Get National Emerald Club Executive And Hertz Five Star Status For Free

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This link only works from desktop browsers:

National Emerald Club Executive Status Linky

When you open a National account via the link above you will automatically be upgraded to National Executive status.
If you already have an existing account, you can go through all of the same steps, just enter in the same information as your current account and your account will be upgraded to executive status.

Also if you follow the instructions via this link you can match your new National Executive status to Hertz Five Star status as well.

Executive benefits:
-Choice of Fullsize or better cars from our exclusive Executive area.
-Guaranteed upgrades: You always pay for one car class less than the car you reserved.
-One Free Rental Day with six rental credits.

How the Executive upgrades work:
-Simply reserve a Midsize car at participating counter bypass locations in the U.S. or Canada.
-When you arrive at the location, follow the Executive signs and go directly to the Executive area.
-Choose any car on the Executive area (all cars are Fullsize or higher classes) and you’ll only be charged the reserved Midsize rate.

Status valid through 02/28/17.

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#thingsyougetwithAMEXPlat 🙂


Is it better then what u get with platinum Amex card?


Seems dead.


Page is no longer available when I clicked on it


The first link doesn’t work


If one is already an Emerald Club member, do you create a new account and then merge them somehow to get the Executive status?




When I click on the Emerald linky above, I get the message “The page or offer you have requested might have expired, no longer exist or you may have entered and incorrect address.”


May be dead just tried the link and the page said its expired


Link isn’t working


National linky says: The page or offer you have requested might have expired.


National Emerald Club Executive Status Links – link doesn’t work


Link broken

Dead link

Dead link


how to link it with existing national account?


Dead. “The page or offer you have requested might have expired, no longer exist “


National link not working…


awesome. very handy


Dosent work


“The page or offer you have requested might have expired, no longer exist or you may have entered and incorrect address.”

Link doesn’t seem to work.


This is what I get when clicking search now Please verify that you have entered the correct information.

Source code is invalid.



Link isn’t working


Link doesn’t seem to be working!?


I’m currently an Executive Elite status until Feb 2016, will i be downgraded to just executive if I use that link?


First Link doesn’t work


Dan- how do you “connect it to your current account”?


Just enrolled in National! thanks Dan, working on Hertz now.


Looks to be dead




Need to use a non-mobile browser folks!


How do you upgrade a account thaT is already opened


I am existing member and got
Source code is invalid.


Worked for me on PC, thanks Dan!


the linky is dead


Dan is right, instructions say to use desktop browser.

FYI, it works from mobile too, after you get the message about invalid code, the refreshed page has a different code which works fine.

I did it just now, no problems


Dan- how do you “connect it to your current account”


@e just put in your drivers license, it automatically finds your existing emerald club account


How do you provide the proof to Hertz of identity?
A copy of your license?


@Dan: Tried that with chrome and firefox and safari not working with desktop


worked to extend the expiration of my executive club membership form 2/28/2015 to 2/28/2017! Perfect timing!


If you join from non desktop can you change status from desktop ?



Is Hertz 5 star status the same as Hertz Gold status?

Is there any point in getting matching Hertz status if I’m already a gold member?


The National link shows expired


I entered all my information from my existing account and it extended my executive membership to 2017.

I did same username and password. Upgraded me instantly.


@dan if I already have a reservation with hertz and now I get 5 stars status. will I be able to get the benefits on this specific reservation or I would have to make a new one?


I see now that you can connect it to existing account was taken off, was wondering why it’s not working for me


it’s not working for me, I went to from my phone and there was not option for National Executive Status


Just did it within an existing account, worked just fine.

No idea what all the issues are here.


Worked for me as an existed member.
Use Internet Explorer ONLY. Chrome does not work.

Thank you, Dan!


Dan- I get this message on the last page. What exactly does it mean?

Emerald Club Enrollment
Have You Changed Employers?
Based on our records, it appears as though you’ve changed employers. Select one of the following options to ensure we update your Emerald Club profile appropriately:
Please change my employer on record to MASTERCARD ELITE.
Please leave my existing employer on record as XXXX.

If you feel neither of these options apply to you, please call 1 8


Just say yes.


I just signed up. The “tier” by National is “EXECUTIVE”?


ty.What happens when my company (xxxx) will try to rent a car for me and I no longer work for them?

Aerial Dag

Just signed up for a new account with the first link. No problems.


I just signed up as well


Thanks Dan! Worked!


any ideas??


After i submit it comes up profile already exists, not sure what it means. will try Hertz now


@AF: worked for on google chrome,
Thanks Dan


worked for me. thx!!


worked for me… thx so much!!


Source code is invalid. from dektop


Thank you! just extended my executive status until Feb. 17


just did it and email the info to Hertz. how do i know when it went through?


How do they expect proof of phone number? Is an ID enough?


It worked from my mobile (android). Thanks Dan!


Worked as mobile link for me


One more nail in my decision to grab one last 200 from my amex plat and prorate the refund for cancellation!


Worked here from a Desktop. Thanks Dan!
In the beginning I got an error Message, but I just submitted the form again and it worked.


Says “Source code is invalid”. Not working.


how do i know if the Hertz status went through?


Dan, thank you. I signed up via mobile and then re-signed up via PC–upgrading to executive thru the link, it worked fine. Nice perk Dan thanks for the link!

Mike B

Just got both for me and my wife. Thanks JJ!


Thanks -it finally worked


The welcome email doesn’t say the status, how do I prove to Hertz that my National status is Executive.


Just try it again after you get the error, it should update the source code.
Hertz will send you an email once they approve your request.


Do I have to reserve a car directly from them
To qualify or can I reserve a car from the discount
Sites like ” priceline” ?

Thanks Dan


From a desktop worked fine. Thanks!


But the Hertz link is not functioning on their end.


I am trying to do it with my existing account but it wont extend my status.


works great im an executive memeber now and i just sent in my hertz match request with the requirments, lets see what hbappens now ::)))

CC problem

Does it charge the cc? I put in a card that is at the limit and it rejected application becase card doesn’t work?


Yay! Upgraded Hertz and National w/o any problems!

Sent Hertz a printscreen of the final page with the Executive designation.


January 15th, 2015 at 4:14 pm
Thank you! just extended my executive status until Feb. 17



worked! extended to 2017


Worked only from desktop as instructions say. Had problem with source code, just hit submit again and should go through.
Thanks Dan


Dan, On their site is states A World Elite MasterCard card must be used for payment (
What will happen if I don’t have one? Will they up charge me?


thank you Dan,

i was wondering if it work also for reserve per month ??
and if yes, do we enjoy all the benefits and have a good price whit this ??


worked fine by me was upgraded right away and they let me use old community codes as well and visa payment information as well.
Thanks Dan!


Signed up for both! Thanks Dan


Can i get this under 21?


Just tried to use my existing account info. 1st try to hit submit just made me refill out the form, 2nd try told me I already have an account (and my current account did not get updated to 2017). Oh well.


the source code 2090 does not work, if you submit again it deos 9998 source code. which just enrols you to emerald club… not executive

I had emerald club till 2037 or something.. now its only upto 2017.. this sucks


Works fine.
Just hit submit a few times until it takes it.


I went ahead with it and as Avromi says, resubmitted a second time and it went through. But…

I had basic tier Executive through something like 2030 and that seems to have been wiped out. Normally I’d think that it would just come back when the Executive expires, but most of my information (preferences, stored credit cards) were wiped out, so I’m just not sure.

I’m letting people know, so that if you have extended Emerald status and decide to do this, maybe just take a screen shot or something of your current status before pulling the trigger.


Thanks so much!


How long will status match last? Will they give the match until 2017?


Any Way to do that with Budget ?


Yeah it worked, but my emerald club is now till 2017 instead of 2037 🙁


my current executive status is expiring in Feb- wondering if I could renew my status to work through 2017-


Dan! Thank you so much!
Would i need to rent direct from National to get the free upgrades or i can book from Priceline?


Worked for me. Extended my status to 2017. Thank you!!


thank you Dan worked gr8 for me


Do I need to provide actual proof of email and phone number to Hertz or is it enough to just type it up in my email? Thanks.


And so the secretes out….


Does it have to say Tier: emerald club? Or it didn’t went through?


>or connect it to your current account you will automatically be >upgraded to National Executive status.

linky doesn’t show how to connect it to my current account; only to enroll


Will this get me anywhere in Israel?

brian c

Dan or JJ do you choose the prepay gas option with these companies?


Why do I get source code is invalid?


Extended me until 2/17 but only worked with IE (not Chrome) and needed to switch the source code.


I am executive elite is there a way to extend it it expires 2/15?


Does it matter which source code it gives me?


What about if I booked Hertz for 4 days with Hotwire. I booked an economy car. Does this help me at all for upgrade or future free days?


worked for me, thanks!


FINALLY it went through, thanks!


switches to source code 9998
getting same result, don’t want to hit submit…


I got National done. Thanks!
However, I’m getting stuck at Hertz on the screen which is step 4; when I click “continue”, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions?
Thanks again.


Its a no go for me 🙁


It actually did work, tier says Executive!!

6AM Flight

Dan Just finished firing off the email to Hertz to match my National Elite Status. What are the chances i can get that by 9AM tomorrow in FLL intl.?


ok, spit it out…

what are all the good corporate codes etc.?
chabad, BMG, nu?
underage fee waivers?


@shlomo: When I was in under 21 I knew guys who would apply with a fake birthday and then call up and say that the computer botched and they’d give their real birthday, thus bypassing the age restriction. But Hertz picked up on it and canceled a bunch of accounts and barred people from renting. It’s not worth the risk, and it’s not honest.

Mike B

I don’t get what those who lost Emerald status thru 2037 are worried about. Isn’t the base level of emerald club free anyway? Won’t you just switch back to regular Emerald once the Executive expires?

Mike B


Regarding corporate codes, I would be very hesitant to use any corporate codes that are not MEANT to be used by the public. If you end up getting into an accident or hit and run while u are parked, the insurance might not end up covering you.


Yeah I did this 18 months ago. It’s about time this went public 🙂


how do i do the hertz


Worked great. Thanks Dan.


First of all, will this linky be available tomorrow? Second, does this work if im under 21?

dans fan

in the summer i tried many time to get and wasn’t successful.
Thank you!!!


Worked for me from a laptop. Submit the form once and there will be an error and new source code will come up (9998). Hit submit again and fill out the form. You can’t see the executive status until you activate the account.

Baruch Goldberg

Dan, national worked just fine but how do you prove status to hertz?


hey dan hope u had a great frabragin last night. question as follows i have executive but its expiring next month will this offer some how renew my status? thanx gut shbbs


How long does it take? I sent the email yesterday and haven’t yet received a response.


Both links worked just fine now from my phone. Tnx Dan!


Success…Executive acheived, status matched to Hertz 5*

avraham s

Is hertz 5 star any good? I never rented from hertz, they are always more expensive.


Are there any benefits to having statuses if you book through third parties like priceline?

a gita vuch

What is the benefits of being a Hertz Five Star member?
National car rental have very good benefits for example rent a mid-size car and take whatever it is in the eilse


Anyone else not yet receive the status match from hertz?


So I’m not getting it. When i click the link it seems to just come up with regular emerald club enrollment. People are getting executive club just from that regular emerald club enrollment?


why do i have a $1 charge from National Car Rental pending on my chase account? is that just there till i get registered into their system? did it cost anything to sign up?


I received the below message from Hertz… any insight??

I have received your recent inquiry concerning your Hertz #1 Club Gold membership status.

I apologize for any misunderstanding regarding the Hertz Status Match Program. Per the program specifications, Hertz will match your tier status with National or Avis. National Emerald service is comparable to your current Hertz Gold service. In order to upgrade your Gold Service status I would need documentation reflecting an Avis First/President or National Executive/Executive Elite status.

I appreciate the opportunity of clarifying this matter.


Anyone know the story behind this link? My Rav wants to know before he gives me a Psak on this….


YAY! just got this Email

Dear Mr. *****:

I have received your recent inquiry concerning your Hertz #1 Club Gold membership status.

I have reviewed your request and am delighted to inform you I have upgraded your membership to #1 Club Five Star Gold based on your National Executive membership



What documentations did you sent to hertz? And how long took them to respond?


Does anyone know if the National executive link still works, or is the offer dead? I see that it rejects the 2090 source code and changes it to 9998 when I submit the form.


Brian C

i got same message lawboy got and sent welcome email that said “executive” on it.

Nancy C

I just sent Hertz my third request. First request was ignored, second request received same reply as lawboy & Brian C despite my having sent Hertz the appropriate documentation of my Executive Emerald status. Not impressed.


@milechazzer: stiil working just ignore the chnges


it ends up telling me that i already have an emerald account and it does not let me get through.

I have it until 2016, I wanted to resign and get until 2017.

Any ideas what to do? would it hurt to call?

Meat Shlepper

My status match confirmation email from Hertz just came through today. Thank you Mr. JJ and Godfather Dan


Just tried now with Source Code 2090, after doing 3 times when saying that it’s invalid, it did go through! thank you Dan!


they emailed me i already am a gold member,they said emerald is on par with their gold.


i think you need to be executive elite to enroll not just executive


@Mark: @DP7: worked fine for me


Yeah, this worked. I was skeptical but it worked.

If you’re already an Emerald Club member… just go through the whole signup and use your existing username and password.

A “welcome” screen will come up with your existing membership number on it.

Log into National Car and confirm that you’re good to go for another two years.


Grate!! just worked for me!!


Anyone knows if the National link still works? I am trying to but it brings me to their home page.

David R

I got the Hertz Five Star status just in time for my rental. Unfortunately, it didn’t do me any good because I paid with Hertz vouchers. I had to wait on a very long line and earned no Hertz points. Now I know for next time.


I got the following msg:

“No matching profile was found! Please click here to search again or complete enrollment form below”

Should I complete form below, would be upgraded automatically?


Cool! Still works but you need to change the code to 9998.


@eli: And that will still give me ‘executive status’ ??


Tried with code 9998 and it didn’t upgrade me to Executive status


Already Emerald Club, tri=ying to get executive status. Tired to do it without the source code and it went through but did not upgrade me. tired link again with 9998 and now says i’m already a member. Does this still work?


Does the code 9998 work any more


Current code that works try 2204


thank u moshe works


does this still work?


Used Code 2204 and it’s worked


@Moishe: I recently signed up for Emerald club and came across this post. How do I upgrade to Executive? Do I use the above link and go through the whole process again as if I do not have an account? Where do I input the source code?

I’d appreciate your assistance. Thank you.


@UberClub: Ok so I went through the whole process using the above link and I am getting an error message. Where do I put in the source code?

Can someone please advise. Thank you.


@Dan are you aware of any methods of signing up for National/Enterprise under 21? Hertz allows you to sign up under 21 (I’m PC), same goes for Avis (First) and Sixt (Plat)


Tried today with National thru link above, error message says “The enrollment link you are using is no longer valid. Please go to to enroll.”


@hertz: @Jay:


Is there any other way to upgrade to National executive status? I used the above link 2 years ago and my status expired.


Is there any other way to upgrade to National executive status?