HURRY! Free Magazine And Newspaper Subscriptions!


Update: Alive Again!

I’m currently getting all of the magazines and newspapers below for free. It takes a very long time until they start coming, but they definitely do come and there’s no catch!

If you want to avoid having to take a long survey to get each subscription you can follow these steps.  In Internet Explorer go to Tools>Internet Options>Security>Custom Level.  Then scroll most of the way down to “Scripting” and click on “Disable” under active scripting. Click on OK at the bottom to confirm the change.  Then you will be able to click on the links below and bypass the lengthy survey.  Then you can enable your active scripting once you are finished.

Free Wall Street Journal 26 Week Subscription Linky

Free Bloomberg Businessweek 104 Week Subscription Linky

Free Forbes 1 Year Subscription Linky

Free Barron’s 26 Week Subscription Linky

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Thanks dan! You are awesome! I have been getting the wall st. journal and forbes for a while now, and I just extended my subscription for free thanks to you!
No words!


it says im not eligible , i did the wall street journal a while ago i want to do forbes


I think this is the third timei have signed up for this. How long does it normally take the journal to come? I sometimes see a copy in front of my house but unless my neighbor is taking it I don’t think I am getting it everyday yet. Is there any way to confirm that I qualified?


nice one! Thanks:)


IE shortcut doesn’t seem to work. It redirects to the survey page.


I was acctually suprised how fast they came last time I did this. For about two weeks I was getting two wsj’s, eventhough I canceled my paid subscription right after I finshed the survey. Thanx again, Dan.


Just for all the Mac users out there… in Safari, go to Preferences > Security and uncheck Enable JavaScript and then close out of the preferences window and the same should work.


Dan you the man, thanks again.


any way to skip the survey with Chrome?


I had the same problem as Phil-it kept redircting me to the survey…how do I avoid the survey?


dan u rock!


I assume its not possible, but will they ship overseas?


the IE trick worked for me, now I will wait for the paper to arrive


Dan, you dah best! did your security options thingy and signed up for all of them in a matter of 3 minutes! WOW!


The IE worked for me, will now wait for the paper and magazines to arrive. Thanks a lot.


Signed up on all three, but did not get email confirmation. Do I need to get one?


Thanks again! I can confirm this is legit. I just received Forbes.


Thanks again Dan, my first issue of the WSJ came the other day.


Been getting WSJ for almost two weeks. Thanks Dan.

Chaim Bin Nun

Please help me choose between these four, which one should I pick? I am a worldly person who has an interest in nature and life.

Which is better suited for someone of my stature?

Thank you for arranging this deal for us. In the future if you can arrange for a free subscription to Field & Stream – it is a lovely magazine and helps us appreciate the world we inhabit.


thanks dan I’m getting wsj, forbes for a while, wsj comes everyday,@chaim I don’t remember getting an email too


As a current subscriber to the WSJ through 2013, is it possible to utilize this offer somehow to extend my subscription?


@Chaim Bin Nun: You do know that Dan doesnt actaully “arrange” these free magazine deals…just posts what deals are available…


Do any of these magazines ship to Australia?


To get through the survey quickly just click on every button on the left, then enter 6 or seven words, then cut and paste them 4 times. Bit of a cop out but I couldnt think of a 25 word review for a watch or mp3 player anyway!


Anyone one if this assur (gneivah)??


Do you know how to make this into a Kindle subscription?


@Chaim Bin Nun: Haha Worldly indeed my friend….


RF- Hard to extend WSJ on this without confusing them. I would just send it to a 2nd address, then call to combine the 2 after it starts. Sometimes they they do it, but sometimes they tell me I have to wait for one to run out then they can start the other, which I don’t understand. And you can only suspend for 60 days at a time on line.

Chaim Bin Nun

Unfortunately I may have to stop visiting this website as a result of the negative vibes I am feeling towards me.

While I do appreciate the deals that you work so hard to get for us, I will have to take my business to the competition.

Word on the blogesphere is that a new website call groupon is getting good deals too.


When its approximately goona come?




The requirements come much later when they ask for a NEA number. Huh?


When i will get it, if i ordered it 2 weeks ago?