Google’s Incredible Shopping Express Service Expands To LA And Manhattan; Get $10 Off Your First Delivery

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Google Shopping Express has been operating in Northern California but is now expanding to LA and Manhattan with more expansion to come.  Brooklyn and more LA zip codes will be added within a few months as well.

Google will deliver goods from your local stores to you on the same day that you order them, free of charge!  Just select the items you want and Google will buy them and deliver them to your doorstep!

You can signup for a free 6 month Google Shopping Express membership and get $10 off your first order.  They aren’t saying what it will cost after 6 months, but membership won’t auto-renew without your permission.

Participating stores include Costco (membership required), Target, Toys R Us, Walgreens, and many other local grocery and other stores.

Google will even return items for you if you ordered them via Shopping Express…how awesome is that!?!

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Incredible. Lookout amazon.


It looks like the promotion is for today only:
*Applies only to first purchase (whether or not it is $10 or more) made before today’s end and not to delivery fees or in-app purchases. Alcohol excluded. Valid while delivery slots last


Just ordered 2 12 packs of diet coke for 2 bucks. Thanks!


Click on Account > Membership to get six months for free.

Aerial Dag

This is incredible! Thanks for the info


will they deliver to another business establishment if a person orders something for him or herself personally as I work in manhattan and libe in brooklyn?

Hancock park

In LA they’ve onlyn started in Santa Monica and Culver City and westwood but not in Pico or La Brea or Beverly Hills


Got a Chromecast for $20 from staples ($30 retail) with discount ($10). Nice! Live in West LA.


any roundabouts for us brooklynites to take advantage of this offer?


so heres the question: i work in manhattan and would sign up now to get the ten dollars off but then my six months might expire by the time it gets to brooklyn (where i live and would get the most value). you think i can sign up now, take advantage of free ten bucks (by using my work address), then sign up for a new free six months when they expand to brooklyn? prob wouldnt be an issue as long as i use a new address and email right?


Doesn’t accept any zipcode in LA on the app


@Emi: yes it does. Accepted 90025.


Works in WLA! Thanks this is amazing


All Manhattan delivery time slots are already filled for today and tomorrow.


@scbtnd: yes I guess it’s limited and will have to wait a little longer



Ok. So odd doesn’t work in the 90035 zip code. Def thought that would b the first area. (Pico) lol


Put in your zip code and email address. They will notify you as soon as it’s available in your area (such as Brooklyn).
But will they still have the $10 free offer when it’s new in your area?


@Hancock park: also in most of WestLA as far south as Marina del Rey.


@Emi: not true. My Zipcode is in LA/Marina Del Rey and they enrolled me just fine.


@Anonymous: Right. Some negativity here from those not (yet) served. This is clearly intended to me an Amazon home delivery killer and Amazon has already responded with an additional “Prime Pantry” service where everything that will fit in a specified size box ( they tell you the size of the box and of each item) is $5.95 total delivery charge. Contrast with Google’s new service which is said, after the free trial, to be a similar charge for everything from each particular partner (Costce, Target, etc.). another difference is that Google does not (yet?) do perishables and Amazon Pantry does. The two services may co-exist depending on Google’s price structure after the initial six months (assuming they continue the service). Right now, Google’s and Amazon’s prices excluding delivery seem the sane as supermarkets they serve. This could, if it catches on, be the next big thing, putting some supermarkets out of business. Von’s has a similar service with more pricey peak hour delivery times. Albertson’s tried it and failed. Ralphs (Kroger) seems to be watching and waiting. This is becoming interesting.