Free UPS Smart Pickup Membership For 10 Years!


Free UPS Smart Pickup Membership For 10 Years

The link above says that it will give you a free year of UPS Smart Pickup, 20% off air, and 10% off ground shipments.

Smart Pickup works from your home or business. Just select the “smart pickup” option whenever creating a shipment and UPS will pickup packages the next day for free.

I was able to apply the offer to my existing account and it says that it won’t expire until 2026!





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aaron schick

Just did it same for me 2026


Worked for me too, thanks!


I also got till 2026.


Can the discount be added to an account with a discount already?


Got it, thanks!


@dan is smart pick different then regular schedule a pick-up


From T&C
Customer will receive the following Incentives and there will be no charge for UPS Smart Pickup® for the
first 52 weeks from date of enrollment, regardless of Customer’s weekly gross transportation charges. “


My announcement says this:

Smart Pickup – BWG
Thank you for enrolling in the Smart Pickup – BWG to receive up to 20% off the most competitive rates available on shipping services.

Nothing about when it expires

A concerned citizen

The T&Cs say the free Smart Pickup will expire after one year. Could 2026 simply be when the discounts end, assuming one starts paying the annual fee next year (which we will be auto-billed for?


Does this work for return shipments from amazon for example?


Will this affect current rates etc on the UPS account?


@dan is smart pick up different than regular schedule a pickup


Doesn’t work if you already have pricing on your account.


@Yehudah: Yes it will. When you get to the confirmation page it asks if you want to override existing discounts.


Do they automatically come each day/week or it needs to be scheduled? Seems like it was every day.


@Dan when I setup my account do I need to select smart pickup? Thanks


@dan Will I be required to send packages daily with this smart pickup option?

Sam Finkelstein


Will I need to cancel before 10 years are up?

Honestly, they are amost definitely going to catch this now.


where can i update it in my account ??


Awesome!! Thanks Dan


Thanks a lot Dan!


I see it charges to schedule a pickup?

Sarah W

I’ve tried it multiple times, but it keeps not going through at the last steps

James Kelly

“After the 52 week introductory period, the Incentives will be based on Customer’s average weekly gross transportation charges in the covered UPS account during the immediately prior 52 weeks through the week prior to the current billing week, and the CUSTOMER WILL BE CHARGED FOR UPS SMART PICKUP® at the published rate in effect at the time of shipping.”


tried it a few times and it says cannot create an account with information given.
I was trying to create a new UPS account


says one year…i guess dead?


Looking at the T&C, the 2026 is probably a programmer error in calculating the deadline. Since the Terms and Conditions are explicit, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is adjusted to reflect a 52 week period. But even so, a year free is just as good to me.


“System Temporarily Unavailable
Please try again later.”

this is the message I got 🙁


“We are unable to process your request to open a UPS account based on the information provided”


i cant find where to update in my account
any help ?


The smart pickup charge was one of the reasons why I left UPS for fedex a few years ago. Excellent find. Lets see if they actually HONOR the 2026 expiration date.


I don’t understand how the pickup works. When i go to “Request a UPS Smart Pickup” wants to charge me $5.95


I received the $25 Amazon credit and a free credit for Audible download. When cancelling they even offered me a $20 credit towards a book so that I would stay! I didn’t take it but interested if anyone else did.


Reading the terms of the agreement it says the term is 10 years but free pickup is only for 1 year.

Mike B

It applied the promo but didn’t show any expiration, where in my account do I check the expiration date?

Mike B

Nevermind, you can check the expiration by clicking on maintain my account


Called the ups account management department, they claim that although this promo should have only been effective for a year, they don’t know why, but they see that me promo date went till 2026, and I should be fine!


Last time they had a similar offer I have enrolled an account that has a discount already (bigger then offered here). My discount disappeared. I had to call UPS to unenroll.


Called UPS, we are good to go until 2026 for free pickup.

Rivky E

Thank you!! I added my account! Great offer!


I have 1 free year already from a previous discount posted here. Now they won’t let me extend it😡The account number you have submitted is currently receiving discounts and is not eligible for this promotion. Contact UPS if you need further assistance.


“The account number you have submitted is currently receiving discounts and is not eligible for this promotion.”

Oh well…


Thank you very much! I/we were given up to 2026. As a Disabled Vet, this serves a great need.


This is probably a glitch and will only be for one year. Don’t get to hiped up.


I did not get the free UPS pick up any advice ?


i tried it and this message came up

UPS Could Not Create Your Shipping Account

We are unable to process your request to open a UPS account based on the information provided.


Where are you seeing expiration of 2026? I read the terms and conditions. They say that the deal expires 52 weeks from the date of signup so I’m betting that any computer error displaying 10 years will likely be treated as a glitch and you will only be entitled to the 52 weeks. But, fingers crossed it isn’t caught 🙂

Liam K. Nuj

To all those asking A) will they automatically come every day, or B) do I have to ship every day to keep this option, or C) does this work for return shipments:
Smart Pickup is only activated when you create a label with the associated account. That will alert UPS to come pick up the next business day at the preset window. The normal fee for this service will be waived for the duration of the promotion (that date is up for interpretation or the whims of UPS, whichever comes first). This will NOT work for returns, unless a return label was generated by the UPS account associated with your Smart Pickup account.


I just chatted with them. They said it is a glitch in the system and it will only be honored for one year.


@yym: Idiot


thanks for the compliment! I did not ask them about the date. the rep informed me this up front. when I asked to sign up.


Effective until:01/03/2026


I called to tell them about their error and they said they swould fix it. Just kidding! Why would anyone call them and ask them about the 2026 glitch??


Pardon my asking what may be obvious, but where is everybody else seeing the confirmation message? I didn’t see anything like the confirmation message up top when I signed up, and I can’t find it on the website, and it isn’t in the confirmation email.


@Yehuda: do you believe that HE will ruin it??? as if they wont pick it up without ANYONE chatting in?? Comon….cool it


Think they’ll honor it?

to Wowzer and all others not familiar....

this promo has been around for months already , usually with an annual expiry promo period, but easily able to resign a new promo for another yr. (ive been on it for a while, resigned multiple times personally)
re fedex, they actually charge a per-box fee for pickup, ups does not, even on regular paid-for pickups. so ups is deff the way to go.
regarding how smart pickups work, it does NOT have to be for a label created with the associated account at all. you are able to trigger the pickup manually when needed or have them come daily (only do so if u actually have pkgs for them, otherwise theyll get pretty upset).
the main difference between a smart pickup and an on-call (reg) pickup is that for the former, they do not offer a specific time window to lock into, rather they come at their convenience during that day (tho they are generally on the same route and will show up at roughly the same time each time).
Additionally, If you just signed up, it takes 24-48 hrs for the promo to kick in. also the free pickup only works for the ‘home’ address u have on the acct. (you may be able to add multiple addresses, not sure.
for those that have other promo/discounted corp rates on their current acct, this promo may bump those off. so your better off opening a second acct, its not against their policy, u can have diff accts for diff purposes. you can even have both accts accessible from the same online profile login.


thank you! just saved $5 on a shipment!!


confirmed until 2026. Thanks Dan!

Jack out of the box

I have a new UPS account. I was not able to sign up for this deal until I received my first invoice so I just signed up now. Looks good!

” Smart Pickup – BWG
Thank you for enrolling in the Smart Pickup – BWG to receive up to 20% off the most competitive rates available on shipping services.
Congratulations and thank you: Your request for the UPS discount has been successfully applied to this UPS account. This UPS discount is effective immediately.
Expires: 01/03/2026″


@G: Smart pickup works differently…you don’t have to “request” it. Go into your account settings and make sure the smart pickup is the pickup type selected for your account. Then, whenever you create a shipping label on with that account, the system will automatically prompt UPS to come pick up. The beauty of it is that it only sends a pickup when you create a shipment, so if you only ship one day a week, the driver will only come the day you ship. I think there are time restrictions, though, so if you ship the package late in the day, the pickup may not come until the following day.


Just fyi…the 2026 date has nothing to do with when the offer is actually good. Per the terms and conditions of the offer, it’s good for a year. Still a great deal though.

David R

@to Wowzer and all others not familiar….: How do you request a free smart pickup for a label that was not created with the associated account?


I had to open a new account with UPS, my old one was hacked. I tried using the promo code above and I got “The promotion code entered is either incorrect or no longer valid. Please re-enter the code or select the link below to create a shipment.” The promo code I used was BWGSEQ6Y2. Is there another promo code I can use?