20 min to verify the rate on which ended up being diff than wen I booked it but still came out cheaper. Thnx dan


I called and after verifying got a case number and a free night.
note- if you booked yesterday they will not honor after the 24 hr perior- even if you made a claim online… you need to make a new reservation within the 24 hours, and then find the hoteltravel rate. The rep waited on the line with me while i made a new IHG reservation and then went to hoteltravel on his own to verify.
They are handling this very well. Just dont be obnoxious to them when calling, and be respectful and mindful not to make a chilil hashem, chas vi’shalom.


So I’m guessing people have made more then one night claims here?



which web do you need to compare the lower price?


Much lower wait times tonight, though they made me actually book the hoteltravel reservation and forward it to them (no issue since I canceled it right after). Free night in November for wife’s 30th bday.


…aaaaand it worked!
tried calling yesterday and gave up after 4 1/2 hours.
called this evening and waited hour plus. spoke to someone for a min. she put me on hold for another 10 min and approved me.
thanks Dan.


Does anyone see their reservation change to free? I have a confirmation number but nothing on the reservation has changed and it has been over 1 day. Thanks.



Over 1 day!??? Oh no, I’d cancel it right away!


Just got confirmed!!! Thanks Dan


I just called and they picked up the phone on the second ring. My free night is confirmed.


@p: good for you, you little pea for getting the deal, so much for our plans to go together………

Yitz Weiss

I just booked a 1 BEDROOM 1 KING BED SUITE – ihg has it at 389.00 and has it at 330.66. You can fill out a claim form online to have the rate adjusted – just click on the link for the rate guarantee from the front of the ihg website, click on the faq’s and then there’s a button to file a claim.

This is cool! Thanks Dan!


I booked on Sunday morning, was never able to get through via phone. Filled out a form online, but was afraid it wasn’t going to be honored. Tried yesterday via LucyPhone. Didn’t work.

I finally got through tonight after ~30min hold time. Spent another 30mins on the phone with someone (can’t explain why this took so long). In the end, I have a free night.

Thanks @Dan.


@Yitz Weiss
What dates did you find it for and which hotel does ihg stand for?
(excuse my ignorance, I’ve never done this before)


Does anyone know if they charge the card and then refund it? Or do they just give you FREE and no action to the card?
How do you know if it went through?
Based on some posts above, it seems like they know right away?
Lot different than going to the store where they just ring through as FREE or ‘no charge’ if they have a low price policy.

Yitz Weiss

Looks like I checked the wrong price on kayak – I picked up the regular, cancelleable rate from the hotel and compared it to the non-cancellable rate on Kayak. My claim was denied 🙁

But I did find a rate on which was cheaper by about $10 and *specifically* said it was for a cancellable booking.

It was honored! Free suite!

Just saying

@Yitz Weiss:

what dates? which hotel?
how did you make claim online or over the phone?


Booked a night at 9:50 am Sunday morning, couldn’t get through on phone so filled out online form. I called last night at 11pm, a rep answered immediately, put me on hold for 30+ minutes to verify hotel travel’s price and get screenshots on his end. He came back with a confirmation # for the free night! Has anyone checked the quite bad reviews that the Intercontinental Braclays has on Trip Advisor. This whole thing might be a PR stunt to bring back guests to a sub par hotel.

mrs e

Thanks Dan! Stayed at the Intercontinental Barclay on motzai shabbos and it was great and our charge was ZERO, not even tax! Went to Talias for dinner first with a living social and ended up paying $45 for our meal (for an extra drink & dessert that were not included in the voucher, tax, & tip) (plus $40 at living social) for a $150 meal!