Get A Free 8×8 Shutterfly Hardcover Photo Book From Coke Rewards


Click here to get a code for a free 8×8 hardcover photo book from Shutterfly by logging in or making a new Coke Rewards account.

After clicking “Get it” via the link above you’ll get a code instantly sent to your Coke Rewards email address.

You can click on this link to apply the code to your Shutterfly account.

You’ll have until 07/31 to get your book.

20 pages are included, extra pages are normally $1 each but often are on sale as well.

Shipping for the 8×8 book is $7.99 which is a true bargain for a stunning high quality hardcover photo book.

If you order $30 of other items from Shutterfly (or if you add a lot of extra pages to your book) you can get free shipping on the order with code: SHIP30

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Another code for free shipping for $29 or more SHIP29


Thanks! Just signed up for me and my wife!


Last time I made a 12 by 12 46 page book with one of these free 20 page books and it discounted the entire book and only charged me for free shipping. Saved 96 dollars.


can you get codes with different Coke Rewards accounts, but apply them all to one shutter fly account?

Something Fishy




Thanks, Dan!!


Free mouthwash sample


is this for all types of covers (the premium is $94)???


I signed up but didnt get a code sent automatically. I got a welcome email, but there was no mention of the code in it.

alyssa t KAPLAN

like esther I got no code in the welcome email


Me too


too late! we have redeemed the maximum…….


Thanks Dan! Got my free code this morning!


@Rivka: Not true, I just did 5 of them int he past 3 minutes, you need to click get offer after registering. Be sure to check you promotions tab on gmail.


@Rivka: Unless you are using mutiple emails from the same browser or the same email from multiple browsers, than you get message “We’re sorry, you have redeemed the maximum quantity for this item” which means YOU have redeemed the max not everyone else.


I just signed up for it now and still received it! Thanx



Thanks, going back to their sight, signing in and clicking “get offer” did work and I got my free photo book.


i did not get an emaeil


@JJ: I did that and now I see it. Thank you