Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Free Uber Rides From LaGuardia With AMEX Platinum

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If you arrive in LGA and use your primary or secondary Consumer Platinum Card or your Business Platinum Card from American Express to enter the AMEX Centurion lounge you will get a code for 2 free Uber rides from LGA to anywhere in NYC’s 5 boroughs.

The Centurion lounge is located landside (outside of security) in LaGuardia’s central terminal. With a Platinum card you can bring your spouse and children or 2 guests into the lounge for free.

See this post to learn about all of the awesome benefits you get from the Platinum card.

Here is the card that you get:

uber1 uber2


























Uber is a pretty awesome app. I’ve done day trips to cities like Chicago and NYC without having to rent a car thanks to UberX rides that are cheaper than a taxi and far more convenient. And while people wait for an hour in the taxi line I breeze right into a waiting car.  I even earn Starpoints for using Uber on top of 3 points per dollar for charging Uber rides to my Everyday card.

If you’re new to Uber you can get a free $15 Uber ride via this referral link.

Here’s what you need to know about getting a card:
-You will only get the card with an active Platinum or Centurion card. While you can enter the lounge by paying $50 with any other AMEX card, you won’t get the card with other AMEX cards.
-You will only get the card with a boarding pass showing that your flight arrived in LGA that day.
-Guests won’t receive a card (unless they enter the lounge with their own primary or secondary Platinum card).
-You will only receive one card per day.
-They plan on handing out these cards until the end of 2015.

Here’s what you need to know about using the code on the card:
-Limit of one code per Uber account.
-After entering the code in your Uber account you will get 2 free rides that originate at LGA and end in any of NYC’s 5 boroughs.
-The rides must be taken by 12/31.
-The code will cover all tolls.
-The code will cover all surge fees.
-The code will cover any Uber ride. That includes UberX, UberXL, Uber CarSeat, UberBlack, or UberSUV.
UberSUV receipt with code covering the entire bill:



















So, who’s going to be the first to take an Uber from LGA to NJ and then send the driver back to drop off an envelope at your friend’s place in NYC?
Or order an Uber from LGA and call to ask the driver to turn the meter on from LGA before picking you up and going someplace else? 😉

HT: benjie1305 and ShlockDoc (which led to his hilarious description of someone at the lounge who turned out to be another DDFer)

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Can you use a cancelled platinum card to enter the centurion lounge as long as it hasn’t expired?


No, that only works for Airspace and Delta lounges, not for Centurion or Priority Pass/The Club lounges.


Any reason I can’t buy a refundable Southwest MDW-LGA ticket and print the boarding pass to claim the free rides?


Great post thanks!

“So, who’s going to be the first to take an Uber from LGA to NJ and then send the driver back to drop off an envelope at your friend’s place in NYC 😉”

The ride has to end in NYC for the promotion to work.


I don’t see why not.


That’s exactly my point, the ride will end in NYC that way.


They definitely won’t cover the Holland Tunnel toll.
Also could be that once they detect it’s left NYC the whole bill is canceled.
Unless they only match the promo code with the final destination and the refund everything.


Can you take a ride from LGA to LAX and then back to somewhere in NYC? Is there a total mileage limit? 🙂


True…No reason not to order a car from LGA and take it to wherever you need to go for the second trip then. Potentially use the car for a full day


Though i am curious if the tolls will be covered into jersey


Do the Platinum Delta Skymiles personal or business cards count as Platinum for the purposes of this offer?


That’s the question. It may very well be free as long as it ends in the 5 boroughs.

There isn’t in the terms, but I’d first test it out on NJ before going to LA 😉

Lol, that prob works too.

Test and let us know.



This is only offered in LGA? Not JFK?


Think there’s any chance to get this if I’m arriving just after the lounge closes?


There is no Centurion lounge in JFK.

Run there and find out 😀


Hrmm. Need a code to get there next week. Will give you back one of the codes I pick up.


very weak they don’t let you take the car to LI or Westchester


sucks for us Delta folks –

shay peleg

Danny you can just walk over to the terminal . Is anyone planning on taking a whole day joy ride?


Why does this have to be exploited? Cant it just be a nice benefit that you use without trying to get a free ride to LA or to Patagonia??? The cute description is any thing but cute and I would cringe if I heard someone talking through scenarios like that when presented with a nice gift. Its like the homeless guy begging for change and when i pull a few dollars from my wallet he reaches for the whole wallet.


Can I start in LGA and stop in monsey for pickup item and another guest and i exist guest continues back to LGA?


What if you’re departing from lga dan? Can you pick up a card before you head out?


AMEX is also running a special 30% extra for transfer of MR to Flying blue thats excellent if you can catch a Delta non stop business class to TLV thats only 96k MR for a round trip!


@Brian: ethical much ?


This offer expires at 11:59PM EST on December 31, 2015. Must apply the promotional code to your Uber account prior to taking your ride. Offer only applicable to fares from LaGuardia Airport to the five boroughs of New York City. Eligible fare includes taxes, fees, tolls, and surge pricing. Promotional code will be provided upon entry into the Centurion Lounge at LaGuardia Airport. Lounge entry requires presentation of a valid Centurion Card or Platinum Card, a government-issued ID, and a boarding pass for the arriving flight. Only one promotional code per user. Each promotional code may be used two times for rides within. the parameters defined above. Not valid with any other Uber-issued offers.
Card Members that receive a complimentary ride from LaGuardia Airport through this promotion do not receive Membership Rewards points or other applicable reward units or points on the eligible fare.


Why do they give 2 rides from LGA? The rides expire and they stop giving the promos at the end of 2015? Am I missing something?


No one who’s anyone lives in NJ anyways

shay peleg

@david ain’t no way man almost impossible to get the direct with miles


@David: In what planet are you living that you think you can get a direct JFK-TLV flight in business on miles?

That’s like finding a unicorn and the loch ness monster while getting struck by lightning on the same day


@David: @David: there is no such special


anybody know if you can have/use uber without having a smartphone?


@Ayid ain’t no way

May Run into Same Problem

@MC: What time does the lounge close?


Anyone know if they continued this in 2016?