HOT! Hurry! Register With Dreft To Get A Free 5×7 Shutterfly Photo Book!

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Get ready to get a free photo book at 12:00! 

Update-11/01: All 1,000 are gone as of about 12:30AM. Try again tomorrow at 12:00AM!

Update-10/31: They are out of free photo books for today. They are now just sending out 20% off coupon codes. You can try again tomorrow!

There are 1,000 of these available every day starting at 12:00AM EDT for a limited time only! If they run out today-check back at 12:00AM tomorrow!

Free Shutterfly Photo Book Registration Linky

After the quick registration you will get an email with your redemption code. It’s easy to help support this site by just opening a new Shutterfly account and ordering your free photo book by completing the following steps:
(Already have an account with photos in it? You can still help support this site by opening a new account, and then sharing the photos from the old account to the new account. It’ll just take an extra minute of your time!)


1. Sign up with Dreft
2. Login to your email account and copy/save the code for the photo book from your email.
3. Sign up for a new Shutterfly account.
4. Go to your “My Shutterfly” account page then click on “Enter special offer code” in the special offers section at the bottom of the page.
5. Enter your photo book code to save the offer to your account.
6. You now have until 03/30/08 to place your order for your free photo book!

When Shutterfly runs their next free shipping promo, I will post it!

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it only gives u 20 percent of the photobook


Why do you think that???
I already got my code, and it is for a free 20 page 5×7 photobook.


OK, now I understand.
I was able to get the free book email as late as 12:14AM.
However I tried again at 12:39 and got the 20% off email.
Seems that there is approximately a 20 minute window of opportunity for these per night…


thanks. my baby niece will love this one day!


is there a limit as to what kind of pics you can put in it? Does it have some dreft logos?


The photo book itself will have nothing to do with dreft, you can put whatever photos you like in it.
There will not be any “dreft logos” in your book.

Starwood Fan

Missed the free books. Only got 20%. Too bad, will have to try again tomorow!

Thanks Dan, I did get the free shutterfly book from the other promotion you posted a while back. It came out great, those books are so cool!


Shutterfly’s photo books are indeed, totally awesome!

You must have just missed tonight’s giveaway-good luck tomorrow!


Which account do you have to sign up for at 12, Dreft or Shutterfly?



Starwood Fan

Thanks Dan I got it tonight! You da man.

Can I get another one every night?


Only sending 20% off coupon already


is citi still offering the 20000 for the american airlines like it says in the link


yes citicard is still 20000 when you sign up with dans link thats what i was told


can you use the southwest 16 points=free flight (no companion) to fly from LGA?


If I apply for a credit card and I am overdrawn in my bank account will they be able to see?


does anybody know if signing up for diffrent citi cards can you get thank you rewards a couple of times


I registered last night (aprox. 12:03 edt) but never got any email…

I guess I need to try again tonight with a different email address…



I just merged mine and my wifes Starwood account – they did it over the phone no problem as long as both addresses were the same…

Thanks for a great website!


btw your timestamp on the comments didnt “fall back” 🙂

Dreft Issues

I got the 20% off on Thursday night. I tried again tonight and it told me that my address was already registered. Is there any way to unregister my address with dreft?


Check out the wording in the email I got from Dreft. I signed up at 12:14am…too late for the free offer. But boy was I excited to read the first sentence of the email….until I got a little further down. Isn’t there some way to hold them to that?

“you’re almost ready to start creating your free photo book from Dreft® and Shutterflyâ„¢. To redeem your code*, just follow these steps:

1. Visit
2. Sign up (it’s free) or sign in to your Shutterfly account
3. Enter the promotional code listed above, good for 20% off a 5×7 photo book from Shutterfly
4. Upload pictures and start creating! “


Also I don’t get how it works if you try one night and it turns out to be too late. If I reregister another night, don’t I have to have new registration info…new email etc?
Same for all the numerous Shutterfly offers. Do I need to get a bunch new email addresses?


You would need to clear out your cookies and use a new street and email address for dreft…
You will probably need a new shutterfly account for each coupon that you want to use.


You only need a different email address i got a few in 1 night thanks dan these books are great


there is free shipping now
i received an email from shutterfly stating:
“Complete your order today and standard shipping’s on us!* We can send your order to you or directly to friends and family.

Celebrate the holiday season with Shutterfly and save!

Hurry—offer ends November 19!”

but i am not sure if u can combine promotions.
check out.


sorry i dont think it will work
“Discount may not be used or combined with any other discount offers”

free book

I tried getting the free book when you first listed this deal, but only got the 20% off coupon. When I tried again the next day, the system didn’t let since I already used that street address, so I e-mailed them a complaint saying that I really wanted the free photobook. I just received a response saying they’re sorry I’m dissappointed and they gave me a code for the free book. It’s worth a try!