HOT! Get A Free Year Of UPS My Choice Premium!

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Update, 11:58am: DEAD!

Get A Free Year Of UPS My Choice Premium!

This will work for new or expired memberships, but won’t work if you have a currently active membership that expires in more than a month from now.

Register for a new membership via the link above, or if you have an existing My Choice membership click on “Manage My Memberships” and then “Upgrade To Premium Membership.”

Then apply the following promo code to get a free year of premium membership and click upgrade: C8RG92DG8

The free tier of UPS My Choice gives members alerts on UPS deliveries with delivery time windows and the ability to sign for packages online.

Premium membership normally costs $40/year and benefits include:
-Unlimited free UPS SurePost upgrades to UPS Ground. SurePost are those packages that take forever to arrive because they are shipped via UPS and are then handed off to the post office. With this benefit they’ll arrive with UPS Ground every time.
-Two free 2-hour confirmed delivery window requests annually.
-Have packages delivered to another address or on another day.
-Sign for a package online when you won’t be home to sign in person.
-Send your packages to The UPS Store® or a UPS Access Point™ location for convenient pickup.
-Use the Set a Vacation feature to hold your packages at a UPS Access Point location up to seven days while you’re traveling. Or choose to have packages delivered to your home after vacations of up to 14 days.

In order to automatically have all of your SurePost packages upgraded to ground automatically just click here and then click on “Delivery options>Package Upgrades>Automatically upgrade all packages and save changes.

Membership will auto-renew at $40/year. To turn off the auto-renew option just click here and then under location information find “Premium Membership Renewal.” Uncheck that option and save changes.

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58 Comments On "HOT! Get A Free Year Of UPS My Choice Premium!"

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Moishe B. Singer

Remember – It won’t work if you are active and experation is more than a month away




Does it work if you cancel and apply this? Let me know.

Jonathan R

Will I lose my regular MyChoice after the year by upgrading to Premium? It currently says Your membership will not expire unless you cancel.


Perfect – thanks Dan


wow, worked for me, just saved $40 thanks!!!




This is great! thanks @Dan!

Can I add as many addresses as I’d like and upgrade all of them?


No need to uncheck the auto-renew because you don’t put in any payment info.


I tried to cancel, but it won’t work because the original expiration stays, even when you cancel…


Got it! Thanks Dan!




Delivery options package upgrades. Cannot seem to find that anywhere on the page. I’m logged in. I used the code to upgrade! Thanks:)




Did it through the app, easy as pie! Thanks!


Got it.. thanks Dan


awesome! i hate surepost


Thanks @Dan.


Thank’s,It worked!


I did it in the UPS app upgraded with out entering CC info


I cant seem to enter my address into the form after I clicked upgrade, it wont et me go any further, did UPS end this deal or something?




Promo code is no longer available


“Promotion code is no longer available.”


promo code expired


“Promotion code is no longer available”


dead as door nail, promo code no longer valid


Says promo code is no longer available

Missed it?

I’m getting “code no longer available”




“Promotion Code is no longer available”


I just got “promotion code no longer valid”


Receiving error they “promo code is no longer available”. Bummer, since my premium membership just ended a couple of weeks ago.


Danb, not fair, this was sent to shoprunner members and I actually got the email. What gave you the right to publicly post it? Now i cant even get it and i was entitled to it in the first place!


Oy you entitled p*tz, EVERYONE with an amex has shoprunner, and therefore we are just as “entitled” as you.


Just curious, how much do you pay for your shoprunner membership?


Argh, mine expires in a little less than 2 months.
Hopefully they run this again soon.


Thanks got it with out auto renewal


Is it still available via Shoprunner?

Honest Abe

Dan the man…I appreciate all you do for us…But I just missed this promo by ten minutes…Please let us know when this becomes live again…And also…btw…just noticed that someone else just asked this …but does this still work if you have a shoprunner account or is it dead for everyone?

Honest Abe

btw..just to let everyone know…there are promo codes running all the time to get this for $1 a month…either as 10 month, 4 month, 3 Month or even as a 2 month contract. You dont have to pay $40 per year…The most you will be paying for this is around $12 per year if you keep adding codes every couple of months.


Still working!!!
Premium membership expires on 02/11/2019


My email from Shoprunner says it expires 2/13/2018, yet I get the no longer valid message. Time to complain to Shoprunner.


Dan ruined it by posting this, it should have been for shoprunner members only.


Who doesn’t have Shoprunner? Who doesn’t have any amex cards?


Shoprunner is the one who messed up. If the deal was for a limited number of memberships, they should have said so. If you got the email and can’t do the deal, contact Shoprunner to complain.


ALIVE AGAIN!! Just did it at 2:01 est and it worked, tried earlier and said it was no longer available.


Not alive for me 2:30 est.

I received the shoprunner email offering this, so I’m kind of annoyed it died already. 🙁

Honest Abe

Is it dead again? I tried the code and it says no longer available. Is it because I had Premium in the past?

Rachel A

Signed up this morning! Thanks!