HOT! Get Free Diapers And Wipes From Sam’s Club With AMEX Offers!

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Several years ago I got dozens of boxes of free diapers from Amazon thanks to their ridiculously generous stacking promo codes.

I’ve burned through most of my collection of those, though I overbought on the smaller sizes that the kids grow out of way too quickly.

With the current $20 off $20 Sam’s Club deal though you can potentially get a lifetime of free diapers and wipes depending on how many primary and secondary AMEX cards you have.

I’m still working my way through free gift cards to local grocery stores and restaurants thanks to the annual Small Business Saturday promotion. And thanks to that I have lots of AMEX cards at my disposal.

You can read this post for instructions on how to register each of your primary and secondary cards for $20 off $20 at

You don’t need a membership to shop on

If you register your free online guest account with an address in California you won’t even pay the 10% penalty for not being a member. That applies even if you ship your items and list your billing address outside of California!

Just add an item to your cart and use guest checkout:












If they do add a paid membership to your cart you can just uncheck the box on the bottom of your cart to remove the membership.




















Or you can always get a membership that you and another household member can use online or in-store for just $5 after $40 off thanks to 2 registered AMEX cards.

They used to carry a $20 gift card that was valid at Sam’s or Walmart, but that’s now out of stock. The cheapest gift card is now $50.

But you can buy a $40 case of diapers and split it between 2 cards. Each card will get a $20 credit from AMEX.

As long as there is tax on diapers in your state you can even buy a $39.98 case of diapers. For me the total with tax came out to $43.58, or $3.58 after the 2 $20 credits:

















All you need to do is enter 2 AMEX cards and check the box next to each one before clicking continue:










You’ll then be asked to write how much to charge each card, just make sure to put at least $20 on each:











For a case of $19.98 wipes you can just use 1 card and get the credit as long as the total is $20 or more after tax.  For a case of $15 wipes you can order 3 and split the charge between 2 cards.

If you don’t have tax then you can add a filler item to get over $20 or $40:
Pilot pen for $1.38 (Select blue or purple for free shipping on one pen)
Uni-ball pen for $1.68
Pilot G6 Retractable Gel Ink Pen for $1.68
Pilot Retractable Precise Roller Ball Pen for $1.88
8 Paper Mate InkJoy Stick Pen for $1.88

Pampers Diapers and Wipes:

-Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes: $19.98
-Pampers Baby Fresh Baby Wipes: $19.98
-Pampers Natural Clean Baby Wipes: $19.98
-Pampers Splashers Swimpants 2-Pack: $19.98
-Pampers Swaddlers Diapers, Newborn: $24.48
-Pampers UnderJams Bedtime Underwear for Girls: $24.98
-Pampers UnderJams Bedtime Underwear for Boys: $24.98
-Pampers Swaddlers Diapers: $39.98
-Pampers Cruisers Diapers: $39.98
-Pampers Baby Dry Diapers: $45.98
-Pampers Swaddlers Diapers Economy Pack: $45.98
-Pampers Cruisers Diapers Economy Pack: $45.98
-Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers: $45.98


-Huggies One & Done Refreshing Baby Wipes: $15.34
-Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes, Fragrance Free: $15.34
-Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes: $19.98
-Huggies One & Done Refreshing Baby Wipes: $19.98
-Huggies Little Swimmers Swimpants: $19.88
-Huggies Cool Alert Pull-Ups Training Pants for Boys: $23.97
-Huggies Cool Alert Pull-Ups Training Pants for Girls: $23.97
-Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diaper Pants Super Pack: $24.88
-Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers: $25.98
-Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers: $39.98
-Huggies Little Movers Diapers: $39.98
-Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers: $39.98
-Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers: $39.98
-Huggies Little Movers Slip-On Diaper Pants Economy Pack: $46.88
-Huggies Little Movers Diapers Economy Pack: $46.88
-Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers Economy Pack: $46.88
-Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers Economy Pack: $46.88


Don’t want to miss out on AMEX Offers? Want to get ready for SBS 2015 with free spending at small businesses for each primary and secondary cardholder?

American Express is a advertiser.

Consumer cards include:

Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express

The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express

American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card

Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card from American Express

Platinum Card® from American Express

Blue Cash Everyday® Card from American Express

Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Business cards:

All business cards give automatic OPEN Savings rebates on top of points.

Starwood Preferred Guest® Business Credit Card from American Express 

The Enhanced Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN

Delta SkyMiles® Gold Business American Express Card

SimplyCash® Business Card from American Express 

Business Green Rewards Card from American Express OPEN

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express OPEN 


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will $20 gc’s come back in stock? or we should just get $50 now??


Dan, I wish for you the blessing of many children AND a lifetime supply of diapers with which to clothe them. Kayn yehi ratzon.

Really Dude?

Total clickbait title. The AMEX Sams Club offer is old news. You just posted one way to use the offer. LAME.


Is it possible also to split payment on the $50 gc?
Do you think its worth waiting for the $20 gc to come back in stock?


No clue.

@Really Dude?:
If I wanted to write a clickbait title I’d wouldn’t have written “with AMEX offers”

I’ve covered the offer a couple times already, good to put it in perspective for people.


Depends if you’re willing to risk the $50 going OOS.


How much longer do we have to register for this offer? Can I still order additional cards?


I saw the smaller gift cards were sold out. Any idea how long it takes them to restock?


Wow. Very misleading tweet.
You haven’t tweeted something so misleading in a long time.
Very unimpressed.


The amnex offer isn’t for a lifetime of free diapers.


Hi dan , general question .im not using twitter at this time .but in order to take advantage on all Amex offers ,do I need to save it via twitter to my card ,or checking in my offers page on my account is enough ?
In other words ,would Twitter have sometimes some offers to my account , that my offers on the web wouldn’t have it ?


It will end when it hits the max amount of registrations.
You can order AUs, impossible to say if it will fill up.

Like I said before, if I wanted to mislead I wouldn’t have written that this is was with the current AMEX offers.

Most AMEX cards allow 99 free additional users.
You do the math.


can you split more than 2 cards?




I love you man, but that title…

Happy Thanksgiving

@sb only other possible form of payment after 2 credit cards is with a Sams Gift card..


I’m stocking up, no reason everyone else can’t as well…


I’m not here to debate this with you. You can decide for yourself if a few $$ is worth your credibility.


Not about the few $.

People weren’t getting excited over this offer for reasons that I don’t quite understand.
I don’t mind putting it into perspective if that’s what it takes.


@Brian: Agree that the title is VERY misleading. Just get $50 gift card and split between 2 amex for $25 each. use in any walmart or sell for like 96% value. $20 and $40 gift cards will be in stock before the end of the promo in July (!). Why diapers and not everything else Sams Club/Walmart sell??? I don’t want to speculate, but diapers purchases pay cash back and gift cards don’t.


Dan how about an answer to my question pls ?


Dan is it not lying to say one is a resident of california if they are not? Not saying you do not have an answer, just curious


Don’t sign up 99 AU users unless you really want financial review. Even 9 can be too much.


Dan, when I Unsync the card, the offer will still stay or do I need to use the card first and then unsync?

Happy Thanksgiving

@david if you have multiple amex cards right click on the top of the browser “duplicate” according to how many cards you have & click save, save, save, etc. one after another. if you dont see it some offers can be tweeted to get added. not all.


And what does “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down” stand for?..



I completely agree that people like to see the information broken down and put into perspective. However, you make it sound much easier than it really is. I have a whole bunch of cards. After tweeting for many of them (I have separate accounts for each one or unsynced my current card and have done this before), I called AMEX to confirm that they I was actually registered for the promo. Turns out I was registered for about 60% of them, no explanation forthcoming. If you want a lifetime supply of anything you’ll need to have a bottle of motrin ready for your oncoming headache.


Why diapers?

Are you a parent?

I have a 3 year old and 1 year old. The cost to buy them are thousands of dollars.

I blog about my own experiences. I have enough cards to get a lifetime supply of diapers from this and I will. It’s as simple as that.

And yes, they pay for both diapers and gift cards. I did include gift card links in the past 2 posts on this offer. I was going to write about the $20 GC again now that I got my $20 back but it’s OOS. When (if) it comes back in stock I’ll write about that too.
Though by then who knows if Sam’s might get rid of the CA trick.

Twitter can have other offers.

It never asks if you are a resident. It just asks for an address.
You can put your real billing and shipping address when making the order.

Even 9 is a big deal? That’s false.
And an FR is no big deal if you make any kind of income on the books.

You don’t need to use it. Just saving it will keep it there until you use it.

I’ve never had that issue. If you tweet each one you’ll be registered for each one, simple as that.
And AMEX is very good at standing behind this stuff even if you make a mistake.

You’re not going to get a lifetime supply of diapers without a little bit of effort!


@Dan: I absolutely agree, I’ve been stocking up as well. Maybe what struck me as strange was the “HOT!” It’s possible to do a comprehensive writeup like this one which serves to educate all your readers about the potential from this offer without making it seem like a new hot offer.
Either way, thanks for the writeup and for all that you do.

Happy Thanksgiving

@al613 Promo ends in September fyi

Happy Thanksgiving

I cant believe the hate & nonsense that some people post here. Between this & Small Business Saturday you really can make a killing if you are organized & are willing to invest the time & effort. If you are lazy THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!


so dan, why bother talking about diapers, honestly?? u never suggested that people should buy diapers at SBS, so why not just say $20 off anything at SC? making people think that u have a hidden agenda… its time you WIPE up your act!


The past tweets on this offer didn’t generate any significant traffic.

Writing hot isn’t something I do often. But I think this offer deserves far more attention than it was getting. And if it took a title like this, then so be it. I’m not apologizing for it and I think people know that I resort to a title like this far less than other bloggers.

And I think in this case it was well warranted.

@Happy Thanksgiving:
Assuming they don’t change the terms considering how generous it is…

@Happy Thanksgiving:

Spoken like another non-parent.

Diapers are something that parents spend thousands of dollars on annually. It’s an easy practical item and it comes it right at $20 or $40 per case, so it’s perfect for this offer.

From experience, it takes something practical to put this deal into perspective.

SBS is valid anywhere, not just at one website! Comparing the 2 is foolhardy.


By the way, the CA trick won’t go away, it’s a California state law that they can’t charge non-members more.


sams club is terrible!I ordered a bunch of 40 dollar gift cards last week and they are all stuck in processing.I think amex already cancelled some of the charges that were hanging around pending for too was totally not equipped for this promo


Ive been trying to use the offer for a while but most items have shipping costs of 10 dollars or more. is there any rhyme or reason to what has shipping costs and what does not? Is it only the diapers?


They can definitely fix it for when the billing and shipping address are out of CA.

The gift cards are very slow in processing.
How does a variable amount gift card even go OOS? My guess is they just stopped selling them due to this offer.

Not charging me shipping for any of these items.
Which exactly have a shipping charge and where are you trying to ship them to?


I just got a $20 off $20 Amazon offer but only on one of my cards, it is not showing up on the other cards or AU’s


Has anyone had success with in-store pick up of offers purchased online? I’ve read that they end up making the point of purchase the store and not online making the purchase ineligible for the offer. Is that confirmed? What would happen if I showed up for the pick-up and claimed not to have the card – wouldn’t they just process the card from the online purchase?


You don’t need a membership to shop on If they do add a paid membership to your cart you can just uncheck the box on the bottom of your cart to remove the membership. —

I’m not able to uncheck the membership. Has the coding on the website been changed?


@dave: The free wipes will certainly help


Where u stock all these pampers? I just got few cases found a price mistake I have no place for them.. 😮



Why not just ship?

Scroll down the page and you’ll see the membership box to uncheck.

Isn’t that what attics are for?

$40 off membership?

I hit the link you provided for the $40 off $45 for the membership but I don’t see any discount offered


@Dan: True, they can fix the CA trick, but that’s not practical – people want to be able to send gifts to other addresses.
By the way, it’s not just CA – it’s also in SC and Elmsford, NY 🙂


@$40 off membership?:
$40 off when you use 2 registered cards.

They can easily make the billing address have to be in CA. I have no idea why they don’t in fact but I’m not complaining.


@Dan: OK, lets just say that if you have no other use for walmart gift cards, diapers might be a good option. I guess it works for many in Brooklyn. I have a walmart few blocks from me and a sams club not far away, so, I really prefer gift cards to use on anything we buy there. Its almost like cash for us. For diapers we use amazon which usually have lower prices with different promos.


It’s not really a secret where DD readers hail from. WM dead zone:

Yes, the $20 GC was ideal. For $50 that means $10 out of pocket.

The diapers are just tax out of pocket and is something every parent needs. Shipped to my house for free…can’t beat that.

Personally I don’t shop at WM unless I have no other option. I’d rather shop at Target and use RC for 5% off then deal with the long lines, attitude, and not to mention my neighbor being held up at gunpoint at WM.

If someone is not a parent, this post is probably aggravating. But I’m not sure why they clicked on it in the first place.


I wish I had one 😏



I’m referring to other items on the site. You’re the best, all your items have free shipping. What I want to know is how do I find other items that have free shipping? Other things I need get a 10 dollar shipping charge tacked on.

i s

if the price is 19.95, and they charge you penalty that the total is now with 10% more totaling more then 20$ is that ok?


@Dan trying to buy a Royal HG12X Paper Shredder, there is a shipping cost of $10.23 to NYC, is there a way to avoid it?


@Dan: Thanks. Interesting that under “AMEX Offers For You” I only see the offer on some of my cards, Not on all that I synced.


sorry for the question… how do you sync the authorized users for this offer.. I synced all my primary cards, because they show up on my account..but how do I sync AU’s?


Had an AMEX?
Had kids?

You should have many of both 😀

@i s:
Do you not have tax in your state?

Not that I know of.

I wouldn’t worry about that.

With Twitter. Click on the link in the post for directions.


@Dan: 1. There are different walmarts. And distance is an issue as well. 2. I’m definitely talking as a parent. 🙂


They seem to stick them in the worst possible neighborhoods.
Or maybe the worst neighborhoods follow them 😛

Ultimately it’s the same reason I stick with RC instead of going back to Serve. I despise shopping in WM and will gladly claim a lifetime supply of diapers sent directly to my house despite the number of haters in this post.
I don’t blog for your situation, I blog about my situation. Sorry if we’re not aligned here, would be odd if we always were.

Click bate

Total click bate. Just another way for u to post your amex affiliate links.


why don’t you have any good offers on cc?


Dan thanks for the post don’t listen to theses people!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Where do I register for a free account? I don’t see this option.


@Dan: I’m sorry if I have offended you. We all have benefited from your posts.


Have both bh!! 😉 ur a user dan?


thank you dan!!!:)

keep up your great work!!


I’ve added a screenshot for where to click for a guest account.

Not offended. Somewhat surprised at the amount of backlash given how lucrative this offer is, but I get it.

I’m not about to go all VFTW on you 😉

Then what don’t you have?



Wow! I looked for that a million times but didn’t see it. Thanks Dan!



sorry confused

how do you get the 40 off membership – link the amex first?


so are there other products with free shipping that would be worthwhile with this offer? How do we find them?


Love when SBS is more than once a year.


when this was first reported, I bought a case of diapers for $17, plus the fees, I only paid $0.83. Sweet deal for wipes we’ll be needing for a loooong time. Ordered it Fri, came the following Thurs. Same day the credit was posted to my account 🙂


not sure why this is HOT tho!
use your brain and buy what you need for FREE!!!


Can I buy the verizon or cabelas gift cards with this promo?


Can I use an American Express go for this offer or it must be a credit card??


I am not sure all this kvetching is about, we all benefit so much from your deals, insights and you answer questions on top of it.
Dan, i still dont understand. Can i use this Sam’s GC in WM? I do shop there and can benefit from using the card there. Tks



Good for you.
This is my 3rd post on this offer.

I’m getting thousands of dollars of free diapers.
Which part of that isn’t hot?


Not sure what you’re asking.

Yes, Sams GC works in WM. I included a link to the GCs in this post.


Can I use an Amex gift card or just credit card??


@Pretsel – YES! samsclub gift cards say on them usable in walmart , and samsclub


Credit card.


for some reason there is tax on wipes to my address in NY, but not on pampers which leaves me with $39.98. I found this filler for $1.68 though to bring it above $40


for everything in life ny always charges tax but now when i need a couple cents to throw me over 40 it of course doesn’t??!!


@dvol: what was the filler?


I don’t see the option to login using guest account
it just says “Not a Sam’s Club member?
Non-members pay 10% more than members. Join now”
I selected a club in CA but that did not help either


i’m trying to create a guest account in sam’s club but the link your showing on the picture is not there


@dvol: Which item did you use as your filler?


ok I see now, that option is only after you put something in your shopping basket and checkout


I just added several filler items to the post.


They dont let me enter 2 credit cards at checkout


When syncing secondary cards with (other names) names via twitter, do I put my name or the secondary users name?


is there any way to split a $60 charge between 3 amex cards?


Yes they do. Just add another card.

Name doesn’t matter.

@a yid:
2 max.


Thanks Dan


A few years ago, when we had 3 kids in diapers, we got some great deals. Pampers, Huggies, AND CVS were changing over to new packaging and the stores were discounting their stock diapers in preparation for the changeover. At first, the discount was only 50%, so we bought a bunch to maybe last a few weeks. Then, the discount went to 75%, and we traveled around to various stores and bought a bunch more to last a few months. *THEN* the discount went to 90%, so we scoured every store within driving distance and bought everything they had in various sizes. By the time we were done, we had a mountain of diapers in our garage, maybe 6 ft by 3 ft and probably 4-5 ft high. We never had to buy a pack again after that, and what was leftover after all the kids were out of diapers we donated to tzedaka.


@Dan: the cheapest filler you linked to requires an order of 6 minimum


Registered 19 cards – got $50 Vanilla Visa’s split on 2 9x – cards are shipped & $20 credits have posted.

Got a membership so net expense for after Gift card fees & Mmbership was $95 for $380 Amex Credits = $285 CASH profit after loading them at Family Dollar.

Not only is this not new what is hot about this?

We are on to other deals already 🙂


I think everyone will agree that the word “Hot” was ridiculous to use here – This offer was well written about when it came out on Friday May 1st and most of us who knew what to do here have already cashed out & moved on.

“hot” should be used on Friday May 1st as I believe that was filled up on Twitter very fast.


For me $400 of diapers is much better than $285 cash after spending time at Family Dollar.

I’m glad that worked out better for you. But I blog about what works for me.

Again, this deal has already been posted twice and gift cards were written about as well. Yes, back on May 1st.

For whatever reason they didn’t spark much interest considering how good the deal was.

Seems like it took this title and example to do that…


Is bluebird working with this offer? I signed up my bluebird cards but don’t want to be left spending if I wont get it back.


Dan we all understand the point you are trying to make, but you are missing ours. You have said above, even explicitly once, that it didn’t generate the buzz you felt it should.

It’s this attitude that makes it obvious that you are looking for activity, for page views, etc, and not thinking about the integrity of what you were posting, and it seriously undermines your credibility.

As others have said, “Hot” had no business in this title, and it could have just as easily read pretzels for life. I like your blog, but in this instance, I am somewhat disappointed.


$285 profit tax free + a Sams Club Membership or $380 in diapers.

Family Dollar is a breeze compared to getting in to target to load GC.


Unbelievable how people are so ungrateful. If you don’t line the deal move on! Don’t bash the guy who has probably saved you thousands of dollars through free or heavily discounted stuff.

Whatever dinas motive is, however he words it, he’s entitled to do whatever the hell he wants.

So ungrateful it’s crazy!

Honest Abe

Not sure why everyone is getting excited over this…..The fine print states: Get a 1X $20 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $20 or more online at by 9/30/2015. Offer not valid in Club or on pickup program orders paid for in Club. See terms for additional exclusions.

Its only a one time use…So if you have two cards….that means you only get one pack of diapers free…not a lifetime of diapers…I wish….


Dan – I hope all the complainers & moaners & haters don’t get to you. I appreciate your posts, and if one doesn’t interest me (or apply to me), I move on to the next one – as easy as that. Some people just want to have something to complain & be miserable about – mindless trolls 🙂


I didn’t pick up this deal the first time it was posted on may 1 because it said it was for SamsClub and I don’t usually shop there. DId not realize I could buy things online or avoid the 10% fee.
But now, to think that a lifetime of diapers could last me through my old age! now that’s a deal!

dont hate

Raboisai, what’s needed here is a serious dose of hakaras hatov for dan. Let’s hear it! Dan you can do as you please I will never think twice before clicking any post! I will ckicl to my hearts content because of hakaras hatov, veahavta lereacha kamocha, and it’s a MITZVA to give any jew parnasa, kol sheken a yid like dan who gives us sooooo much. I love you dan thanks for the Jerusalem seminar it was awesome!!


pens now have min order of 5-6 boxes


hey is anyone else getting an error from sams club when trying to create a guest account?


i have 75 cards can I use all of them? How many cards can I use for one purchase on


@Rachel: Yes, if they all have the offer saved to them. Only 2.


wow many comments to read through and trying to find my answer.. I saw @g asked twice how to find other items that don’t have a shipping fee. no answer on that yet… Anyone?


is there a limit how many Sam’s club GC can be used on one transaction ?


Simple question. Can this be sued any other items other than diapers or wipes?


@rebyid it says 4

@appreciate in search field enter, free shipping. all categories of items with free shipping then appear



@ dan

For this deal, can i put $20 on each of the amex cards and pay the rest with a visa? Only asking because they are not my cards


Thank you done deal. On May 1 I didn’t realize the great potential here and I certainly didn’t know the CA address savings. Keep up the great finds!


when u click offer does that work for all ur amex cards? it only let me do offer by one not by any of the other


Thank you Dan for the Hot!!! deal. This deal is hot for me. I don’t know how I missed the tweet on the first but thanks for writing hot. It got my attention. Gotta love amex. I’m also still spending my sbs money.


Someone up the ladder here mentioned that lower denomination Sams Club gift cards will be back in stock in July. I was just wondering where that information came from and if this is definitely true because if it is I don’t mind waiting. I read on another forum that they pulled it from online for good :(. Probably due to this promo… Or maybe they’re just saying that and will put it back after this promo ends. Anyway, I’d like to get a more definitive idea if the $10 to $40 Sams Club gift cards will be back BEFORE this promo ends.


Are all GC’s automatically good at WM?


You asked me why not just ship? – Is shipping free for members? I don’t want to pay shipping and I work nearby so I thought I’d pick it up myself. I’d be happy not buying GC’s and rather buy real merchandise but I don’t want to pay the shipping!



Notice how it isn’t just out of stock but actually no longer listed


Thanks Dan for this awesome post and thanks for putting “Hot” in the title. It is really a hot deal for me.
I placed some orders and I’m wondering how soon in your experience would I see the credit reflected?


Ok, so I synced on twitter and created a Sam’s club account. Now I buy $20 worth of stuff (I only have one card) and get a $20 gift card sent to me for that?


@Josh: You just bought $20 worth after syncing your card on twitter?

bad luck

any idea why the CA trick isn’t working for me, it works when shipped to CA but not on my different address?

after 9

after adding till #amexSamsClub 1/9 what can I enter it just wouldn’t go further

clear thinker

A lot of stupid people here (or just 1 or 2 of them that keep posting on different names…!!)
You don’t like Please move on!
As Dan said he Blogs about himself not you!
Anyways Thanks Dan I for 1 will definitely grab some pampers and this post made me realize how lucrative this deal is.
Thanks again!


No, you get a statement credit for $20 on your Amex card.


HELP!!!! i keep coming up with 19.98 or 39.98 worth of items, but cant find a cheap filler that doesnt require a large minimum order. the examples Dan gave do not work. ANY IDEAS ANYONE?


dan thanks for all the deals


If with shipping the order comes out over $20 will you still get the $20 off?


Of course.



Do you know how soon I would see the credit reflected after placing the order?
Is it when the statement prints?



“People weren’t getting excited over this offer for reasons that I don’t quite understand.
I don’t mind putting it into perspective if that’s what it takes.”

That is exactly what you did for me. Thank you Dan.
I was not paying attention to this offer — which I was well aware of — until you put it into context for me 🙂


On another note, is Amex clamping down on the multiple window technique for saving offers to multiple cards? I opened all windows before saving, and the last few said that I have already saved the offer….


They don’t seem to be allowing guest accounts anymore. The create a guest account link does not show up in my browser and I’ve tried different browsers.


Um, why are people complaining about free diapers? If you dont want/need free diapers just move on to the next post.


I tried adding 2 cards a few times it doesn’t work for me


Can i get an amex gift card for 54 bucks


“Or you can always get a membership that you and another household member can use online or in-store for just $5 after $40 off thanks to 2 registered AMEX cards”
You just register 2 amex cards to your payments profile and you will automatically get the discount?


is there still a possibility to make a guest acc? im trying and it worked for me yesterday but now its not giving me the option even after selecting my items


@a yid:
Try another browser and add items to your cart again.


thanks – it worked after i clicked checkout and started checking out – they then required me to create an acc nad they had the option to be a guest!


Dan a short better explanation please on how to do the $45 membership with 2 amex cards with a $40 discount?


Dan, if my default address is in CA and secondary is in AZ, it starts as no fee but if I change shipping address to AZ, it changes to 10% fee, so it does not work.


Same way you get $40 off diapers, register 2 cards on Twitter and split the charge between 2 cards.

Did you register your account to CA when you signed up?
If not make a new guest account.


Thanks, Dan 🙂 That worked!


@YG: I had the same problem. Turns out I had multiple tabs open to the same card. Make sure you select a different card in each tab.


thanks as always Dan You are the BEST!!!!I just ordered toilet paper and I used 1 of my cc. this offer works for any item of $20. Sam’s Club brand seems to have the free shipping My family is very excited with these offers. thanks soooo much once again

Dear dan

I really don’t know why you are answering these selfish 5 year olds.

If there’s an end user who reads and benefits from this site, who is still willing to relentlessly fire at the very person who saved him hundreds or thousands of dollars, on the very platform used to help him save money, and in a post which was created and intended to continue to do so, than this person is guilty of of selfishness in its highest degree and should be banned from this site and from society. Society has no room for freeloaders.


Dan. Do you know at what point you would see a credit?


can i just use the amex to buy gift cards on sams club for amex and then use it anywhere? or will it not work for gift cards?


when i click on the pampers 864 wipes it says something about an instant 10.00 off if i buy diapers too. something new?


Hi Dan
Thanks alot.
How often can i use this deal or is it a one time thing per amex card.


Has anyone been getting emails from Amex stating that they used the deal, after making the purchase? I have not gotten any – any reason for concern?


anyone having trouble registering Serve cards for this offer on twitter?


@ary: is there a way to avoid shipping charge


Very many free shipping items. Search and you’ll find!


order was out of stock, canceled
Anyone else?


since you can purchase a samsclub gift card with a samsclub gift card.
the best idea is to buy 1 $50 gift card with 2 credit cards & wait for the gift card to arrive . Then you can use that $50 gift card to pay the $10 for the next 5 Gift card orders !
So at the end you pay only 1 time $10 from out of pocket !!
Am I right ?


Just want to counteract all those ungrateful comments…
I have personally seen the Sam’s club offer a few times already but didn’t see how it would be useful to me since I never shop there. This post brought this great opportunity to my attention, and being that I have 2 babies and another on the way it’s a huge help!


@hershel: can you pay with 3 cards? I think only 2 cards


Why does my order of GCs now say “exception” ? any idea?


@C: you can pay with 2 credit cards AND 4 gift cards


@C: you can pay with 2 credit cards for a $50 samsclub gift card to get $20 back on each card, and the extra $10 you pay with the gift card from the first order !!

chana k

I’m glad you posted ‘HOT’, so you alerted people to the magic of this offer.
I, on the other hand, started reading it and passed right by. I have no babies and already ordered my SC GCs earlier in the week. 🙂


Subtotal (3 items): $46.13
Shipping: $14.25
10.0% non-Member fee: $4.19
Est.sales tax: $5.36
Product fees: $0.00

how can i avoid the shipping fees?


I used 2 cards and 3 gc to buy a $50 and my order was cancelled.


When linking cards to my twitter account for the sams club offer, can I link multiple cards to my twitter account, or does each account need a separate twitter account?


@Rose: doesn’t matter now. Sorry, max # of Card Members have enrolled in #AmexSamsClub offer.


@Rose: doesn’t matter now. Sorry, max # of Card Members have enrolled in the twitter offer.


any vay to avoid shiping cost on gc?


Dan- I registered for a an AE business card (Simply Cash) and added 8 additional cardholders but AE wont activate their cards unless I provide a ss# for each one. They said that as of 6 months ago that is the regulation. Any suggestions to get around this?

An avid fan!


Just got 16 boxes of diapers shipped. FedEx guy delivers them and finally blurts out: how many kids do you have and how much sh**ttin do they do?!


Just got this message from @AmexOffers

“Sorry, max # of Card Members have enrolled in #AmexSamsClub offer. Visit for more offers @AmexOffers”

Anyone else have this problem?

jim smith


Yes, I got this too. Guess you have to be fairly quick with these type of offers.


You cant pay for a gift card with a gift card, so you have to pay the $10.00


sams club now has the 20 $ giftcards back in stock


Is this still on?