Get Free Stuff From Sabon With AMEX Express Checkout!


Update 2: The gift cards are back in stock!

You can also use the following codes for the next 24 hours:

5% off $50+: JULY05
10% off $85+: JULY10
15% off $120+: JULY15

Update: The gift cards are out of stock.


Originally posted on 07/14:

Sabon sells gift cards to use at

That’s useful because you need to spend $100 to get free shipping.

The minimum gift card purchase is $10.  When you buy a gift card with AMEX Express Checkout you’ll get a $10 statement credit, effectively making the gift card free.  Read more about AMEX Express Checkout in this post.

You can get a $10 AMEX Express Checkout credit on each of your cards from each of the participating stores!

If you create a account when checking out you’ll also get a $1 store credit for each gift card that you buy via their loyalty program.  Those credits can be applied to future orders when you apply them during the checkout process.

Say you have 11 AMEX consumer and business cards (Primary and secondary cards all work, the secondary cards just need to be enrolled for account management on in order to checkout with them)

You can purchase 10 gift cards of $10 each in 10 separate orders.

The gift cards arrive immediately via email.

Then you can add $120 of items from Sabon to your cart.

You can then apply the $100 in gift cards and apply the $10 in store credit during the checkout process. Then select AMEX Express Checkout and the final $10 will be charge to your 11th AMEX card.

Your total out of pocket for $120 of items will be $0 and you’ll get free shipping.

Note that sales tax is applied in FL, MN, NJ, and NY.

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I already used Amex checkout in newegg. Can I do it again and get statement twice?


Am I right that you can use all accounts once on all merchants?


No limit on the amount of GCs you can apply to an order?


Yes, you can get the credit for each card in each participating store.

Each merchant gets another credit on each card.



I think I might deserve a HT for this 😉


So you verified no limit on number of gc redemptions per order?


Why are they charging tax for gift cards?

Can I use an address from a state without tax as the gift cards come electronically anyway?



I just tried it with 10.

Try it and find out?
There shouldn’t be tax on gift cards. Probably a mistake.


@Dan For orders above $100 promo code “WELCOME10” gives 10% more discount


@Dan: Comment #50


@Dan you can also buy gift card with gift card. for second order you can buy $11 GC and use first $10 GC and charge $1 to amex card


just to clarify according to the terms,if i have two cards registered under one account management, will i be abke to use both cards or it will only allow one card since they are both linked to the same account.?


Are you confident that multiple transaction from the same login (different cards) will get credit? I know that has been the case with Newegg; is it possible it will be different with Sabon?

NYS Charged Tax on GC

I am in NYS and am being charged tax on the GC purchase too. What am I doing wrong. Strange because the first purchase went through without tax being charged.


@VM: Thanks! How long for the eGC to arrive approx?
@Thingy: How on earth could that be answered?…

One login

I used 3 primary cards that are all under the same login. Got an email for each about using amex express but no mention of the $10 credit


I hate to bust the bubble but if you read “about sabon” on their site you will see that they use flowers and herbs. this can be a major kashrus problem if they dont have any hashgacha. this year is shmitta and not only eating is a problem but anything from flowers etc would be a problem


right after placing order


since all their products are made in israel you may want to ask your rabbi if you have to be worried that these items are made with shimmitah products

NYS Charged Tax on GC

Here is an excerpt from the Sales Tax Rules on not sure why they are collecting the tax.


We are required by law to collect state sales tax on orders being shipped to the following states – NY, NJ, FL, and MN. Sales tax will be assessed on the total purchase, including shipping and handling charges (as required) and any additional taxable products or services. Purchases paid for using SABON Gift Cards, eGift Cards or LOVE SABON points are subject to applicable sales tax. No sales tax is charged when purchasing SABON Gift Cards or eGift Cards.


@vm @aposhuteryid
tried it, after 15 min still no order confirmation email and no GC. Charge is however pending.
did you try and get multiple orders?


Seems the GC gravy train came to an end? Got my first 2 GC’s real quick (under a minute). my third hasn’t come in over 10 min


Off topic, amazon has the bbq pringles 2.5 Oz pack of 12 for 5.95 very cheap


ledbury seems to sell gc’s for 1$


Dan, don’t you think the risk is here is bigger? what if AMEX stops awarding the $10 for the secondary cards, people will be stuck with only gift card value. (as opposed to the newegg deal where exposure is limited to a few $$ even with 100 cards)

Unless you are convinced AMEX will continue awarding the credit for secondary cards, which in that case i would love to hear the reasoning


@Alana: Ticketmaster doesn’t accept amex checkout for gift cards


@NYS Charged Tax on GC: I was not charged taxes this morning, not sure why it shows up now


If you’re not willing to take some risk, play some other game.


Doesn’t it just make more sense to buy the cheapest thing and keep the money?


@Oscar: 6.29 shows


hwo do i add all users as amex account management? by just opening a log in for each or giving each card full account access?



These sites don’t really sell anything cheap (except newegg), and plus shipping it will almost always be above $10



I was not charged tax on first order, but charged on second


ledbury seems to sell gc’s for 1$

backend error…


at checkout the website changes to,
Are you sure it will still work?


how is sabon out of e-gc’s


They seem to be sold out at the moment, but its worth noting that if you register on their website, each $10 purchase earns one point that can be redeemed for $1 off subsequent purchases (including gift cards)


not letting me buy GC 🙁
what am i doing wrong?


I think they caught on or figured something is going on when they sold more $10 gift cards in a couple of hours than they did all year .


Thanks you Dan for killing another good thing!!!!!!!!!!
Can’t add GC anymore


all gift cards dont work


I purchased my first card for $10 and second card for $11 and used the 1st card and paid $1. Then I went to purchase a third card for $12 and when I tried to redeem the $11 gift card towards the $12 purchase, they said the gift card only had $10 and not the $11 that I paid for and that they confirmed in their email.

My point is that they are not accurate or reliable.


Led bury is also out of gc and all other merchants require a minimum gc of more than 10$

ricky hill

Not working for me tonight.11:27 est


Silly question but in short, How do you enroll Secondary cards for account management? Thanks buddy

David R

Why in the world would they turn away business by removing the hottest selling item?!


just got two $1 gc’s on ledbury


Out of stock


Back alive




They are now charging sales tax on GC’s


if you don’t have 11 credit cards, this isn’t worth it, right?


Why not?
Whatever you have is what you’ll get for free.


I just bought a Sabon GC and no tax was added on. Charging tax is a mistake. I’d contact them and complain.


price of a pair starts at 95 to 295
are they amazing?
have only 2 amex cards
worth $100 pair?


with shipping over $10, you are not saving anything, just paying for the item without the shipping.


Not if you have a few cards.


I am so confused. I have 8+ AMEX cards but only 3 are listed as when I pay by AMEX Express Checkout. How do I add the remaining CCs?


try scrolling down when the amex checkout window pops up, it is only tall enough to display 3 cards but they should all be there


Can I use the Sabon Gift Card Codes in the physical store? There is one in Roosevelt Field Mall near 5Towns


The $10 E-gift cards are out of stock right now. Hopefully that will come back in.


It say New York offer – is this only for people in New york?


Gift Cards may only be used online – just confirmed with rep.


Anyone have an extra Sabon $10 code your not using?


I’m having a big issue that 3 of the 8 gift cards I originally purchased are showing up as empty, even though I got an invoice showing that I paid $10. The balance on 3 of the 8 cards is coming up as $0.

I also just ordered another 2 cards an hour ago which are showing as pending orders and the gift card hasn’t been sent via email yet.

Is anyone else having similar problems? Customer service isn’t answering the phone and there’s a message that it’s too busy.


I checked the gift card value after each person that I made and confirmed each was active immediately after the purchase. Several hours later when I went to redeem the gift cards, many of the balances had been changed to $0 and an error message was received when I tried to use the gift cards.

I called customer service and waited an hour to talk to someone. They said they are experiencing back-end issues with the gift cards and that many customers are experiencing these issues. They asked everyone to be a little patient to see if they can figure out why our gift cards values are being reduced to nothing without us using them and they might fix it if they can figure it out.

It did not sound like they knew what was going on.

I cashed out as many gift cards as I could but many of them were a complete loss.


If I have 2 amex accounts on same login, will I get 2 credits if using each separately or is it only 1 per login, even if you have multiple cards on that login?


Gift cards seem to be out of stock again.


gc’s are still dead…….they won’t add to your cart


Gift cards will allow you to purchase; however, you will NOT get a code! You can’t roll these over like the article says until Sabon can fix their issues. They are overwhelmed with orders right now and are not sending out codes with orders. They are saying 24 hours; however, it could be much longer.


GCs are good to go now. The problem is when you roll these GCs over they are just gone!


What is everyone doing here about this problem that not all gift cards were sent out and that some are not working? Should I just report all the charges as fraudulent to Amex? Or does that not make sense since they are crediting me anyway? Would I receive a double credit? This took me hours to do and I’m so frustrated at what a colossal waste of time this was.


Last night I purchased 5x$10 Gcs using amex checkout. Then I roll the $10.01 +$0.01 amex checkout into $10.02, $10.02+0.01 into 10.03… etc…. You can start with $10 but since new GCs took a while to arrive, a starter of 5x $10 GCs will give you nonstop action. I was able to go through our 40 Amex cards within 3 hrs.
At the end I purchased some gifts for the wife with the GCs.
Sweet deal!

Sabon $10 is back

Sabon $10 gift cards are back!

(the .01 shpiel is over though)


So frustrated that 2 of the $10 GC I received have ZERO balance!


whats about SABON, does anyone know about Shemitah problems or orla?


I ordered two $10 gift certs in separate transactions and was never sent any actual gift certs in my email. I previously did a bunch and got almost all of them, are they shutting this down or is their system crap?


@egsame here ordered 4 separate gift cards on thursday and haven’t received the codes.Called them up they told me to email but still nothing.They are too overwhemed it seems


So last Wednesday I figured I’d go through the tediousness of buying the $10 gift cards so my wife and kids could have a fun “free” shopping trip at Everything went flawlessly: I bought 10 $10 gift cards, got the codes, added a 10% discount code, and they got $111 of free stuff. The stuff arrived Saturday, and AMEX posted all my $10 credits today.

This morning, I figured they might as well get another shopping spreee (even though these products are, frankly, ridiculous at the price point they’re selling them at), but ALL the gift cards are pulled from the website. There seems to be no option to buy them from the gift card link. From reading the comments, it seems like this has happened before. I guess I’ll try to look every day to see if the cards return.