HOT! Get A Free Google Home Mini With A Spotify Premium Family Membership For Just $0.99!

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Update: DEAD!

Update 2: This deal is still available, it will take between a few minutes to 24 hours to receive your welcome email with a link to redeem for your free Google Home Mini, Charcoal and Chalk colors are now in stock!

Once signed up and then upgraded you can go to this link to redeem this offer for a free Google Home Mini!

Update: You can now get this deal for just $0.99 when following the instructions below!

1. Sign up for a 3 month trial of Spotify for just $0.99 here.

2. Upgrade your account to a family plan here. It will ask for a credit card to pay for the $14.99 fee, but it doesn’t actually charge you the $14.99. You can cancel the plan any time. The $14.99 is not actually charged until the end of the first 2 months of the trial. You can cancel your plan here.

3. You will then receive an email with details on how to order your Google Home Mini for free!

Spotify family gives Spotify Premium for up to 6 people residing at the same address, it normally costs $14.99/month. You will receive one Google Home Mini device per primary account holder, while supplies last.

A Google Home Mini sells for $49 from B&H.

See the full terms here.

“You may claim your Google Home Mini Device via a Google Store promotional code (each a “Promotional Code”). Spotify shall distribute Promotional Codes as follows, subject to availability:

(A) Existing Primary Account Holders: you must first register your interest with us about receiving a Promotional Code. Once we have noted your interest and received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send that Promotional Code to the email address that you provided to us; or

(B) New Primary Account Holders: after you have successfully completed your purchase of this Supplemental Offer, you will be notified of our intention to distribute a Promotional Code to you. Once we have received the Promotional Code from Google, we will send it to the email address that you provided to us.

After you have received a Promotional Code, you will need to redeem it in the Google Store. You must be aged 18 or older. Promotional codes cannot be used with Guest Checkout, so you must be signed-in to your Google account to redeem the code and you will need to have or add a form of payment at checkout. Promotional Codes may not be exchanged for cash or used in connection with any product other than a Google Home Mini Device. Promotional Codes must be redeemed on or before 15 January 2019 or they will expire. Offer ends 12/31/18.”

If you don’t receive an email with a code you can login and try to get your free Google Home Mini via this link.

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Can spotify be canceled after one month and still get the google home?


What’s the cancellation policy on Spotify accounts?


Can you cancel after a month?

Ari Cohen

I already had a family account and applied and got an email (without any code) with a link to Google store. I picked my color and it brought me to the payment page, and there was no discount. Anyone else have this issue?

Ari Cohen

Never mind, your link worked and it removed, the cost at the completion page.


I also am having this issue I didn’t get a code

Josiah Phillips

I didn’t get a code either

Chantal Modes



Anyone have ideas as to why Spotify would be giving away free $50 to existing customers? Hoping for better retention if people use service more?


Because Amazon just gave away echo dots for $1 with their premium music service. So they are trying to match that deal and minimize lost customers. I signed up for both and got both devices for $1. When the trials are over i keep the better of the 2.


Hi is that deal still available?


spotify IPO, they want to juice the subscriber count


so they can get our data for free. instead of paying us for data they give us free recording devices that does the work for them 🙂

Cindy Gallardo

How do you “register your interest” to get the code?


Can I cancel my subscription and only pay for 1month?


Why do we have to put in a credit card, if it’s free?


not free, $0.99


Wow it worked thanks dan!


you can cancel after they ship the google mini




Just got it. Tnx so much. Will be an awesome Chanukah present to my father who loves “OK Google”


its asking for more money when upgrading to family account


So wait. Pay $0.99 for Spotify.
Then pay $14.99 for the Family Plan?

So it’s $16 for the Google Home Mini – NOT $0.99. Right?

Elyasaf Munk

It for sure won’t charge you for both regular and family plan. But from the comments on Slickdeals seems you only get the one .99 charge and your good


You are right! It worked!!! Just checked my credit card account and only see a pending charge of $0.99!! THANK YOU


0.99 deal is targeted…


how do i not pay the 14.99 for family?


don’t order it


The family plan is $14 how do you get it free?


When you do step 2 it says you will be charged 14.99.


its 14.99 to get the family account


Its charging me 14.99 immediately for the family. Am i doing something wrong?

Al G

Step 2 is $14.99??


Asking 14.99 for upgrading to family plan.


Its 14.99 for the family account? How do i waive it?


So you have to pay $14.99 for the family plan or not?? So you get the speaker for .99 or $14.99?


It’s charging $14.99 for family on top of the $0.99. Is the idea to cancel after the Google Mini ships? Also black and white options are sold out.


When upgrading to a family plan it charges 14.99. So how it’s it only 0.99?

Elyasaf Munk

It seems only the regular spotify premium is .99 and not the family. Can you cancel the family plan?


where does it say that we dont need to pay the 14.99 for the upgrade?


They are asking me to pay $14.99 to upgrade to family premium
Am i doing something wrong?


There is only coral colored left in stock


got 350 of them! thanks dan!!!!!


Family plan says it’s 14.99. Am I missing something?


No free upgrade


its $14.99

By purchasing you authorize Spotify to automatically charge you $14.99 + any applicable tax each month until you cancel. If the price changes, we’ll notify you beforehand. You can check your renewal date or cancel anytime via your Account page. No partial refunds. Family Plan Terms apply.


question. when upgrading to the family plan, aren’t they charging you $14.99? which is it? $0.99 or $14.99?


It’s showing me 14.99 charge to upgrade to family. Anyone else getting this?


I followed the steps above, and actually got the Google mini order approved at $0, butSpotify charged me $9.99, not $0.99


That means you already had your trial


Is the 14.99 refundable?


How was it $.99? Is it a $.99 +14.99 for the family upgrade?

Arye her

Its 14.99 to upgrade to family plan…. what am I missing??


Only the color coral still available!


Wait so I’m not paying .99 it’s 15.99, is that right?


I never got the promotion code? When do I get the email with it?


“Your plan will automatically renew on 1/18/19 and you’ll be charged $14.99 + tax.”
so just make sure to cancel before then. thanks Dan!


in for one. Heads up there is only coral left (no black or charcoal)


Also we need to pay $14.99 to get the google home so it’s not really $.99 for the google home


It’s really $14.99 for the family account…

Mendy Rindner

They charged me the 14.99 plus tax as soon as I signed up for the family plan


Can you downgrade back to non family plan and get the 3 month trial after the mini ships?


out of stock for me


When I click the link at the end of the post (If you don’t receive an email with a code you can login and try to get your free Google Home Mini via this link.) I get this message even though I’m signed into Spotify on the original account (I didn’t add other accounts to the Family plan):
“We’re sorry, but only the Premium for Family owner is eligible for this offer.”


Me also. What’s the deal?


I never received a code and ur link isn’t working .. help

Ah well

Attica!!! Revolt!!


Just to clarify. After we sign up for the 14.99 family plan, that includes 3 months for free of it as well the preimum or the family plan needs to be cancelled immediately?


When you cancel it converts back to a free account.

When you upgrade to family, it lowers to 2 month for the .99.


Worked for me. Thanks Dan!!


Followed the instructions EXACTLY as written.

Google Home Mini arriving free in about a month in Coral. Who cares about the color?

If you can’t arrive at the end as stated, read instructions AGAIN.

Thank you. JJ.


Can one person make multiple spotify accounts?


Jj is heavy on cntrl V


Can I just sign up a bunch of emails and get a bunch of them for free?


Just a heads up, when I followed the steps in the post, once I upgraded my account to the family plan, the free trial went from 90 days to 60 days.

You can check this by going to the ‘Subscription’ tab in the account settings. After I signed up for the $.99 trial it said that my account will automatically renew on 2/18/19 when I will be charged $9.99. Once I upgraded to the family plan, it changed to say that my account will automatically renew on 1/18/19 when I will be charged $14.99. This happened both in my account and my wife’s.

To me it’s worth losing the 30 days of unlimited music to get the Google Home Mini, but for all who are planning on cancelling before the free trial runs out (Which I’m assuming is most people here!) then make sure to set your reminder accordingly.


only coral color available now… 🙁


It charged me $14.99


Anyway to cancel and get my $14.99 back?


Ordered. Thanks @DTB and @jj for the post.

Just 1 month shipping time.


so I actually started this process before @dan posted.
.99 cents comes to $11.06 after tax
got the email
get error: Error: Unspecified error. using Internet explorer
Used google chrome same and after 2 tries got to page where coral only available
added to cart and on its way
All checkouts using Paypal
got email $1.06 posted
and for the $14.99 there was a .01 pending guess it just checks to make sure its legit card being used. I checked paypal. its not there. so I gotta make sure I cancel before it does


In for one Coral


That’s a lot of copy and pasting
And no stealing my name @qwerty


thanks, got one!


looks like im not targeted for the .99 promotion, I’m getting an offer of 9.99


I made a new account though, and it worked

Jacob W

can you be more clear your way to vague… i might be able to cancel the family spotify right away but you didnt clearly say that i can cancel the spotify 99 cents for 3 months right away and still be eligible for the refund can you be darn clearn thank you !!!




can google shut down your account if you take advantage and do multiple orders on different accounts is it risking it? that would be a disaster if google shut down my email account


Only have Coral (pink) in stock …. But still worth the money!


Followed directions in post and created new account that was eligible for .99 cent promo but did not get email with code so use provided link and worked great.

Thanks JJ!


Thanks Dan and JJ I guess this serves Amazon right for only running their free Echo Dot promotion last Shabbos which ran out before Shabbos was over. It will go nicely with my other 3 Google Homes.


Can I cancel with spotify as soon as i order the google Mini or wait until it ships?


I ordered it with guest checkout will it be canceled?


I cancelled my subscription since it should on my credit card account that $14.99 charge is pending ( maybe because I one time got 3 months for $0.99) , so the question is would I get back my money after I cancelled it? If yeah I would open up a new account and then I would probably be targeted for the 3 month thing, and then the this deal would work.


Worked in the end thanks!


USA only


howlong am i supposed to wait for the free mini email i did it a hour ago and didn’t get anything


click the link at the end of the post if you didn’t get an email


the other colors are in stock, however for the promotion only coral is available.. a bit misleading , but , oh well…


great instructions, thanks dan!


I successfully ordered the google home mini with this promotion.
Will they block my address if I try ordering a second device through this promotion?


Trying to signup from Israel. Got the following error message:
We’re sorry, but only the Premium for Family owner is eligible for this offer.

Honest Abe

I tried signing up but it refuses to take any of my credit cards. Has anyone else experienced this or used the PayPal option instead?


Anyone else have a delivery date for there Home Mini “Delivery Dec 11–13” – I have a feeling this wont actually ship….


When are people getting the email with the discount code? Should it be right away?


no more available


Nonsense. Still available just ordered one. Can youse guest checkout also.

64 bit

@Dan How long until can we keep google family until the first charge of $15 ?

65 bits

I see now The $14.99 is not actually charged until the end of the first 2 months of the trial

Lyla Liberman

My card shows a pending charge of $1.99 not .99. What went wrong?


Same thing happened to me. Wait a few days, only .99 should post

Lyla Liberman

@jj were you able to order the charcoal color when you placed your order?


hi, dan or jj,
can i cancel right away or should i wait till it gets shipped??

a b

when should i cancel


Just got an email that my Google Home Mini has shipped… Thanks Mr. Deals


My card is showing a pending charge of 14.99 🙂
No other charges.
Anything to do about it?


do you think other colors will become available/ the last 2 days ony coral/red is available


Out of Stock in all colors 🙁


just ordered, worked perfectly.


is this still live???????


My cc bill wasn’t pending 14.99 and now is a sale of 14.99. I never had Spotify before. Should I cancel ?


Thank you! The amount of trust I put in you is crazy. I don’t bother reading the fine print myself because I’m afraid the deal will expire and I know that you already read it!


Did I need to hit change plan to do the 3 months at $0.99??


didn’t receive any code. How long it is supposed to take? The link in the last says you are not able to redeem at this moment. Is it sure the $14.99 is not charged? doesn’t say three months free.


I found this link to claim the Home if you don’t get an email but nothing is coming up. I didn’t receive an email either; I got premium and upgraded about 20 minutes ago and got no email. It seems to be dead


Same issue. I just signed up and did not receive a code.


“We’re sorry but you’re not able to redeem at this moment.”
Looks like it’s dead.


UPDATE: I just chatted with a rep at Spotify. She said the offer is currently unavailable but should be back soon. She explained that for anyone who upgrades now you will not be prompted with a code to use but should go to the promo link in at least 24 hours in order to process it and order the device. The Family Upgrade link in step 2 of this post is still active which registers you as eligible, then go to the following link that the rep provided once the deal is available again in order to order the Home Mini:


thanks for the update


UPDATE 11/21: Got email with link to Google Store and purchased with $49 discount automatically applied. The link I posted to redeem offer now works if u didnt get the email.


The redeem link says “We’re sorry but you’re not able to redeem at this moment.” How do I know if everything went through? I was on the promotion page when i upgraded to family premium. is google out of promo codes?


i clicked on the confirm interest button on the web page and it said i was eligible but then the next page said “We’re sorry but you’re not able to redeem at this moment.”


This is what i’m getting on the promo page.
“Thank you so much!
You’ve already successfully registered your interest in this offer.

Check availability.”

the check availability link gives me the “We’re sorry but you’re not able to redeem at this moment.” page.


Live again. Just got the email and “purchased” the device for $0.00.
One color already out of stock


Link to upgrade to a family plan isnt working


Any1 know if there is a hack to pair the free Amazon dot and Google mini to get continuous music in 2 rooms?


can i cancel my subscription right away to spotify? or better to wait until its shipped?

serach goldish

Once I sign up for the family and give my credit card etc, I just wait for the email to come?

a mirrer

in for 3 🙂
thank you


Will they block my address if I order more than 1 google mini through this promotion?


I got 3 under same address


I am in middle of a free 30 day trial period of Spotify Premium. When I tried the above – the 3 month trial for .99 it came back that I’m not eligible for this offer. I guess I can just open under another e-mail address. I happen to intend to keep the Family membership at the end but why not get 3 months for .99?


It says it’s 9.99 to sign up not .99 cents now


Trying to get the offer from Israel. Can ship to the U.S but I’m in Israel.
I was able to sign up for the offer with a VPN but Google realizes I’m in Israel and every time I click on the redemption link it tells me my country doesn’t have the Google store yet. When I choose to be directed to the U.S store it doesn’t reflect the discount.


clean your cookies or use a different computer


@dan when I upgraded to the family plan it charged my card the $15. why did this happen?

Serach Goldish

Why am I not getting an email?


Its very simple, Folks!!
1) You are receiving a trial for Spotify Premium for 3 months for $0.99
2) You are UPGRADING your account to a Family Plan , and adding your CC in the hopes (by Spotify) that you will forget to cancel the Family Plan
3) They will only start charging you after 2 months, but you can cancel immediately.


My credit card says I was just billed $14.99 for the Family plan, even though I opened and immediately canceled it two days ago.


Does it work with a Yahoo account?


Nothing to do with email

Ephraim Silberman

It says $9.99 not $0.99


You’re doing something wrong


I can exchange my mini with yours if you don’t want Coral color. Let me know. NYC area only please.


would like to exchange, let me know

Jamie Sutton

got it ty Dan


Got the email that “Your Google Home Mini is now available” but no promo code. Any idea how long it takes to get the promo code?


Just click on the link in the e-mail. The promo code gets applied automatically during checkout


theres a pending charge on my cc for $19.99. what does that mean?


i cancel mine cos i dont need it and doesnt justify $19.99 pricing for this!


Payment won’t go through, i’ve tried multiple cards.
“Payment failed. Try again, or use a different payment method. Get help”


Use PayPal


Can I post the same questions as everyone else? What happens if……??


Got 1 from 3 accounts.
Now I’m trying on another new account, but I can’t get the 3 month trial for $.99, i tried multiple cc’s, and PayPal, even on ones I never used before, it’s no longer allowing that promo. I got it to go before by using a different cc, but not anymore.
I’m happy with getting 3 though.


I got a charge (Not pending it went through) for $14.99

Been There

Got it! Fairly simple. Not sure what to do with it though 🙂


Your Google Store order has shipped

joshua L friedman

Thanks Dan!


Im not eligible for the .99 cents deal only the 10 dollar one for 3 months. Will it still work for me


I got the Google home through spotify but Google store charged my credit card


hmm, i did this and i see a pending charge of $14.99 on my credit card. Did i do something wrong??


Same here. It doesn’t make sense.


Family account page is down

Chantal Modes

Took me to the google store and is selling for $49!

Chantal Modes

So at checkout the $49 is subtracted as a discount. I wasnt charged .99. The total was 0.00!


You were charged the $0.99. You just don’t realize it yet 🙂


404s and heartbreaks the page is down to upgrade to a family plan


how much is the shipping?




what if you already have Spotify Premium with Hulu. Will upgrading to the Family Plan create issues with Hulu?


Can i cancel my subscription right after i place the order?




It actually charged my debit card !$.99


it actually seems like it charged my debit card $14.99. Any advice?????






i made a spotify account and it brought me to google store. i put in cart and it gave promotion to me but when i hit confirm order it kept processing for around 5 min. so i hit back and tried re-ordering but it wouln’t give me promotion. what should i do?


Dan, we all got charged $14.99 plus Tax. It charges right away not after 2 month as you wrote above. On top of that it states in the invoice email “No partial refunds”. So seriously for this stupid google device that I would never get otherwise I now had to pay $14.99? People are asking what to do. You should reply with an answer at least… thanks


Um, no we all didn’t.

Worked fine for me and many others. Did you signup for the free trial first?
Try contacting spotify.


I followed the steps in the order above.

jimmy k



I’ve helped 6 people order them for .99 and nobody was charged the $14.99. You probably had a trial in the past or you did something wrong.


Has anyones shipped already? I ordered on 11/18 and it still hasnt shipped…

jimmy k


Ethan Styadi

I upgraded to family and it charged me $15, I thought he said it wouldn’t?

Old fan

Charged me as well @dan


I am already a Spotify family premium member and ordered the Google Home all was fine till I received the email confirming delivery to an old work address where the building has since been demolished and is a big pile of rubble. When I called, It hadn’t shipped out yet but Google nor FedEx would change the address. The item went out and I was just notified that it was returned and I should be in touch get my refund, I never paid for. Now, I don’t have a home and it seems I can’t get a new code.

Any suggestions?

B. P

Can I get 0.99 subscription if I am existing user and had premium before?

FF Greg

With a different account


Hi, is this deal still on?


@DAN I am getting charged 14.99. Please help?


lol. what do you want Dan to do for you? it’s always YMMV and there are no guarantees.


Is this deal still available?


yes! still works!


Hi …. So I was forced to sign up for the $14.99 plan because I already had the free service and somehow they it went straight to the higher amount. I called to cancel and they kept saying if I cancel I might not get my Google Home. Does anyone have experience with canceling and NOT loosing their GoogleHome. I dont know when its going to be shipped. Can I sign up and get the deal with a new email/account or is it too late???


When i signed up, my credit card only showed $0.99. Today, i checked my statement and that charge is now $14.99!
I’m chatting with them and they’re saying that the free google mini offer was for $14.99 plan.
What can i do????


Mine still gives the full price, even after the link.


Still working?


I got charged from Spotify and I cancelled right away

David P

I just did it and it worked it took about 24 hours to get the email to claim the free Google home mini. I got a .99 change on my credit card. I’m still waiting for it to ship in order to cancel my membership.
Thank you jj

Israel Meisels

How can I gat this?


By rading the poast

Robert Jantsch

I got this deal. Canceled the family subscription. Someone hacked the account so I can’t log in and the subscription is set to renew. I’ll handle it just curious if it happened to anyone else on here?


I think it’s dead


just chatted with cs they said offer was stopped on dec 14


is this deal still work?


When this deal will come again nd how will i know when the deal comes ? Any mail ?


Don’t forget to cancel, if you don’t want it…

Sara B

Hi is this still available?