HURRY! $40 uber Ride Credit For Existing Customers, $85 In Credit For New Customers

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Update, 2:30pm: The $40 code has now reached its limit. Congrats to those who got it. As for the rest of you, follow me on Twitter already and quit complaining about missing deals 😀


Existing uber customers, skip to step 3 for the $40 off promotion code.  Apply it to your account ASAP before it gets used up!

About uber:

uber offers luxury car service via UberBLACK, affordable rides in clean cars at rates lower than taxis in most cities via uberX, and rides for the whole family via uberSUV.  They also offer uberT which allows you to hail a taxi from your phone, but you can’t use credit for that as you pay the driver directly with that service.

You can hail a ride via the uber app from anywhere across hundreds of cities worldwide, but they’re really great at the airport where you can skip the long taxi line and get straight into your private ride. When you request a car you’ll get an ETA along with the name, number, and picture of your driver and you can meetup wherever is convenient for you.  It took all of 1 minute to have an uberx car waiting at LGA as opposed to waiting 20 minutes in line for a smelly taxi.

Tax and tip is included in all fares. You do not pay the driver anything in cash. Rides are charged to your account credit and then to your credit card on file when you first open your uber account.

1. New customer $20 non-expiring credit:

New uber customers can get $20 of free uber credit by first signing up via my referral link here.

The $20 signup credit never expires and can be used on multiple rides.

2. New customer $25 single ride credit, expiring 05/02/14 at 7:04pm EDT:

Immediately after signing up for a new account you can also enter the following code on the promotion page for another $25 credit off of your first ride: Hipmunk

DEAD! 3. Existing and new customer $40 credit, expiring 04/01/14 at 11:59pm EDT:

All customers can enter the following code on the promotion page for a $40 ride credit: NYCZRZR130308

New customers accounts would then look like this:



Note that you will only see $20 as an account credit. The $25 ride credit and the $40 ride credit will be in the promo field.

HT: PBaruch


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Snagged $40 credit. Thanks Dan!




Can this be done from mobile?


Awesome. Thanks, Dan!!




Is this for NYC only?


In for 1 thanks Dan the Man


will they use my promo code first or my 20$ credit?


Thanks. Took a total of 4 minutes and I am a new customer!

stacking wiht Kaleb?

Thanks Dan! Awesome. Do you know if the hipmunk or $40 credit stacks with the KALEB promotion code you posted on earlier? The reason I ask is the KALEB code is valid I think until august. So, if it doesn’t stack one might prefer KALEB code if you don’t plan to use uber before May. Thanks!

Yehuda M

Wow thanks! Never had a reason to join Uber, now that I have $85 in credit might as well try it.


it asks for cc, is there a charge?

Love Uber

Any T&Cs?


This is awesome! Love the Uber deals


Thanks! Existing customers can insert in the app directly.


worked for me! thanks

Happy Thanksgiving

New customer here too! $85 not bad


Dan, I get a pop up that my phone number and email address was used already for an account. Tried with different phone & email and still same pop up 🙁


Pretty cool they already did it for me…..

Hey xxxxx,
We see you signed up for Uber recently, but have yet to request your first ride. For information to get you on your way, check out our city page, where you can request a fare quote and learn about available car types and rates.

We’ve added a $40 credit to your account that will apply towards the next uberX, UberBLACK, or UberSUV trip that you take before April 1st, 2014. This promotion is not valid with uberT.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. We hope to see you riding soon!

Uber on,

Uber NYC


@bestwatchman: yes it can. You’ll just need to go to the menu to login.
Thanks Dan! On the plane to lga and had signed up the previous $45 Credit from last week. The estimate to Brooklyn as about 65 dollars. This makes it a much better deal!

Mike B

@stacking with Kaleb

Yes it stacks with Kaleb. I don’t know if Kaleb promo still can be added to new accounts. I know I would prefer $20 expiring on 08/08/15 (using KALEB) than $25 expiring 05/02/14 (using Hipmunk).


Worked!!! Awesome!!!!:D


Thanks Dan!


You are the best, Dan!!

Thanks again for everything.


If you take a ride that exceeds your credit they will chrge your credit card.
Otherwise there’s no charge.

@Mike B:
Right, you can only use hipmunk or KALEB in step 2.

I posted hipmunk as you get $25 instead of $20 and posting both would probably just cause too much confusion. But if you won’t use it by 05/02 then you would be better off with KALEB.


do the various coupons stack on uber? also is there ay way to see my promotional credit o my app or online?


It says the the credit worked but has not shown up in my “Payment” tab yet. Is there a known delay?



I got an email that they applied it for me!


I got an email from Uber that they automatically applied the credit to my account.

Mike B

Have some confidence in your readers! Jk.. I guess after 05/02, you will just update back to KALEB?


@Mike B:

See comments 1, 2, 9, 10, 29, 34, 36, 42, 45, 46, and 48 on this post:


Is the $40 credit for existing customers only for one ride or multiple?

Mike B

Hilarious! Know your audience… LOL


In for three
BTW from Manhattan to Williamsburg Uber is twice the price of a Taxi!!


@Mike B:
You just know there would be 20 comments from folks who wanted one and used the other and want me to help them switch it.
Easier to just post the ones that can all be added…

For uberSUV, uberBLACK, or uberX?


Is it possible to combine credits? Let’s say it’ll cost $40. I have $20 and my husband has $20. Can they be combined? Thanks!




It said the code was applied. Is there a way to see my uber balance? I can’t find it anywhere.


Promotion has a redemption limit and too many users have entered the code


David R

NYCZRZR130308 used up already

Big Boy

Dead Dead Dead!!!!!!!


is it dead? it says too many users have entered the code

Flying Dag

“Promotion has a redemption limit and too many users have entered the code”

John B

Used up.


How can I find the price they charge for a ride?


Dead. Promotion has a redemption limit and too many users have entered the code


Would this work for transportation from CDG to Park Hyatt Paris or VCE to Westin Europa in Venice?


can someone post a link describing/explaining how/what uber does, and what are all the categories??


BTw Having driven for Uber, beware. Tips are not included. They are misleading.


I got a email from them this morning that they are adding $40 to my account.


There is uber in Paris but not Venice:

Did you read this post?

They clearly state that all taxes and tips are already included in the base fare.


@Question: It’s like a taxi. Time & mileage


@Dan: They can say on their website whatever they want. I am telling you having driven for them. I have an email chain where they say that it’s implied that tips are included. Yet when being paid for each ride there is no breakout for tips as in other black car companies I’ve worked for. It is an outright lie. The next time you go to the restaurant, why don’t you tell your waiter at the end of the meal, your tip is implied and tell me what he says/does.


A waiter gets paid $2 an hour knowing that they will make it up in tips.

If you agreed to drive for uber then you agreed to the compensation and they surely told you that said compensation included the fare with tip.

The fact that they don’t break it down for the driver or the user doesn’t mean it’s not there.

what order?

Hey dan, don’t think this has been answered yet: but if I add both the KALEB and the $40 code, which one would be used first. E.G., could i use $40 code this week for a rider to the airport and then KALEB over the summer for a shorter ride?

Mike B

@what order
I believe the KALEB will be used first as it says on your first ride, I also think you must use at least that amount ($20) in 1 ride or the rest is forfeited.

I actually heard about a class action vs Uber since they do pocket some of the % that is supposed to be the tip portion. Apparently some rides show what portion is from tip and some don’t. The suit got the go-ahead from courts in December. See:


I asked a few drivers and they said the stories are correct. It is very misleading for the company to tell a customer a certain % goes to a tip and for the driver not to get all of that portion. Seems shady to me.


@Mike B:
Sounds like the basic argument boils down to whether uber drivers are employees or independent contractors.

My guess is that uber will win that battle. They don’t tell drivers when to show up to work or that they have to pick someone up, that’s all up to the driver.


Was #37 answered already?


@Mike B: It’s also complicated on a number of levels. In my situation, I didn’t own the car. Any other company we drove for. Broke out the tips and it wasn’t taxed. Uber does not break out the tips and is therefore taxed. @Mike B: thanks for the heads up about the class action law suit.
That’s what happens when you have people running the company who are techies and have no clue about the business side of things.


@Dan: With all due respects Dan, you are great at what you do. Great job on all these deals. However, please do not make blanket assumptions to things you know nothing about. In #55 you stated “If you agreed to drive for uber then you agreed to the compensation and they surely told you that said compensation included the fare with tip.”, until the first check and its associated detail, it was not clear that the tip was not broken out, it would be taxed, a portion shared with Uber, and because it was not broken out, was shared with the company I drove for. It is deceptive on Uber’s part. How is a taxi different than Uber? They both come up with their fare based on time & mileage. However, if you ride in a cab, the passenger knows they need to tip, however, in an Uber car, the passenger assumes that what Uber is saying is the emes. In reality, it’s like taking a cab without tipping the driver. They also have the chutzpah to tell us not to accept tips.


I don’t think it’s like that at all.

It’s more like a restaurant that pays its staff a regular wage (and not the $2/hour tipped wage) and tells their customers not to tip as they’re already getting fairly paid and the price for that is already built into the menu.

If you want to wait at a restaurant that pays you $2/hour plus tips you can always do that.

Mike B

The only way I could see that working is using the “Share-a-ride” function. But I do not know for sure how that works or affects the fare. Once a ride is requested, there is an option in the menus to share a ride. This may allow another user (your husband) to accept the share a ride and pay half with his credit. Please let us know what your testing comes out with.

I don’t know if I agree 100% with you. If Uber were to show the % to a customer and tell them it is a tip (I myself have not seen this, but the lawsuits allege that it is shown in certain situations), it is not fair to the customer or the driver to not give that portion to the driver. Their payment formula is broken. It would be much better to show the rider how much is fare + tip = total. The tip should go to the driver. If Uber chooses to pocket a larger portion of the base fare to compensate, that is between the driver and uber. But to take a cut of anything referred to as a tip is plain wrong.


@Mike B:
I agree with both of your points re showing a % and taking part of that %.


@Mike B: Thanks again Mike B for the heads up on the class action lawsuit. I’ve contacted the attorney mentioned in the article and forwarded an email trail I had with Uber concerning the tip.


Let us know happens 🙂


@Dan: Will do.


Great stuff. I mananaged to snag one.
@Chaya i did a split fair with someone and they didnt allow me to use my promotion. they just charged my card. i complained and their CS was terrible…. never saw the money again.


@Dan: Are you familiar with GetTaxi? A competitor to Uber and is owner by an Israeli.


Any way to know how much it would cost from ewr to flatbush Also what’s the diff between all types of über


I had all 3 applied to my brand new account that i opened yesterday thanks to your tweet.
But i took a Uber taxi this morning, it was a one hour drive
but they didn’t apply the $25 promo, only the 40 and 20. To your knowledge are they not able to stack? Or is this a mistake on their end.
Base Fare 3.00
Distance 110.37
Time 2.66
Subtotal $116.03
Rounding Down-0.03
Uber Credit-20.00
Personal ••••xxxx $56.00


I took a short ($17) ride after I got the $40. It seems like the entire credit was taken off. Was it supposed to be applied only to the first ride?


Uber removed the $40 for existing customers. From Uber:

“Unfortunately, the promo code you applied to your account was sourced from a deal site and will not be valid. Keep in mind that deal sites often do not contain the full details of promotional deals.”

Mike B

The email that was sent to those that this promo code was sent to states “We’ve added a $40 credit to your account that will apply towards the next uberX, UberBLACK, or UberSUV trip that you take before April 1st, 2014. This promotion is not valid with uberT.”

That clearly says it is for your next ride only. I wonder what will happen now that I have already used an “on your next ride” promo but still have an “on your first ride” promo listed on the account. Will it still work even though it isn’t my first ride?

I also tried to use the $40 promo on two rides for someone else and ended up being charged $10 on my cc because the balance of the $40 credit was lost after the first ride.

Regarding them removing the credit from people’s account who didn’t get the email, someone on Uber’s promo dept. messed up and didnt have the coders hide the promo code they used to add the $40 bonus to new customers who had not yet used the service. Therefore, the code was released and lots of others added it to their accounts. According to Tzvi above, it seems they are removing the credit from those that it was not intended for.


Dan when I try to apply the coupon codes it says “A new user promotion is already applied to your account” whats that mean??


Is there a way to close an account? I want to change which promotion I want to use but its not letting me and I can’t make a new account because I need my number